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Affordable Must Have Make Up Products – Daily Wear

Affordable Must Have Make Up ProductsMake-up is something which is passed on for centuries!! From the times of Kings & Queens to the times when Cuticura powder was famous, its always been a part of our lifestyle. Make-up is not just about face creams and lipsticks, make-up is anything & everything which you do to make yourself glow, look confident and presentable. It can also be considered as a part of showering some self-love.

Every one of us does some kind of make-up. Some might prefer super glam look all time, some might stick with very subtle nude looks and some just finish it with a bindi and oiled hair. Every look matters!! So, stop confining make-up to a particular gender, a community of people, etc., Also stop passing on comments on one’s choice of makeup and start accepting people how they have accepted themselves.

Affordable Must Have Make Up Products - Daily Wear - Just A Library

Who should read this article?

This article is about the must-have, affordable, daily wear make-up products for girls/ladies. Since I’ve mentioned girls that don’t mean Men have to stop reading beyond this point. You men can save this article to buy your dear ones some worthy gift for their special days!! I’m quite sure they will be surprised by your choice of gift and feel more loved!! The brand, price, link to buy (with the best deals of course!!), everything is discussed in this article below

Choosing the product

Brand opinion differs from person to person. Not every brand is suitable for everyone. My personal advice would be to go for a well-established brand with positive feedback in the market. Do not go for unknown or untrustworthy brands and compromise on your skin in the process of making it better.

First-time buyers:

When you are purchasing any product for the first time, DO NOT BUT IT ONLINE. Best practice would be to try the product on you in a beauty store so that you can understand how the color/shade suits your skin tone, how the product reacts to your skin, etc. All the beauty stores and stalls encourage trying on their products and it’s free.

Affordable Must Have Make Up Products - Daily Wear - Just A Library

Always prefer “long-lasting products” when it comes to daily make-up. We girls drive, take public transport, cover our face with a scarf, we cry, we laugh, we do a lot in a single day!! So a long-lasting product will make sure there are no smudgy eyes, cakey face, or half-eaten lipstick.

Pro Tip:

  • Try the lipstick, face cream, compact, etc as soon as you enter a shopping mall from the beauty product store/stall. You will be able to see the results needed at the end of your shopping spree!
  • Always carry your own lipstick brush and compact-puff in your bag which can be used for makeup trials in beauty product stores/stalls.
  • Always choose your products based on your skin type.

How to get the best deals?

Affordable Must Have Make Up Products - Daily Wear - Just A Library
  • Once you find your best-suited product in-store buy it online. Always the price is cheaper in online stores.
  • Pre-plan and stock up your needs during the sale days either from store or online.
  • The exclusive brand stalls in mall corridors will usually give some small offers, coupons, freebies, etc., only when you start demanding for an offer!! Do not forget to ask for it!!

Products needed for a daily look

  • Moisturizer
  • Day cream/Compact/Powder
  • Kaajal/Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow palette/Pencil
  • Lipstick, lip balm
  • Make-up remover


Honestly speaking I do not use a moisturizer every day. Some days our skin is soft and supple without any moisturizer applied. Only during winter days and times when we do not hydrate ourselves well, our face needs a moisturizer.

Here are some best picks:

Day cream/Compact/Powder

This is one of the main products to give your skin the glow and the even tone. It is the most critical part where choosing the wrong product/shade might spoil the whole make up. Any low-performance product will start giving a cakey look within a few hours. Choosing a wrong shade might end up looking very pale or over-make up look.

Best picks:

  • Lakme 9-5 cream mouse – I would recommend this to everyone personally! No one could ever find you are wearing a cream until you tell them. It gives you a transfer-proof, nude finish with very glowing skin! And of course, it stays for more than 10 to 11 hours.
  • Lakme 9-5 primer + matte compact – This is an amazing all-in-one kind of product. You can skip the foundation while using this one.


I should say this product gives life to your whole make-up look. It makes the look very soulful! Since we are going to apply this to one of the very sensitive organs please be very careful about the brand you choose. I know everyone is looking for affordable, smudge-free, long-stay kajaal/eyeliner and I hope you will find one after reading this article!

Best picks:

Eyebrows palette/pencil

This is the saviour for the girls who do not have naturally defined eyebrows! A major mistake done while doing the eyebrows is drawing a thick line instead of brushing it to give a natural finish.
To learn how to fill your eyebrows, Click here.

Best picks:

Lipstick/Lip balms

I’m a very big fan of lipsticks/lip-balms! I love collecting them rather than actually using them. The most annoying things about lipstick are, it sticking to your teeth, transferring to the coffee mug, and having less than 10% of lipstick left on lips after having a meal. But when you choose the right lipstick you can save yourselves from the above troubles.

Best picks:

Lip-balms gives you a bubbly, cute lips on a day when you are not in mood for lipstick! Tinted lip-balms are the best and worth to mention its tastes yum 😛

Favorite picks:

Pro Tip: Choose nude shade lipstick for daily looks. So that it suits all your dress colours and gives you a no-makeup or minimal makeup look. Also do not forget the fact that nude shade varies for each skin tone, make sure to do a trial before purchase.

Make-up remover

Wiping out the makeup before washing our face is very important (Especially while using water-proof, long-stay types). Wiping out the makeup prevents acne/breakouts caused due to makeup. Washing the face alone doesn’t remove your makeup completely.

Affordable Must Have Make Up Products - Daily Wear - Just A Library

Best picks:

Pro tip: Cotton dipped in coconut oil (or any other oil) works best for removing long stay kaajal or any other makeup.

Cost factor:

Some of the products might be a little costly but I would say its worth spending. It is important to give the best to our skin.

Here is a comparison table explaining why its worth investing on these products:

Deciding factor Lakme Kohl kaajalNormal Kaajal
CostRs.750 approxRs.150 to 200
Smudge free hours13-14 hourshardly 2-5 hours
Lasts for6 – 7 months1 – 1.5 month
comparison table

From the data in the above table, the lakme khol kaajal has a clear shot win! Likewise, most of the products mentioned above last for a minimum of 6 months. You get lots of deals, offers to reduce the cost further hence it becomes extremely budget-friendly.

Let’s finish our shopping

The whole article is about my personal experience with make-up products. I haven’t tried many products and brands yet. I stick with the ones I feel comfortable and have been using these for more than 3 years. Also worth mentioning I haven’t gone searching for cruelty-free, ayurvedic types of product. I just kept using the products which had no ill effects on my skin.

We all would love to know your best picks and suggestion for daily-wear makeup products. Comment your favorite product and do let us know if you found this article helpful.

Affordable Must Have Make Up Products - Daily Wear - Just A Library

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