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90’s kids : A typical day in our childhood

90’s kids: A typical day in our childhood – Do you think 90’s kids were just awesome? We had such a wonderful childhood that cannot be explained in just a single post. Check out our Why 90’s kids childhood was awesome? post for a heads-up. Well, if you were able to revive your childhood memories in our previous post, you are in for luck today! We have decided to take you through a typical day of a 90’s kid. Get ready to go back to your Class V memories!!

90’s kids – The Morning Routine

Get up, Get up, Get up, it’s 7:30 already!

When the clock strikes 6:30 in the morning, Amma begins her usual mantra. “Get up, Get up, Get up, it’s 7:30 already!”. Half an hour later, with the religious BGM and Boost aroma, we wake up praying at least one of our teachers to be absent today. Preferably our maths or history teacher.

The morning routine begins by sipping down our energy drink along with the disappointment of not having a PT period today. We then proceed to pack our bags according to the day’s timetable. Regretting that we haven’t done our homework, we head to the bathroom for a shower. By the time we get ready, Amma comes with the trailer version of lunch (usually the excess food she was unable to pack in our lunch boxes) for our breakfast. As she feeds us this lunch teaser, we get our diaries signed (without getting scolded or beaten up).

Off To School

The school van’s endless horns mark the end of breakfast and the beginning of amma’s interrogation about socks, ID cards, belt, lunchbox, and so on. We run with the school bag (weighing double our weights) and board the overcrowded van with an overestimation about the seat; only to be seated in a two-seater with four people. The bumpy and jammed ride to school not only ruins amma’s makeup efforts but also our day even before we land on the school compound.

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A Typical 9 AM to 4 PM

Morning Assembly – The Beginning

Morning assemblies extending till the end of the first period were our favorites. However, this turns into an annoyance during sunny days. By the time we finish secretly praying for a prolonged assembly, the following dramas will certainly happen.

  1. Someone from the prayer team messes up either the prayer, the Pledge, or the National Anthem.
  2. The teachers run around to care for students who became dizzy and fainted.
  3. Principal endlessly announces the good and (mostly) bad news.
  4. Laughs at our latecomer friend who also wore the wrong uniform on that day (double dhamaka).
  5. Think of excuses to escape PT sir’s punishment for missing either the belt, ID card, tie, badge, or socks (as we left home in a parapara).
90's kids : A typical day in our childhood - Just A Library
90's kids : A typical day in our childhood

Pre-lunch Class Hours

Despite our sincere prayers for a prolonged assembly, we end up starting our class from the first period (probably an annoying maths class). During the gap between first and second periods, if we find out the following subject teacher is absent, jackpot!! The entire class turns into a “fish market“. Gossips, bench fights, chalk fights, class Olympics, stationery tradeoffs, pen fights, hand cricket, flames, WWE (cards as well as physical version), mimicking teachers, everything happens in that one hour and continues till the end of the first break.

Our hope to continue this fun in the third period is usually destroyed by the topper seated on the front bench. He/she deliberately reminds the teacher of the class test which we may (or mostly may not) somehow manage to write. Our test frustration gets an upgrade – the hunger!! Hence, the fourth period will be mainly lunch trailer recaps (we had in the morning) and yearning for the bell to ring.

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The Much Awaited Lunch Break

90's kids : A typical day in our childhood - Just A Library
90's kids : A typical day in our childhood

Yes!! It’s time for the food exhibition and the food exchange. From unwrapping of the (classic checked red, green, or blue) lunchbox towels and unboxing the lunchboxes, from roaming around and selecting the delicacies to enjoying the buffet lunch, everything takes about 20 minutes. Lunch is usually followed by the next round of the Olympics for about 20 minutes and finally ends with the lunch break end bell.

Post-lunch School Hours

The delicious meal in our tummy begins its work in the fifth period. Yes, we start feeling extremely sleepy😴. However, our sleep in this lullaby class (probably a history class) gets disturbed. And jealousy overpowers our drowsiness when we see the adjacent class going for the PT period. In this vexation and resentment when we open our pencil box, we find another pencil box opening at the other end and sadly realize we possess a Maruthi 800 box in comparison to their Rolls Royce box.

Finally, somehow or the other we push forward the time thinking about going home until the last period. The five minutes before the last bell is when we update and get our school diaries signed. Once the last bell rings, we rush out of the classrooms happy and excited to go home. After the final round of Olympics (now in the school ground), gossips, revenge fights, and other fun activities (while waiting for the second trip of the van) we reach our homes tired and hungry.

After School

Back to Home

As soon as we reach home, the first thing we do is throw away the shoes and race into the kitchen (sliding with socks on) for the evening snacks and chai to encountered by Amma’s question – “How was your day?”. Following a briefing about our day (usually self-praise) and the short WWE with siblings for the TV remote, we tune into our favorite channels like Doordarshan or Cartoon Network for the daily marathon of cartoons.

90's kids : A typical day in our childhood - Just A Library
90's kids : A typical day in our childhood

Beginning with WWE at 4:30 pm followed by Sakthiman, Power Rangers, Boogie Woogie, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Mickey Mouse, Adventures of TinTin, Popeye, Duck Tales, Scooby-Doo and so on, the binge-watching and chai-snacks uploading end when Amma switches off the TV angrily.

The TV time is followed by outdoor playtime. Yes! We sneak out of amma’s sight, usually into the neighbor’s house or a nearby field to play. This further infuriates amma which results in a running race between us and amma (picture her with a twig in hand) around the house. Once caught, we receive amma’s immense love (with the twig of course) and are sent for the bath.

The so called “Study time”

Once refreshed, it’s time for the studies and homework. Not a great time though😒. A phone call for amma or a power cut is considered a bliss during this time as it is an opportunity for us to continue our TV marathon or have fun, which typically extends throughout our dinner. Finally, half-sleepy and half-lazy, we brush our teeth, retire to bed, and a day in our childhood ends. Nevertheless, this fun-filled innocent cycle repeats the next morning😋.

As you can notice, our moms played and still plays a very important role in our lives. Hence, before we wind up, we would like you to introspect on whether the bond we had with our parents is still the same or not.

We are no longer children anymore, but the innocence and playfulness still remain in us, which is why we proudly call ourselves – “The 90s Kids”.

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Hope we have successfully covered a typical day in a 90’s kid. Please let us know your thoughts and memories about this in the comment section below. Also, follow Just A Library for more interesting content. 

Stay Tuned !! Stay Updated !!

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