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A Day In Liverpool – Popular Places and Must-Try Restaurants

Are you thinking about taking a day trip to Liverpool? Excellent choice!! Having spent the last two years living in Liverpool, it is one of my favourite locations in the UK. From the Beatles to the historic Albert Dock and the Titanic, Liverpool’s iconic history and connection to pop culture put it on the map. Add to that the fact that Liverpool has the second-highest number of museums and galleries in the country, trailing only London, and it’s easy to see why this is truly a world-class city.

With amazing theatres, fantastic nightlife, stunning restaurants, and astounding parks, the only real question about a visit to this city is how long you can remain. But, for the sake of this post, I’ll just give you a perfect one-day itinerary for how to spend a day in Liverpool.


With direct trains available from all over the UK to Liverpool, you can get there and back in a day! Even better, you can walk from Liverpool Lime Street station to all of these below-mentioned locations in just 20 minutes! If you are driving to Liverpool, there are plenty of parking options in and around the city centre. Just a heads up, the Liverpool city centre car park is one of the most expensive in the UK. Now that you have safely arrived, let’s get started with the one-day trip to Liverpool.

NOTE: None of the places or restaurants mentioned here is being promoted in any way. The below options are just some of my favourites in each category.

9 AM – Breakfast

Now that you have safely reached Liverpool, You must be fatigued and in need of something to get you going!! How about we start our journey with a cup of coffee? Sounds amazing, innit? With Liverpool One (the city centre shopping mall) and the museums will open only at 10 a.m., there is plenty of time for a cup of coffee, if not a wonderful breakfast. I am pleased to say that Liverpool city has a fantastic selection of outstanding coffee shops. Among the ones the must-try choices are:

Rubens coffee albert dock

LOCATION: Unit 20-21b, The Colonnades Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AF

Do you wish to begin your day at the well-known Royal Albert Dock? Well, You got some pretty good options there as well. Ruben’s Coffee Shop is the place to go for a traditional coffee shop experience. This independent coffee shop is well-known for its freshly roasted Columbian and Honduran coffee. You can also order a variety of tasty breakfast options available.

Peaberry Coffee House & KITCHEN

LOCATION: Units 1, 2a The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AA

Another choice, perhaps? There are plenty of fantastic options at the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool, after all! Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen is an independent artisan venue that serves everyone’s favourite breakfast items, such as French toast, smoothie bowls, pancakes, burgers, and more. Peaberry also has a good selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. At the docks, you have an abundance of options. But don’t be worried!! We’ll return to Albert Dock later today. So, grab a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee, and let’s get started.

Thoughtfully Café

LOCATION: Units 1, 2a The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AA

No worries if you parked your car in the centre of Liverpool or if you just arrived at Liverpool Lime Street station. We do have numerous options available to us here. How about another Independent Cafe? Thoughtfully cafe in the heart of the city serves some of the best breakfast bits and cakes, freshly cooked sandwiches, and baked pastries in a peaceful, green atmosphere.

Rococo Coffee House

LOCATION: First Floor, 61 Lord St, Liverpool L2 6PB

For this one, make sure you’re looking up! Rococo, an independent art deco-styled coffee shop located amidst the Liverpool One stores on Lord Street, serves all of your favourite coffee, breakfast, lunch, and sweet delights! A wonderful spot to relax at the window and watch the world getting started for the day.

Leaf | Est. 2007

LOCATION: 65-67 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ

Visit LEAF on Bold Street for the largest selection of tea you’ll ever find if you want to switch up your usual cup of coffee for a cup of tea. Along with their large tea collection, they also have a fantastic vegan food menu in addition to their standard breakfast menu. Even if you’re already on bold street, don’t get carried away with other options there. We’ll come back here later.

10 AM – the best time

So with breakfast taken care of, let’s start our touring journey now. Since everyone has different preferences, I’ll just give you a few options and let you make your own decision. Although all of the museums in Liverpool are worth a visit, you won’t be able to see them all in a single day in Liverpool. Here’s a quick rundown of each location.

LOCATION: William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EL


The Walker Art Gallery, located on William Brown Street, is one of the UK’s largest art exhibitions outside of London. The street is home to galleries, museums, and libraries that showcase works ranging from 1300 AD to modern sculptures or paintings! The gallery is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

World Museum

LOCATION: William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EN


The World Museum is a fascinating attraction. In the exhibitions, you can learn about history from space exploration, natural sciences such as dinosaurs, and evolution concepts! The museum, which was founded in 1851, still houses a large collection of all things historical, with over 150 million artefacts on display. The World Museum is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

Radio City Tower

LOCATION: St Johns Beacon, 1 Houghton St, Liverpool L1 1RL

ENTRY FEE: Starts from £5.50

The Radio City Tower is Liverpool’s tallest building and provides a fantastic view of everything this fascinating city has to offer. It was built in 1969 and now houses not only our local radio station but also a fantastic gallery! On Saturdays and Sundays, the Radio Tower Beacon is open from 10:15 AM to 5:15 PM.

Museum of Liverpool

LOCATION: Pier Head, Mann Island, Liverpool L3 1DG


The Museum of Liverpool is yet another terrific place to visit. This vibrant, interactive museum is dedicated to all things Liverpool, from archaeology to social history, community, suffragettes, and the Beatles. The opening times are from  Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM -6 PM.

Maritime Museum

LOCATION: Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AQ


Where better to learn about Liverpool’s maritime heritage than at the docks? Liverpool was the wealthiest port in the world during the nineteenth century, and there are several stories to be recounted from that time period. Visit the Titanic collection and the Life on Board exhibit to learn more about the legendary ship registered in Liverpool. The opening hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

The Beatles Story

LOCATION: Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AQ


For all the Beatles fans out there, The Beatles Story is the world’s largest permanent exhibition solely dedicated to The Beatles. The immersive journey takes you through their story from childhood up to how they became one of the greatest bands in the world. The Beatles Story’s hours are subject to change, although it is open every day Sunday.

Apart from these, you have so many more left to see. Some of them are Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool Central Library, and much more. As I’ve told you earlier, I am going to leave the decision with you as there is a lot to pick from.


LOCATION: 5 Wall St, Liverpool L1 8JQ

If you want to bypass some of these and just go shopping, the open-air Liverpool One got you covered. Liverpool One features everything from fashion outlets to jewellery stores to electronics stores to restaurants, and much more. 


You must be hungry and exhausted now that you’ve done so much walking. Now is the perfect time to visit Bold Street, one of my favourite streets in the city. As this street is loaded with restaurants with different varieties of cuisines from all over the world, I’ve never seen anyone leave with a disappointed face. Ready for some options? Here you go!!

Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant

LOCATION: 33 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DN

Elif is always on my favourite go-to list if I feel like having some barbecue food. This restaurant is often crowded, yet it has plenty of tables and can accommodate more customers than you realise when you first arrive. It may take a few minutes to acquire a table, but it is well worth the money if you want to eat some authentic Turkish or Middle Eastern cuisine. Recommend Elif for some wonderful grilled BBQ meals, as well as a good assortment of BBQ-cooked seafood dishes.


LOCATION: 85 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HF

In short, another must-visit restaurant if you’re looking for an authentic Italian cuisine.


LOCATION: 69 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ

Mowgli, a small-plate restaurant on Bold Street, is proud to be the birthplace of the food chain. In contrast to other Indian restaurants, this is a traditional Indian cuisine, with a diverse menu full of healthy and aromatic selections, with a special emphasis on vegetarian and vegan options.


LOCATION: 25 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DN

Crust, award-winning pizza is now available on Bold Street and is a must-try for all pizza lovers. This Bold Street eatery has also been praised for serving the “greatest carbonara in Liverpool.” So, if you like pizza and have never been to Crust, this is your lunch.


    2 pm – READY FOR PART TWO?

    Bombed out church and Chinatown

    LOCATION: 12 Lord Nelson St, Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

    Once you’ve re-energized, it’s time for part two!! When you enter the bold street from the city centre, I’m sure your eyes won’t miss the scene. Yes!! I’m referring to St Luke’s Church, also known as the Bombed Out Church by the locals. During the Liverpool Blitz in 1941, an explosive device set fire to the church, leaving just a burnt-out shell of the structure. The church has been left in its current state since the bombing to serve as a memorial for those who died during the war, and since 2007, it has also served as a location for entertainment, art, and community spirit as well as a historical landmark.

    Take a glance, then proceed to the left of the church, where you will find the largest Chinatown arch in the UK: the Arch of the Chinatown. Unsurprisingly, we could also see a good bunch of Chinese restaurants if you want to try more authentic Chinese food. By the way, Keep it quick since there is still a lot to see. The Liverpool Cathedral is our next stop.

    Liverpool Cathedral

    LOCATION: St James Mt, Liverpool L1 7AZ

    Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral is the largest in the United Kingdom and the fifth largest in Europe. It also houses the country’s largest pipe organ and the world’s highest and heaviest ringing peal of bells. The cathedral is free to enter, although there is a nominal cost to see the bells and the rooftop. The entry fee starts from £6 and I would highly recommend you to go since the tower offers one of the best views in Liverpool; take two elevators to the top and, on a clear day, all of Merseyside unfolds before you, from traffic on the Mersey to the faraway shadow of the Blackpool Tower. Pop into the shop inside the church to buy the tickets.

    Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

    LOCATION: Cathedral House, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TQ

    The Metropolitan Cathedral, which was built in 1967, is still referred to as the city’s “new” cathedral and serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Liverpool. Locals have dubbed the cathedral the “Catholic Cathedral,” “Paddy’s Wigwam,” and “The Pope’s Launching Pad.” The interior of the cathedral will astound you as soon as you step through the doors. The enormous, circular space blends spectacular architecture, immersive lighting, and iconic art to create a historic, authentic, and modern place of worship. Once, you are done with your prayers at the church, it is time we go back to the royal Albert dock. Wanna grab a cup of coffee? checkout the options on the way to the docks.


    Bold Street Coffee

    LOCATION: Federation House, 88 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BW & 6 Dale St, Liverpool L2 4TQ

    Bold Street, yet another local coffee shop, serves some of the greatest coffee and food in town, with plenty of vegan options. It’s also in an ideal location for a pit stop after exploring the city and ending up near bold street again.

    Moose Coffee

    LOCATION: Federation House, 88 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BW & 6 Dale St, Liverpool L2 4TQ

    Yes. Yet Another Coffee Shop. But I can also say that I’ve kept some of my best for evening coffee. Another must-try coffee establishment in Liverpool City is Moose Coffee, which has two locations throughout the city. Visit one of their coffee shops on Dale or Hope Street for an unforgettable coffee experience. Please note that this is also one of the go-to places for breakfast.

    92 degrees

    LOCATION: 24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX, 49 Jamaica St, Liverpool L1 0AH, & 36 Myrtle St, Liverpool L7 7AP

    92 Degrees Coffee is one of my favourites here as I have lived right next to this coffee shop during my uni days. 92 Degrees Coffee has several outlets throughout the city. Visit one of their locations on Jamaica Street, Baltic Triangle, Hope Street, or Myrtle Street for a hot beverage and a slice of cake.

    5 PM – WIND UP

    A cup of coffee in hand and a beautiful view of the River Mersey and Wirral. What else do you need? With the sun still high in the sky if you went to Liverpool in good weather and the fresh wind offering a refreshing breeze, there’s still much to do in and around the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool. For example, you can take a brisk walk around the dock, sit near the liver building or at the pier head and spend the evening with your loved ones.

    There you have it, then. A one-day trip to Liverpool. Of course, there is much more to see and enjoy in and around Liverpool. For example, I haven’t included anything about the two great football clubs from Liverpool – Liverpool FC and Everton FC. If you don’t want to miss this one-day opportunity to see your favourite football club, skip the morning tour and head straight to Anfield or Everton for the stadium tour.

    Apart from these, there are numerous places to explore in and around Liverpool, such as the beaches: Crosby and Formby, or the parks: Sefton and Everton, and don’t forget that you can take a ferry to Wirral and further away by Mersey Ferries.

    I hope you enjoy this one-day trip to Liverpool. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, please drop your input if I have missed something here.

    Check out our articles from various categories, and don’t forget to subscribe to Just A Library. I’ll see you in the next post. Take care until then!!

    Ajay Paul
    Ajay Paul
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