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Easy Guide on How To Get Part Time Job In UK For International Students

How To Get Part Time Job In UK – The UK is one of the famous and go-to countries for education, especially considering its worldwide recognition and high level of education. Besides, the cost of living and studying is also high. Gladly the Government offers you the option to work part-time to manage your expenses.

This will also enhance your management skills and you can highlight these works on your CV/Resume. In this post, I will be walking you through how to get a part-time Job in UK for international students and the various jobs you could get in the UK. Before we proceed, don’t forget to support us by subscribing to Just A Library.

How to get part time job in uk?

There are several ways to search for a part-time job, from your social/friends circle to the internet. Your social circle could be the best place to start because most students will be looking for part-time just like you, or they could be working already so it is better to check for any job openings.

Another good way would be to check for jobs in your university career studio where you can access a lot of on-campus part-time jobs. You could also check for jobs in various job portals and social media such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc where you can search for jobs of your interest, and location.


The UK offers a wide spectrum of part-time job options in various fields from which you can choose to do what best suits you:

On-campus jobs

Personally to me, the campus is one of the most hassle-free jobs you could do if you are enrolled on a course which requires you to focus on research, classes constantly, and labs. Because these jobs are designed not to overlap with your academic schedule and a well distributed throughout the week, you could get alternative pay for your work, for example, working as a residential advisor in your university accommodation can earn you a free stay and food over your tenure.

Off-campus jobs

This comprises everything that falls outside of your university, it can be restaurants, bars, retail shops, etc. Off-campus jobs do not offer the luxury of on-campus jobs but if you have a course which has limited class hours and which is not too academically pestering then you can opt for this. Some of the most common jobs for students are:

  1. Restaurant/Bar: This is one of the easily acquirable part-time as there is a constant need for staff in restaurants and bars who do not need any prior experience. The roles may include, preparing, serving food and drinks, managing the till, and cleaning tables, plates and glasses. The advantages of working in restaurants are that you get free food during your shift and you can get great discounts for dining with your friends
  2. Hospitality: There is a huge requirement for hospitality staff as well for events, football matches, and other festivals or events. There are several agencies such as ARC which offer a platform for hospitality-related jobs. ARC offers the flexibility of choosing shifts at your convenience but the problem is shifts our not guaranteed
  3. Retail: This could include work in grocery stores, superstores, drug stores and clothing stores. These are also a good option since these shops close early compared to restaurants and you won’t be required to work late nights

So choose the type of work you are going to take up wisely. You can take up multiple part-time jobs as well but my advice would be not to focus on these too much.

How To Get Part Time Job In UK?
Easy Guide on How To Get Part Time Job In UK For International Students


There are certain things you should consider before and while working as a student in the UK and you must follow the rules and guidelines of immigration stringently.

  1. You must check your visa letters to see if there are any work restrictions due to your course or university.
  2. You must make sure you apply for your national insurance (NI) number. If you are new to UK and don’t yet have a NI number then please check our post on 6 Things To Do After Moving To The UK For Your Study.
  3. As a full-time degree-level student you can work a maximum of 20 hours during your term time and not more than that. You may work up to 40 hours during your vacation.
  4. There are certain types of work which cannot be undertaken by you as a student, this includes full-time, self-employment, freelancing and business. You can also not work as a sportsman, coach, actor, entertainer, doctor or dentist.
  5. It is your responsibility to provide correct information to your employer and document your work details, and working hours and make sure you don’t exceed your hour limit even if your employee compels you.


    Hope you have a good picture of how to get a part-time job in the UK. Subscribe to Just A Library follow for more posts like this. Don’t forget to check our other posts as well.

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