10 ways to beat boredom in COVID-19 quarantine


Seems like the Corona virus (COVID-19) has pressed the reset button for the world. With the world under lockdown, we could see the nature healing itself. There are numerous posts in the social media showing the flora and fauna flourishing in absence of human interaction. All the species on our home planet seems to be happy and enjoying, except for us humans.

This pandemic has changed our lives in every possible way and the best part of it is, we get more time to spend with our family. Seems like the much needed vacation! However, the excitement has began to fade away and people are struggling to get out of their boredom. It has also affected the mental well-being of many people around the globe.

Although the news of COVID-19 affected deaths and the aftermath of this pandemic seems to be horrifying, we all are in this together and we should be able to focus onto the positive aspects of it. Only then can we survive and stay healthy.

Now that the world is locked down, and you have nothing but time in your hand, it’s wise to use it properly. Instead of wasting your entire day on internet surfing through random stuffs to kill your time, try using this time for self-care, knowledge gain or bonding with family and friends. Below listed are few fun activities to spend your time meaningfully in quarantine :-

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Fun Activities

10 ways to beat boredom in COVID-19 quarantine - Just A Library
Fun with family (Source – Internet)
  1. Gaming : Traditional games that involve more people are always fun and great means of bonding. Few examples are Caroms, Pictionary, Charades, card games like Uno, Rummy and Bluff, etc.
  2. Fitness activities : For those who are thinking of beginning their fitness journey, this is the right time to start. Exercise at home daily and see the difference! (Click here for more info about home exercise)
  3. Hobbies : This is a great opportunity to pick up new hobbies or get back to your lost ones. Drawing, dancing, singing, gardening, knitting, poetry, reading, etc. The list of hobbies goes on and on.
  4. Cooking : Always wanted to try cooking variety of dishes? Now is the perfect time for experimenting. Get your knifes ready and start exploring the world of flavors. (For starters, try out our recipes)
  5. DIY : Remember those countless 5 minute DIY videos you watched? It’s high time you gave those hacks a try.
  6. Bonding time : Revive your friendship and memories long gone by calling/texting your old friends, colleagues and relatives – people whom you have lost contact with. This experience will leave you happy, content and nostalgic.
  7. Cleaning : For the busy and messy people, it’s time for you to clean your room/house. Even a bit of DIY renovation can alleviate the boredom of living in the same room or environment.
  8. Knowledge gain : Learn new stuffs like programming, graphic design, or attend online trainings to widen your professional skills. This could be beneficial in your work life later on.
  9. Self-care time : Always busy to care for your skin, health or looks? Well, now you can do all the skin care, hair care and self-care you wanted. You could experiment new looks, take up new skincare routines, practice meditation for mental well-being and even get the enough amount of sleep!
  10. Write Journals : A perfect personal way to remember how we fought through the pandemic. This practice may seem quite boring now, but the value these records would have in future are incomparable.


Every disaster has taught us some great lessons. I hope the COVID-19 will also show us something valuable. Meanwhile, let us stay united and spend our time meaningfully.

10 ways to beat boredom in COVID-19 quarantine - Just A Library
Quarantine stories (Source – Internet)

Also, let us pray for the families who lost their loved ones in this pandemic as well as all the frontline workers who are sacrificing their comfort, happiness and safety to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic for us. Big salute to all those superheroes!! Let us hope for a better tomorrow.

Did you find something interesting in this article? Do you have any suggestions for fun activities? Please let us know in the comments below.

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