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Bubble Farm Review – Skin-care & Hair-care products

Bubble Farm Review – In recent times, most of us are in search of natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free beauty products. Also, voices are strongly raised to support small businesses. Bubble Farm is one such brand. They make hand-made, natural, cruelty-free skin, and hair care products!

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Bubble Farm Review – INTRODUCTION

Let me brief you about my skin and hair types for you guys to understand my reviews better. I have a combination skin type and curly, frizzy hair. I have been struggling with pimple/Acne problems since my college days. I underwent a few treatments prescribed by dermatologists and most of which did not work out. Later I understood it’s something that is related to my hormones and I also feel it might be genetic since this runs through my family.

I started to accept my skin as it is and stopped using chemical products, ointments on my skin and hair. Yes, the products you use on your hair also affects your facial skin. Products that worked for everyone else did not work for me! Clean & Clear, and other popular neem-based face washes were the best in the market for acne-prone skin but those left my skin dry and irritated.

My search for the perfect product for my skin continued and I finally found Bubble Farm via Instagram almost 2 years back. I really loved the way these products are made. They are hand-made in very small batches with the utmost care. From then till now Bubble farm products remain to be my constant pick.


  • All my reviews are based on my personal experience. Every product might not work the same way for every individual. Now that you guys know my skin type and struggle through all these years you might able to get a better idea about the products I’m here to review.
  • Every product needs its own time to show the results especially when it comes to natural products. Nothing happens overnight.
  • Don’t buy many products from a brand before knowing how it works on your skin. Buy a single product and use it for a few weeks to see the result before you decide anything



Now that’s a good amount of introduction above. If you have skipped the Introduction part, I recommend you read it before entering the product review section. Also, I’m reviewing only the products which I have used from Bubble Farm.


Bubble Farm Review
Bubble Farm products. Image source : Just A library


I have tried The Orange blossom and Green tea & honey face wash from Bubble farm and both are my favorites. It is very gentle on my skin, doesn’t irritate the existing acne/pimples, and prevents from new breakouts. Worth to mention it also does the cleaning job very well. I have been continuously using these for more than 2 years now and they are my absolute favorites. A must-try product!!

Bubble Farm Face washes
Bubble Farm Face washes. Image source : Bubble Farm


I started using Rosemary Hydrosol (toner) a few weeks back and I kind of like the instant refreshment it gives and also the hydration it provides. There are various types of toners available with bubble farm, you can choose to depend upon your skin type. Few of these can also be used on the scalp. For more info check out the Bubble Farm site.


I have used the anti-acne and intense hydration oil from the bubble farm. I would not say anti-acne oil worked 100% for me but both the oils did not do any damage to my skin. Which according to me is a great thing? Like everyone else, I couldn’t regularly use the oils. Laziness caught me and I stopped using the oils hence unable to give a detailed opinion on it.


I never had any under-eye problems but I bought this under-eye cream for no reason. I used it regularly for a few weeks and I really loved the aroma and it gave a relaxing effect which helped me in sleeping.


I tried their Sea Buckthorn body butter. I absolutely loved it !! It moisturized my skin well and did not leave any greasy effect. A must-try product!

Bubble Farm Body Butter
Bubble Farm Body Butter. Image source : Bubble Farm

Aloe vera gel :

I have aloe vera plant in my home and I always take the aloe vera pulp (Gel) from the plant whenever needed for my hair/skin. I recently got a sample package of the aloe vera gel from Bubble Farm and I liked it. Those who want a mess-free experience of using aloe vera gel I would recommend this product.

Haircare :

Bubble Farm product
Bubble Farm product. Image source : Just A Library

Herbal Hair Pack :

I have already emptied one full bottle of Herbal hair pack from Bubble Farm! This is one of my absolute favorites from Bubble Farm. Weekly once I make a hair pack with this powder, curd and apply it. I usually let it be in my hair for about 40 mins to 1 hour based on the time I have. It helped me control frizz 100% and made my hair extremely soft. It also helped me overcome split-ends and other damaged hair issues. I stopped using conditioners after starting to use the hair pack. A must try product !

Face and Body Packs & Scrubs :

Bubble Farm Review - Skin-care & Hair-care products - Just A Library
Bubble Farm products. Image source : Just A Library

Detox Pack :

This product does miracles! All of you must have heard about the goodness of charcoal products and this is one of the best products in the market giving the 100% benefit of charcoal without any chemicals in it. This helps my skin in many ways, check out Bubble Farm site for more information. A must-try product !!

French Green clay scrub :

Such a yummy scrub!! The flavor and texture are wonderful and leaves my skin very soft and hydrated. To know more about the product visit the Bubble Farm site.

Anti-ageing purple clay and hibiscus mask :

One another yummy and flavorful mask from bubble farm. It also has a scrub effect, instantly removes the excess oil and leaves my skin soft and supple. To know more about the product visit the Bubble Farm site. A must-try product !!

Anti-bacterial face and body mask :

I bought this since I have acne-prone skin and also I sweat a lot due to my lifestyle. Now and then I bath using this to kill the germs due to the sweat. To know more about the product visit the Bubble Farm site.

Hand-made soaps :

I have tried their charcoal soap and goat-milk soap and would tell both are very good. They keep my skin hydrated and do not leave white patches post bathing even in winter. They have many more varieties of bathing bars in their site.

Bubble farm Products
Bubble farm Products. Image source : Bubble Farm

Lip care products :

I was attracted by the flavors of their lip-care products and bought the below.

  • Blueberry lip scrub – Yum Yum Yum Yum to the Maxxxx!!!! It mixes it with coconut oil and scrubs it over my lips! The flavor and texture are just out of words! Leaves behind a good tint! A must-try product!!
  • Rose Cinnamon Lip serum – This is a lip balm which you can use a base coat before your lipstick, else avoid the lipstick itself! Again the flavor is wonderful and keeps the lips soft and bubbly. A must-try product!!

Cost Factor :

These products might seem costly but considering the fact that these are hand-made in small batches with completely natural ingredients, the price seems reasonable. Once you start using hand-made natural products I bet you would not like going back to your commercially popular brands.

They also come up with a lot of offers now and then, I usually stock up my needs during the sale times.

Bubble Farm Customer Care :

I would say they do an excellent job when it comes to customer satisfaction. I would like to personally appreciate the efforts taken by Sunitha from Bubble Farm for the efforts taken to build a relationship with her customers, especially during the lock-down period.

Overall Summary on Bubble Farm Naturals :

This brand is my personal favorite! I did try a few other popular and non-popular hand-made skincare products but I still choose bubble farm over them for various reasons such as:

  • Maintaining Consistency in the quality
  • These products never caused any bad effect on my skin (As, I stated earlier I have extremely sensitive skin)
  • Customer care, etc.,

If you are planning to switch or try natural, hand-made products I would 100% suggest Bubble Farm products to you! Look out for the line “A must try product!” in the above review to know my favorite picks. Visit their site to know more about their products and also ping them their via their social media handles to know which product might suit your skin type.

To buy Bubble farm products visit their site here!

Lets support small business !!


    Let me know if you found this article using in the comments below and also let me know your favorite natural and hand-made skin and hair care products in the comments.

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