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Christopher Nolan : The Ace Filmmaker

Christopher Nolan: The Ace Filmmaker – The whole world is waiting for the release of Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated sci-fi film, Tenet, written and directed by himself. It is said that Nolan took more than five years to write the screenplay. Even after pitching the film’s idea, he put on his thinking cap for a decade.

These are more than enough reasons for the movie geeks for worth waiting. As he keeps exploring the various levels of filmmaking, his works too reflect it. It is this one factor that keeps the audience engaged in the film plot even if they are watching it for the second or third time or maybe even more. Besides, his trend varies throughout all the genres he worked with. And it is undeniable that his cryptic message gets accepted by the audience without any hick. So, what makes Nolan films standout? What are the esoteric elements in making his movies?

Christopher Nolan

Nolan’s work has been embraced and scrutinized frame by frame even by the critics and film academics. This recites his capability of modeling the idea, the detailing given to it, and the way it is presented. Perhaps, some find it very difficult to follow his way of storytelling, which is intended to serve an enigmatic property to his works. His unconventional methods of narration are itself a great example of it.

Further discussing his oeuvre, shows the impeccable blending of awakening music and crosscutting shots which evokes many thereby totally bashing the viewers’ minds. Thus, spawning it as an intricately crafted piece of art with its own way of the convention. His Dunkirk, an epic war story that spaced out, lacking dialogues were woven with exotic cinematography and a brilliant score. Consequently, by presenting a movie plot out of order has been his trademark of nonlinear storytelling.


Christopher Nolan – The Cue of His Techniques

Primarily, his stories revolve around various aspects of concepts of time, memory, and identity. The technicalities which he implements over his works supersedes many Contempo directors.

With the use of precise details and lighting, his characters reflect their turmoil of emotions exceptionally. Plausibly,  in his films Memento, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight Rises, unveiling some events of the story, which makes no sense at first, tweaks into something, and the suspense lies in how it resulted to such significant events. The Awe Factor! Hence watching a Nolan film doesn’t feel like literally watching any movie, as one should concentrate, reason, think and derive. 

Nolan's techniques

In Memento, the film opens with a scene of the protagonist, Leonard Shelby (portrayed by Guy Pearce) looking at a picture of a dead man. The scene then rewinds where Leonard shot this man and has taken a picture of the corpse. Now it cuts to the beginning of the story, where the scenes switch between colored and black and white throughout. The black and white show different chronological events. Finally, the film ends when both the chronological order as both colored and black and white scenes meets.

Besides the unorthodox storytelling, Nolan deprives the usage of special video effects (VFX) and heavy computer-generated-images (CGIs) in every way possible. Major examples of this are Interstellar and Inception. While the transitions happening in the dream is CGI-ed, the rotating hallway scene was filmed using a massive centrifuge.

It gave the scene a realistic effect. Surely, most of the directors would go for CGI alone. Here comes the Nolan touch to the scene, as he sees it in a big picture. Indeed, the Hypercube scenes (showing multiple dimensions) and the ice planet of Interstellar, remain in eyes of the viewer making it an awesome experience.

Nolan's movies

Imprinting Characters in Suitable Plots

Seemingly, Nolan possesses the uncanny trait of establishing characters by bringing out the vivaciousness of his actors. Nevertheless, he prefers shooting on celluloid film with, in-camera effects making him Hollywood auteur and one among the 100 most influential people (according to Time magazine). As we look across his filmography, after all, he deals with science fiction; none of his works are having a repetitive plot. If we look deep into his stories, we may find it very twisty. The placement of cerebral twists has a major role in making an easy ordinary story to the ‘Nolan kind’. The addition of ideas about the fabric of spacetime seems where the Gargantua (Blackhole) depicting itself as an individual character.


In Interstellar, when Cooper (portrayed by Matthew McConaughey) falls into the black hole, enters the multidimensional phase, where he tries to communicate with Murph years ago. Whereas in Inception, Nolan meddles with the idea of dreaming and consciousness with Cobb (portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio)Memento, entangles with the memory lane of Leonard. The intricate duo Alfred (Christian Bale) and Robert (Hugh Jackman) from Prestige, Will (Al Pacino) and Walter (Robin Williams) in Insomnia show wonders within their plot.

Nolan: The Reel Dark Knight

Dark Knight

The Batman in comics was on the top rolling since 1939, a fictional superhero appearing in comic books by DC Comics. The story of the character rebooted several times in reel since the first Batman movie in 1949. Still, Christopher Nolan’s, The Batman Trilogy has created a heroic statuette not only for the Batman series but also for entire Superhero characters in other comic universes.

The portrayal and character development by Nolan made Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Christian Bale) so real that vitalized the entire storyline, making a great opposition to the antagonist, the much-appreciated Joker (played by Heath Ledger). Such a level of personification given for each role collimated into the making of this fabulous masterpiece. Furthermore, the perfectly sculpted perverse Gotham city purely resonated with the need for the unwarranted vigilante. 

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan has succeeded in all ways, confronting films that make us think inwards and in-depth. His unmatching insights are evident in all his films leaving his own unique signature on it. Clearly, this makes him, and his films occupy the prime spots in modern classic cinemas. The much-awaited upcoming film,  Tenet might also show his upper hand in thriller spy film genre and making it an experience. As he can be referred to one of the modern era godfathers of the cinematic universe. One might find nothing wrong in defining the red-green colorblind maestro’s films as an independent genre, “Nolan’s”.

Dedicated to the G.O.A.T.

Christopher Nolan, The Ace of Spades!

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Jibin Jose
Jibin Jose
An unparalleled guy, who goes from quarks to quasars! starts thinking ‘Do ants sleep at night?’ and end up in ‘Could Einstein be wrong?’. I don’t do great things. I do small things in a great way.

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