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Nowhere Movie Review: A Hit or A Miss?


Nowhere Movie Review: A Hit or A Miss? – Humans are wired to feel fear. Scientific studies have shown that fear and anxiety, that we feel nowadays, is an evolutionary trait that we inherited from our ancestors. Fear and anxiety have been the most basic adaptive evolutionary trait of early humans who had to constantly be vigilant of the threats around them. The threat of the wild.

And so, almost every human being is bound to the other with this inheritance. The fear of the unknown. And what could be most unknown, the most feared but nature itself? When something as unpredictable and as powerful as nature is your enemy, how do you survive? With this thought, we bring you the tale of a mother’s sheer will to survive against nature in our Nowhere Netflix Film Review!

Nowhere Movie Trailer

Nowhere Netflix Film Review

Nowhere Review – Plot

Nowhere narrates the tale of a pregnant woman named Mia, who while trying to flee a totalitarian regime in Spain with her husband, finds herself trapped in a shipping container, floating adrift in the sea towards – nowhere. The film follows Mia’s resourcefulness, her struggle and sheer will to keep her and her newborn baby alive while the container threatens to sink with no food, water or land in sight.

Nowhere Movie Review

Nowhere begins with chaos all around a country overtaken by an authoritative regime. A dystopian world where Spain, due to shortage of resources, has become the place where guns rule over everything, where those who are vulnerable need to be shot dead to save the scarce resources, where women, children, elderly – nobody is spared. More death, simply, means more food for the living. The fine line between life and death, good or bad, has blurred completely. In such a chaotic scenario, we meet Mia and her husband Nico, trying to flee off to Ireland which is presumed to be beyond the influence of the “regime”.

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The plan is to leave the country in a shipping container. However, in a turn of events Mia and Nico are separated. The women in Mia’s container are hidden behind a false end which is promptly discovered by the authorities, where they shoot every single person except Mia, who is hiding on a pile of boxes, out of sight. She soon finds herself drifting alone in the sea after a turbulent storm when her container is thrown overboard.

The crux of the film is loaded and driven by the idea of the unknown, the nature vs human dichotomy. Mia is completely helpless and at the mercy of the sea. The thrill factor is also derived from this very dichotomy – can a mere mortal human survive against a larger force like the sea? When the unsinkable ship, Titanic, could not overcome the whims of the natural world then what can a mere pregnant woman do?

The trope of a pregnant woman in a survival thriller is quite obvious as a choice to heighten the stakes and make the viewer as involved as possible. The filmmakers seem to cash on the common idea of motherhood as the strongest virtue of human beings, where a mother’s sheer will to safeguard her child’s life and interests, transcends any threat of the unknown. We see the transition in Mia’s character from when she thinks she has lost everything to when she gives birth and fights to keep her child alive amidst all odds.

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However, as much as the film tries to keep the audience’s attention in the first half, it soon loses in the second. The coincidences are just way too many to predict the intention of the film. Mia not only finds useful tools to keep the container from sinking but is also able to collect drinking water from the miraculous rain just about when she most needs it.

Moreover, she has suffered one too many injuries where there is a dedicated scene of her sewing her ripped flesh. One wonders how she recovers from a wound without any signs of a septic resulting from exposure or how she is able to survive in the extreme freezing conditions without developing hypothermia.

In a nutshell, Nowhere is a good film for a boring weekend once one suspends all logic and belief and where the need of a happy ending transcends the desire of a good thriller. Catch Nowhere at Netflix and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Our Rating

Nowhere is a good film for a boring weekend once one suspends all logic and belief and where the need of a happy ending transcends the desire of a good thriller. We give it a 5 out of 10 for overall watch value and engagement.

JAL Score

The Moon 2023 Movie Review: Is The Moon Korean Movie Good?

The Moon 2023 Movie Review: If you want to see just how resilient the human spirit is, then you must watch survival dramas. These stories curate a cathartic experience for the viewers and lend a message of hope that humanity knows no borders. The latest survival drama to hit the block is the science fiction movie “The Moon“.

The movie stars Do Kyung Soo and Sol Kyung Gu in the lead. It was released theatrically in South Korea on August 2, 2023 and subsequently in North America as well. It was released in India on September 22, 2023. Do Kyung Soo is a member of the K-pop boy group EXO. He also released his second solo EP “Expectation” on September 18, 2023. Sol Kyung Gu is one of the most known veteran actors in the South Korean film industry.

The Moon 2023 Movie Trailer

The Moon 2023 Movie Summary

The Moon tells the fictional story of South Korea’s independant space program of sending astronauts to the moon. Set in the near future, the first attempt failed drastically with the astronauts losing their lives and the head of the program taking his life. Cut to five years later, the political scenario is still sensitive and reeling from the after-effects of the failure. This time though, the team is much more confident.

Three astronauts, namely Lee Sang Won (played by Kim Rae Won), Cho Yoon Jung (played by Lee Yi Kyung) and Hwang Sun Woo (played by Do Kyung Soo) prepare to be the next human fleet and first Koreans to step on the moon. The happiness of sending the second fleet of humans on the moon is quite shortlived as the solar wind flares affect the space ship. Two of the three astronauts sent in space head to check the malfunction. They are killed in the spatial accident. The only one remaining astronaut is Hwang Sun Woo. He is a former ace military soldier, but lacks experience.

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The solar wind flare mishap affected the space ship, but Sun Woo is determined to land on the moon and make his country proud. The head of the program who took his life earlier was none other than Sun Woo’s father Hwang Gyu Tae. The chances are slim, but he takes those. He does successfully land on the moon, becoming the first South Korean citizen to do so. He is soon faced with a new challenge. A ferocious meteor shower hits him, and leaves him stranded on the moon. The space ship and the lander are severely affected. Thus begins his tryst to go back home safely.

The space center team on Earth put everything together to bring their surviving astronaut back home. Though reluctant, the current flight director of the program invites the former flight director to help combat the challenge at hand. The former flight director is Kim Jae Guk (played by Sol Kyung Gu). Gyu Tae and Jae Guk were close friends and colleagues. Sun Woo harbours resentment towards Jae Guk for the program failed previously and his father lost his life.

Keeping their differences aside, everyone comes together to overcome the challenge at hand. Jae Guk was previously at NASA, but he was brought back to KASC after much persuasion. His ex-wife remained at NASA and eventually settled down in the US. Despite the failure of the first program, Jae Guk is a smart fellow. It was not his intellect that led to that failure. How Sun Woo comes back home is the crux of the story.

The Moon 2023 Movie Review: Sol Kyung Gu as Kim Jae Guk in The Moon (2023)
The Moon 2023 Movie Review: Sol Kyung Gu as Kim Jae Guk in The Moon (2023). Credits: IMDB

The Moon 2023 Movie Review: Critique

Each expression – fear, doubt, resilience, peace and pride – is vividly shown in the movie. Each character delivers a fine tuned performance – the literature graduate minister heading the science and ICT Ministry, Sun Woo who is alone in the space with everything against him, Jae Guk who fears he would face the mishap again and lose his friend’s son and even Min Gyu (played by Park Byung Eun) the current flight director of the program.

Sun Woo is a former military cadet who chose to be in this space program for his father and to test his own resilience. He is tough on himself and puts the bar quite high. When he is stranded in space, the fear is stark on his face that perhaps he might meet the same end as his team mates. But he decides to fight until his last breath. With the help of the team of KASC and his own presence of mind, Sun Woo overcomes the challenge.

The Moon Movie Review: Official Poster of The Moon (2023)
The Moon Movie Review: Official Poster of The Moon (2023). Credits: IMDB

Characters like Kim Jae Guk are often a fan-favourite for they make the audience think over their own morals and philosophy. He is smart, fearless but also harbours a worry for Sun Woo who is out in the space. He takes a chance that Min Gyu thinks twice about. Luckily, the chance works in their favour and Sun Woo is granted help, even if it is momentary. He has a guilt from the past, which he carries around in his heart everyday. What is the guilt? Watch The Moon to find out!

Moon Young (played by Kim Hee Ae) is a Korean-American citizen and now running to be the next director of NASA. Upon her attempts to help Sun Woo, she is met with criticism and allegations of treason from her bosses. These scenes with Moon Young, although shorter in duration, present a good example of how an immigrant is treated. Despite having shown loyalty towards USA, now when she is trying to help her home country’s astronaut, many eyebrows are being raised.

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Jo Han Chul, who plays the role of the Minister of Science and ICT drops a sly comment saying why would the government appoint a literature graduate as the minister of science. He had requested to be put in the foreign affairs ministry, but was denied. His lack of understanding is clearly seen as he struggles to understand the information passed around on the KASC floor. This instance goes to show that there needs to be a proper election of individuals to hold positions of power within the government, someone who fits the job description and understand what it entails.

Each frame of the movie, right from the crowded public places in Korea to the stunning looking galaxy is a treat for those who like cinematic wonders. Each scene is artfully crafted to lend a cathartic experience to whoever watches the film, regardless of their nationality. d.

Is The Moon 2023 Movie worth watching? Is Moon Movie worth it?

Yes for sure, The movie strikes the right chord with the viewers as it compels them to think about their own actions should they face any such predicament. It also leaves a testament to human resiliency and fighting spirit. It shows that when it comes to saving a fellow human, we forget the borders and boundaries and stand united.

The Moon 2023 Movie Rating

The scientific aspect and dialogue delivery in the movie are definitely going to be point of interest for all those who harbour a passion for all things space related! The surface of the moon, the meteor showers, the craters, the rovers and the space stations, each is shown as close to the reality as possible. By the time the movie comes to an end, you would want to just keep on looking at the spatial landscape and bask in the wonders outside of the Earth.

If you are looking for a nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat thriller, then The Moon is a must-watch!
JAL gives The Moon 9 out of 10 stars. What are your thoughts about The Moon movie?

JAL Score

Jaane Jaan Movie Review: Who is Suspect X?

Jaane Jaan Movie Review: Emotions like love and infatuation know no bounds. One can feel these emotions for anything they deem special, be it a person or a tangible object. Lifetimes have been devoted towards achieving an object of desire. People who are obsessed in their love towards things often feel alienated because of their desires. It becomes quite difficult to remove oneself from that world of desire. 

In this write-up, let’s take a look at how a math prodigy’s love for the subject and a woman drove him to take a drastic step. I am talking about “Jaane Jaan” on Netflix. The movie is the official Hindi adaptation of the hit Japanese thriller novel “The Devotion of Suspect X” by Higashino Keigo. Jaane Jaan was released on September 21, which also happens to be the leading lady Kareena Kapoor Khan’s birthday. This movie also marks Kareena Kapoor Khan’s debut on the OTT platform. Let’s dive into Jaane Jaan movie review.

Jaane Jaan Movie Trailer

Jaane Jaan Movie Summary – Jaane Jaan Movie Plot

Kareena Kapoor Khan is Maya (Soniya) D’souza, a single mother who lives with her teenage daughter Tara and runs a bakery in Kalimpong. Jaydeep Ahlawat is Naren Vyas, aka Teacher is their neighbour and secretly enamoured by Maya. One day, Naren had decided to take is own life after he found out that the puzzle he had been trying to solve for the past ten years was solved by someone else just a couple of days ago. Maya unexpectedly knocks on his door and unknowingly gives Naren a will to live. Naren becomes enamored by Maya. He begins to keep a secretive tab on her and Tara. 

When Maya’s estranged husband Ajit Mhatre arrives in Kalimpong, threatening Maya, she kills him in a scuffle. Naren volunteers to help Maya out of this mess, and takes the matter in his own hands. Naren’s sharp wit is met head to head with that of Vijay Varma’s Karan, the inspector from Mumbai who is assigned Ajit’s case. Ajit was a notorious detective, known to dip his toes in all things illegal. Upon Ajit’s disappearance, Karan begins the investigation and finds Maya as the main suspect. What follows after forms the main crux of the story. Watch Jaane Jaan on Netflix to find out what happens next!

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Jaane Jaan Movie Review – Is Jaane Jaan worth watching?

Since “Jaane Jaan” is an official adaptation of the novel, it follows the story almost to the T. While the novel ends with the female protagonist confessing to her crime, in the movie we do not see that happening. After Naren confesses to the crime, he asks Maya to not divulge any information. The movie is just under two hours and artfully captures the pivotal points from the novel. Owing to the cold and dark landscape of Kalimpong, most scenes that happen outside sport darker frames, sometimes making it difficult to focus as well. The only brightly-lit scenes are those from Maya’s home. Each element is clearly visible in the house. 

It won’t be wrong to say that this dual tone reflects the story told by the characters. When in light, the story of Ajit’s disappearance is quite clear, but when in the dark, the story is shrouded in uncertainty and doubt. Just like the light that clears the vision and the dark that distorts it. 

The first 30-ish minutes of the movie present a delightful start to the characters and their backstories. Naren and Maya have one sighting each about a possible future consequence, but those are neither later explored or explained. One would hope that those sightings would add to the mystery of an unsolvable murder case, but those remain to be a ‘blink and you miss’ scenario. 

Jaane Jaan movie review - Just A Library
Jaane Jaan movie review – Just A Library

Not going to lie, despite not having read the novel, the movie seemed fairly predictable from the get go. With some scenes giving a deja vu of past popular thrillers, to round and round investigation around Ajit’s murder – this Sujoy Ghosh directorial fades in comparison to the director’s prior works. There are moments where you feel something might just come and surprise you, but that sadly is not the case. The title of the film is also a good word play on the retro hit song “Jaane Jaan”. One would think that the song might play a pivotal role in the story, but it just becomes a guest for a few minutes at a karaoke bar. 

One would have expected Maya’s character to be much more challenging and intricately put together, but she just ends up being a puppet on Naren’s strings. She does what she is told, without putting much thought on her own. Naren, well, say out of sheer innocence, he had the chance to take advantage of Maya’s situation but he did not. Karan’s character had the chance to go out of the way and stick to investigating Ajit’s past, but in the end, he simply wraps up the murder investigation and heads back home. 

Having followed the novel, the movie stayed true to the parent story. The novel was also written almost two decades ago. The thriller genre has quite evolved since then. The makers had the chance to play off of Naren’s character and show him going into a spiral, or show Maya’s character stepping away from the chalked plan and trying things on her own.

It would have been great fun to watch Karan and Naren outwitting each other at every step, instead of a five-minute rundown at the dojo. The angle of ‘Suspect X’ was interestingly carved out (Who else smiled a little at the not-so-subtle nod to the novel’s title?) . The math equation angle to a carefully planned murder cleanup was definitely a highlight of the movie.

Ajit’s character comes across just like a catalyst to explore the dynamic of Naren and his emotions towards Maya. Even in the novel, we see this character appearing briefly, without much preamble and disappearing equally quickly without much consequence. One can argue there Ajit’s character was a lost potential plot point. His character was introduced as the main lead to an illegal gang operation, but his death put a full stop on the investigation for that case. 

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But when it comes to the individual characters, each lead delivered a great performance. Jaydeep Ahlawat whom we have seen portray varied roles across OTT platforms, was definitely a delight to see on screen. Naren is different in his looks, in regards to his mindset, and his overall approach. Jaydeep Ahlawat brought out the intricacies quite well. Those smirks when he felt he would be outwitted but wasn’t, and those moments of self-assurance when he knew his calculations worked – these were quite notable to watch. Vijay Varma as Karan was another surprise. His portrayal of a smart and hard as nail detective was quite interesting to see. 

Lastly, coming to the leading lady Kareena Kapoor Khan. A lot of focus was centered on her since it was her OTT platform debut and an on-screen appearance after quite some time. Kareena’s portrayal of Maya fit the bill of a woman trying to make ends meet and escape her past, all the while securing a steady lifestyle with her daughter.

Jaane Jaan Review – FAQs

Is Jaane Jaan worth watching? Is Jaane Jaan worth it?

Each character had their strengths which brought together an interesting play-off of wits and challenge. If there was ever a spinoff about Naren being a mastermind criminal, I would definitely watch it! After all, that character has so much potential which could offshoot to something good or bad. Depends on the stimulus!

Is Jaane Jaan a remake?

Jaane jaan is an adaption of the Japanese novel The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino

Where can I watch Jaane Jaan? Is Jaane Jaan available on Netflix? Is Jaane Jaan available on Amazon Prime Video?

Jaane Jaan is a 2023 crime thriller movie exclusively available only for Netflix subscribers.

Jaane Jaan movie rating

Each character had their strengths which brought together an interesting play-off of wits and challenge. If there was ever a spinoff about Naren being a mastermind criminal, I would definitely watch it! After all, that character has so much potential which could offshoot to something good or bad. Depends on the stimulus!

JAL gives “Jaane Jaan” a 6 out of 10 stars. What are your thoughts on “Jaane Jaan” movie?

JAL Score


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Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review: Benefits, Side-Effects, & FAQs

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review: Benefits, Side-Effects, & FAQs – In our busy world, taking care of our skin is a must. Everyone wants that healthy, radiant glow, no matter their age. And one skincare superstar that’s been making waves is Vitamin C. So, let’s dive into the Garnier Vitamin C Serum – we’ll break down what makes it tick, how it’s made, and why it’s a hit for all skin types. Join us as we spill the beans on how this serum can amp up your skin game.

Vitamin C Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, is celebrated for its multitude of benefits when it comes to skincare. Its ability to combat free radicals, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the appearance of dark spots has earned it a top spot in the skincare community. The pros of incorporating Vitamin C into your routine are clear: brighter skin, improved texture, and a more youthful appearance.

However, it’s important to consider potential cons as well. Some users may experience initial redness or irritation when introducing Vitamin C into their routine. This is often due to the acidic nature of Vitamin C and can be minimized by gradually introducing the product and pairing it with a good sunscreen. Hence, it is best to try all the products on a smaller patch before you start using it on a daily basis.

Garnier – The Brand

Garnier, a brand known for its commitment to accessible and effective beauty solutions, has earned its reputation over the years. Founded in 1904, Garnier’s dedication to innovation and affordability has made its products a staple in many households. The brand’s diverse range of skincare offerings speaks to its understanding of various skin concerns, making it a reliable choice for those seeking quality products without breaking the bank.

Exploring Garnier – The Brand

Is A Garnier Cruelty-Free brand?

Garnier’s commitment to being cruelty-free aligns with the increasing demand for ethical skincare. By refusing to test on animals, Garnier showcases its dedication to both quality and compassion.

Are Garnier products suitable for all skin types?

Garnier’s reputation for catering to diverse skin types has solidified its position as a go-to brand. From oily to sensitive, Garnier’s formulations are designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of needs.

Does Garnier sell vegan products?

The availability of vegan products within Garnier’s range is a testament to the brand’s inclusivity. It caters to individuals who prioritize vegan skincare choices without compromising on quality.

Is Garnier Chemical-Free?

Garnier’s transparency about its ingredient lists is noteworthy. While some products may contain chemicals for stability and effectiveness, the brand strives to provide consumers with clear information to make informed choices.

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Ingredients

Below are some of the key ingredients present in the Garnier Vitamin C serum.

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Ingredients - Just A Library
Garnier Vitamin C Serum Ingredients – Just A Library
  • Vitamin C: This powerhouse antioxidant aids in brightening the skin and fading hyperpigmentation, ultimately leading to a more luminous complexion.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Renowned for its ability to retain moisture, hyaluronic acid contributes to a plumper, smoother appearance by hydrating the skin from within.
  • Salicylic Acid: With its exfoliating properties, salicylic acid helps to refine skin texture, unclog pores, and prevent breakouts.

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review

I’ve been using the Garnier Vitamin C Serum for a quite a while now, and here’s what you need to know. I use it mostly in the day time. Every morning, I apply 6-7 drops on clean skin for a burst of hydration. Worth mentioning that this serum feels incredibly light-weight, almost like water. I’ve also been using it at night, and I can say that doesn’t leave a white residue. However, if you have oily or combination skin like me, it can make your skin feel a bit oily which will make you look dull. For dry skin folks you guys might want to follow up with a moisturizer.

Now, let’s talk results. Garnier Vitamin C Serum is easy to absorb, but it won’t give you instant brightening, not to me though. But, here’s the good news: After a week, things started changing. Dark Pigmentation decreased, light acne spots starts to go away, and darker ones lightened, but not completely. This serum also improves skin texture and overall complexion. It works for all skin types and tones too. But, just don’t expect miracles in a few days.

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review - Just A Library
Is Gariner Vitamin C Serum Good?- Just A Library

For those dealing with dark spots, this Garnier Vitamin C Serum works well. I have an oily and acne-prone skin and I can say dark spots and blemishes faded, leaving my skin tone looking brighter and healthier after three weeks of usage. So, if you have uneven skin tone or acne-prone skin, give it a try. This serum doesn’t just give a instant or brightening glow like they claim but it leaves your skin feeling soft. It even reduces pore size somewhat, though not drastically.

In terms of skin type, like I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s suitable for all. Even sensitive can go for this. With regular use, you’ll notice a healthy glow and improved texture. It’s a solid Vitamin C serum. In terms of old acne scars may take time, but they do fade. New pimples disappear within a week or two weeks, although the scars might remain visible.

Regarding packaging, it comes in a cardboard box and a glass bottle with a dropper. The dropper is handy for precise application and keeps the serum germ-free. However, a darker bottle would protect the serum from light better.

Check on Amazon

How to Use Garnier Vitamin C Serum?

  1. Kickstart your skincare routine by giving your face a gentle cleanse. Pat your skin dry to prep for the magic ahead.
  2. Grab a smidge of Garnier’s Vitamin C Booster Serum – about the size of a pea – and plop it onto your fingertips. No need to go too much with rubbing; just gently spread it between your palms to keep things even.
  3. Dab the serum all over your face and neck using light tapping moves. This helps your skin soak up all the good stuff for a radiant vibe.
  4. In the a.m., follow up with your favourite moisturizer, and at night, use a suitable night cream.
  5. For the best results, make this Vitamin C serum your daily sidekick.

Garnier Vitamin C Serum FAQs

Is Garnier Vitamin C Serum suitable for sensitive skin?

While generally well-suited for various skin types, a patch test is advised for individuals with sensitive skin to ensure compatibility.

Can I use Garnier Vitamin C Serum with other skincare products?

Yes, the serum can be seamlessly integrated into your existing skincare routine. However, it’s advisable to introduce new products gradually to prevent any adverse reactions.

How often should I use Garnier Vitamin C Serum?

For those new to the serum, starting with every other day use is recommended to allow the skin to adjust. Gradually increasing usage frequency can be considered as your skin becomes accustomed.

Pros and Cons of Garnier Vitamin C Serum and Our Verdict

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review

Garnier’s Vitamin C Serum is a versatile addition to your skincare routine. While it may not perform miracles in a few days, it delivers noticeable results in a few weeks. Whether you’re dealing with blemishes, dark spots, or simply want a radiant complexion, this serum is worth a shot!

JAL Score


  • Lightweight and easy to apply.
  • Gradual skin tone improvement.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Softens texture and provides a healthy glow.
  • Reduces dark marks and blemishes.
  • Hydrates effectively.


  • Initial breakouts for some users.
  • Lack of transparency on Vitamin C percentage.
  • Not an instant brightening solution.
  • Oily or sticky feeling for some skin types.
  • Dry skin may require additional moisturizer.
  • Older acne scars may take time to fade completely.
Check on Amazon

Have you guys used the Vitamin C serum from Garnier? If yes, what are your thoughts? Do let me know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to stay informed about the latest trends, reviews, and much more.


Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Review: Benefits, Uses and FAQs

Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Review: Ashba is becoming a popular and trusted brand that caters to the needs of the textured hair community. No longer do you have to hate your curls for being frizzy, unmanageable, and wild. The days you dream about silky straight hair are over with our edition of the Ashba Botanics Leave-In Conditioner Review!

Ashba Botanics: The Brand

Ashba Botanics is India’s first-ever curly hair care brand. It is a reputed brand for its quality products and was founded by Asha Barrack who began the first-ever curly hair care blog called Right Ringlets in 2014. The brand is known for its vegan, cruelty-free, and quality products.

Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Review: Packaging

It comes in a slender bottle containing 237ml of product with a nozzle opening which you can easily press to open the bottle which is very practical in the shower. No fumbling there. It comes with a minimalist, clean, pastel-green design.

Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Review Benefits
Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Review Benefits

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How to Use Ashba Leave In Conditioner?

Cleanse your hair thoroughly and make sure you do not have any leftover buildup since it will end up weighing down your hair and make it frizzy and oily. On dripping wet hair, apply the leave-in conditioner section-wise to evenly distribute the product. Use a styling comb if necessary. Follow up with a gel, custard, or curling cream, and to balance protein and moisture, try and use a moisturizing product. Scrunch to form curls, make sure to be gentle to avoid frizz. Air dry your hair or diffuse on low heat and you’re done!

Ashba Botanics Leave-In Conditioner: My Experience

Just to give an idea, I have 2C-3A, medium porosity hair that loves more moisture than protein. I bought the product after reading the claim that the product is moisturizing for all hair types and after reading customer reviews claiming that it has great slip, and is easy to work with. This product has protein in it and even though the brand claims that it provides moisture, for my hair it doesn’t really work well.

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The application process of the conditioner is also difficult since unlike popular belief, I find that it does not have adequate slip to evenly distribute the product. Combing through the product to evenly distribute is also difficult and frustrating. At times, if your hair is on the thinner side, it does make the hair feel oily if you apply too much. Since the slip isn’t great, I often find myself applying a little too much of the conditioner in order to do away with the wet frizz thus, leading to oiliness.

Even though my hair isn’t on the thinner side, it does make my hair look and feel oily and weighed down due to over-application. If I don’t apply enough, then my hair remains frizzy and tangly. I seem to find no in-between so it’s a no-go from my side. However, if you have high-porosity hair that thrives on protein, Ashba Botanics Leave-In Conditioner might work well for you since a lot many protein-loving, high-porosity customers swear by it.

This Leave-In Conditioner is priced at Rs 1099/- and you can buy it from Ashba’s website.

Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner

Ashba Botanics Leave-In Conditioner gets a solid 7.5 out of 10 JAL score

JAL Score


  • protein intensive
  • practical design
  • affordable
  • CG Friendly
  • No SLS, SLES, Parabens and Phthalates
  • safe for colour-treated hair


  • medium slip
  • difficult to apply
  • makes hair oily if applied too much and frizzy if applied little


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ashba Botanics products vegan?

Yes! Ashba Botanics’ products are all vegan.

Can Ashba Leave in conditioner be used on colored hair?

Since the product has protein in it, it is good and safe for color-treated hair.

Is Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Curly-Girl Approved?

Absolutely! Ashba Botanics Leave-In Conditioner is CG-approved. The three alcohols mentioned brassica alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol will not dry your hair.

Does Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner moisturize hair?

This leave-in hair conditioner claims to be moisturizing and to some extent it is but it does not work for my hair.

What is the slip for Ashba Conditioner?

The Ashba leave-in hair conditioner has a medium slip. It becomes a little difficult to evenly distribute the product and often leads to me applying too much of it leading to the oiliness.

Does Ashba Leave In Conditioner contain harsh chemicals?

No, Ashba Leave-In Conditioner is free of SLS, SLES, Parabens, and Phthalates

Is Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner Paraben-free?

Yes, the product is free of parabens, SLS, SLES, and Phthalates

Is Ashba Leave In Conditioner worth the hype?

Yes, Ashba Conditioner is a protein-intensive, affordable, chemical-free leave-in conditioner that is CurlyGirl-approved and is worth the hype.

How to Use Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner?

Cleanse your hair thoroughly and make sure you do not have any leftover buildup since it will end up weighing down your hair and make it frizzy and oily. On dripping wet hair, apply the leave-in conditioner section-wise to evenly distribute the product. Use a styling comb if necessary. Follow up with a gel, custard, or curling cream, and to balance protein and moisture, try and use a moisturizing product. Scrunch to form curls, make sure to be gentle to avoid frizz. Air dry your hair or diffuse on low heat and you’re done!

Is Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner going to weigh my hair down?

Not really, the product gives correct balance of moisture, protection, and conditioning

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Once Upon A Crime 2023 Review: Is Cinderella Really Innocent?

Once Upon a Crime 2023 Review: We all have grown up reading or watching fairy tales which tell us that there is always a bifurcation between the good and the evil, the black and the white. But what about the gray? There is never a stark difference between two things, there always is a gray area that one has to look into. Growing up, we all were told that Cinderella was the innocent victim of her stepfamily’s cruelty. But what if there was another side to the story? What if Cinderella is not as innocent as she seems?

The latest Japanese investigative comedy movie – Once Upon A Crime 2023 shows another side to the tales we grew up listening to. The movie is adapted from the web novel ‘Akazukin, Tabi no Tochu de Shitai to Deau‘ by Aoyagi Aito. Kamata Tetsuo, who is popularly known for ‘Higashino Keigo Mysteries‘ wrote the screenplay. Fukuda Yuichi, whose notable works include the drama ‘Gintama 2′, and the movie ‘Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku‘, among others. ‘Once Upon a Crime’ was released on Netflix on September 14, 2023.

Once Upon A Crime 2023 Trailer

Once Upon A Crime 2023 Summary

The movie introduces the audience to Little Red Riding Hood (played by Hashimoto Kanna). We come to know how and why she is being called Little Red Riding Hood. Her doll-like features might fool an onlooker but she is quite the smart woman. She crosses paths with a witch named Barbara with wonky magic skills. The two meet Cinderella (played by Araki Yuko) who is looking very downtrodden. She expresses her desire to visit the Prince’s (played by Iwata Takanori) ball at the royal castle, but they only allow beautiful-looking people inside. The whole region is rife with their obsession for beauty. 

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As Cinderella’s known tale goes, she gets her wish granted. Little Red Riding Hood accompanies her to the ball as well. In this ball, the Prince would be choosing his bride. Every girl in the kingdom wishes to be the Princess, but only one would get chosen. But on their way, they find the dead body of Mr Hans, the royal hairdresser. They manage to reach the ball on time, but soon enough the news of Mr Hans’ death reaches the palace. A series of back and forth and the investigation soon begins. Upon suspicion, even the Prince is put behind bars. 

Little Red Riding Hood unravels the mystery behind Mr Hans’ death. She uses her wit, intellect, and acute observation skills and soon finds the true killer who killed Mr Hans. 

Once Upon A Crime 2023 Review: Is Cinderella Really Innocent? - Just A Library
Iwata Takanori as the Prince in ‘Once Upon a Crime’ on Netflix.

Once Upon a Crime 2023 Review

Stories like ‘Once Upon a Crime’ are quite interesting in their own right. These stories not only challenge the age-old norms and misconceived notions the society has been following but also present a whodunit that keeps the audience hooked. With a run time of one hour and forty-six minutes, the pacing feels quite slow and stretched out. There is a lack of any soundtrack, which adds to the mundane tone. 

At certain points, the story does seem predictable and the comic reliefs in between feel forced. For those who are used to fast-paced thrillers, or engaging plotlines, ‘Once Upon a Crime‘ might dazzle less in comparison. But at its heart, the movie makes a great attempt at challenging the norm that only those with blemish-free bodies and beautiful faces and figures should be regarded as members of society. 

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The maker’s take on Little Red Riding Hood is quite interesting to watch. In every fairy tale, women have been deemed as frail, weak, and damsels in distress. In Once Upon a Crime 2023, you see a woman challenging the norms, doing the job that would have been given to a man in most cases, and also managing to break out of the stereotypes set upon women in fairy tales. 

Yuko Araki as Cinderella in 'Once Upon a Crime' on Netflix
Yuko Araki as Cinderella in ‘Once Upon a Crime’ on Netflix

Will there be a sequel for ‘Once Upon a Crime‘?

‘Once Upon a Crime’ concluded with Little Red Hood having solved the mystery behind Mr Hans’ death. After reuniting the Prince with his lover, Little Red Riding Hood takes their leave and goes back to her chores. Upon the narrator’s final words, one can assume there could be a sequel in the words, despite no official word from the makers. But if a sequel is truly in the works, it will be a delight to see more fairy tales come to life in such a format. 

Once Upon A Crime 2023

JAL gives ‘Once Upon a Crime’ 2023 7.5 out of 10 for its solid narration, out-of-the-box thinking, and enjoyable experience.

JAL Score


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Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review – Benefits, Side Effects and FAQs

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review – Who doesn’t dream of soft silky smooth skin that glows and has no flaws? Most beauty products promise this same thing over and over but rarely deliver. Not that those products aren’t effective in the long run, but from a budget and eco-friendly perspective, most of these high-end products are out of reach of typical middle-class lazy daughters like me. If you are in search of a convenient, affordable, light moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and peachy, Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser would be your best friend. This peach and milk formulation has been my personal favorite for 4 years now. In this article, I’ll share the Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer’s review based on my personal experience, its benefits, and my product rating.

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser – Overview

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review - Just A Library
Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review – Just A Library

The Lakme Peach Milk range is a lightweight moisturizer range with peach and milk extracts that is nongreasy and hydrating. This peach and milk extract moisturiser when applied keeps your skin supple and glowing. The product contains active vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which are known to provide even skin tone and protect skin cells. The best part of this product is the 12-hour moisture lock when applied. Meaning you can work 9-to-5 with glowing skin.

Furthermore, the product’s meticulous magic formulation doubles as a great makeup base. The Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is the ultimate hydrating make-up base, especially for your natural, and no-makeup makeup look. It does not cause any irritations or greasy residue, making it even more enjoyable to use.


  • 1. Every product might not work the same way for every individual.
  • 2. Every product needs its own time to show the results especially when it comes to natural products. Nothing happens overnight.
    • 3. Don’t buy many products from a brand before knowing how it works on your skin. Buy a single product and use it for a few weeks to see the result before you decide anything.
  • 4. This is not a Lakme-sponsored or endorsed article. This review is based on my personal experience only.

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer ReviewTexture, Smell, Feel

The Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer has a soft crème texture, which is extremely lightweight almost like whipped cream, not only straight out of the bottle but also on your skin. Once applied, its easy absorption formula locks the moisture for 12 hours and smells fresh. Surprisingly, the Lakme peach milk moisturizer has a subtle, pleasant peachy fragrance that goes well with its lightweightness. You can feel the same creme texture on your skin once applied.

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Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review – Ingredients


Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer ReviewBenefits


Unlike the normal drugstore moisturizers, Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is a light milky creme that doesn’t clog your pores. When applied, your skin feels smooth and free, making this a great makeup base.

Hydration for all skin types

The Lakme Peach Milk works on all types of skins. Especially if you have oily skin like mine. This moisturizer doesn’t make your face oily like the ulundhu vadas or donuts, but rather gives a dewy cute hydrated look.

Even skin tone

One of the benefits of continued use of Lakme Peach Milk is that it creates an even skin tone while nourishing your skin. It’s like a ‘one-stop for all’ kind of product.


This moisturizer also provides sunscreen protection with SPF24. While this might not be as impressive as other products, from a daily use perspective, something is better than nothing.

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review – How To Use

Take a dollop of moisturizer in your palm and apply it evenly on your face using your ring finger. Then, gently rub the creme on your face with middle and index fingers and leave it for 2 minutes.

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Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review – Personal Experience

Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is one of the products that I started using as a teenager. In terms of price, this product is a definite winner. It’s your one-way ticket to smooth glowing skin on a budget. Another impressive factor is its lightweightness, which lets your skin breathe even with the product on.

Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is my personal favorite makeup base. Since this product is meant for daily use, the natural or no-makeup makeup look, which most of us do daily, can be achieved with less effort.

I have oily skin. Every morning when I wake up, my face would look like an oily donut and my sensitive skin would blister for any product I use regularly. However, Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is one of the few products with which I haven’t faced this issue. So, for sensitive skin, this product may be a good choice.

There aren’t many exciting and overly complicated things with this product. The commercial doesn’t claim many benefits with this product either. But whatever the company claims as benefits, this product delivers evidently. So, overall, this moisturizer is a good choice for starters on a budget, and I would recommend it for daily use.

Our Verdict – JAL Rating

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer

This product is an easy 8 out of 10 for its lightweightness and milk-peachy goodness

JAL Score

Is Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer worth it?

Yes, Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is a great product with peach and milk extracts that is nongreasy and hydrating and is totally worth the price.

Does Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer contain SPF?

The Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer provides sunscreen protection with SPF24.

What are the benefits of using Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer?

The main benefit of Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer is its lightweight, non-greasy, and creamy characteristics which nourish skin and act as a great make-up base.

How long does the Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer last?

Once applied, its easy absorption formula locks the moisture for 12 hours and smells fresh.

What does Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer smell like?

Lakme peach milk moisturizer has a subtle, pleasant peachy fragrance that goes well with its lightweightness


Moving Kdrama Review: Superheroes enter the K-universe!


Moving Kdrama Review – If you were able to have one superpower, what would it be? As for me, I always wanted to be able to read minds. You know, there’s so much power in data and knowledge. It would be fun to come across people’s bank account information, isn’t it? That’s a joke…almost.

Let’s move on, shall we? In today’s edition of our reviews, we have for you – Moving Kdrama Review!

Moving Kdrama Review – Trailer

Moving Kdrama Review

Moving Kdrama Review – Plot

Moving is a tale about superhumans in modern-day South Korea and that of their inheritance. Their lives take a difficult turn when mysterious murders begin in the city. Why are the parents so paranoid? Why are they trying to hide their children? What’s the role of the state in all this? Who are the people trying to kill them and why? How will their stories end and what is their history? Find out more in Moving on Disney+!

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Moving Kdrama Review

Moving Kdrama (2023) is based on the webtoon by Kang Full, set in a world where superhumans or well, superheroes do exist! The Moving Kdrama release date was 9th August 2023 and has 20 episodes in total. It has become the most-watched Korean TV series on the Disney+ platform globally and on Hulu in the United States. So, there’s no doubt that there’s something they are doing right!

For the past few years, Korean dramas have extensively diversified their genres and viewership, moving beyond the tag of romantic comedies to producing some of the best thrillers, zombie or otherwise! Moreover, they have ventured into genres like dystopia, science-fiction, and now, superheroes! Needless to mention as an avid kdrama fan, I am definitely excited!

Moving as a show is completely unique in the kdrama universe. Even though such genres have been used exhaustively in the West and in other countries, due to cultural and conceptual differences, every genre in a different culture is a new genre altogether and so, Moving is one such instance of the superhero genre in the Korean drama landscape!

For starters, the show is extremely engaging with the pacing, storyline, action sequences, themes, and the performance of the cast and character relations. The pacing of the show is great. The tempo is neither too slow nor too fast, especially for a superhuman-themed action TV show, which more often than not, tends to lean towards mindless action more than character depth and storyline. Moving is a great concoction of fantasy, mystery, thriller, action, and of course, a romcom, the characteristic feature of Kdramas. No matter how serious the genre in Kdramas, chances are it will probably include some rom-com as well because, hey! a potential psychopath can have a love life! (cue: Flowers of Evil).

One of the charms of the show is the insanely good action sequences if you are among the crazy viewers like me who can store at least 3 days worth of energy on the dopamine released from sounds of punches, cracking bones, and sadistic attempts to kill a superhuman with regenerative powers. Moreover, it features the themes of bullying but now from the perspective of the silent observer and ethical questions that accompany the cost of a lost childhood when children are sold into becoming weapons of the state or in a simpler sense, sold into labor.

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Lastly, the cast includes some highly acclaimed actors both young and veterans ranging from Han Hyo-Joo, and Ryu Seung-ryong to popular budding faces like Lee Jeong-ha, Go Youn-jung, Kim Do-hoon, and many more. And needless to mention, the quality of realistic character portrayal in the show is noteworthy. Take for example Han Hyo-Joo who transforms from her sassy, bold, no-nonsense Yoon Sae-bom in Happiness to a mother of a senior in high school and it’s almost difficult to ascertain that these two characters are played by the same person!

In a nutshell, Moving is, hands down, one of the most engaging and unique Kdramas released in 2023 and it would be a shame not to give it a chance with its interesting story, pacing, interesting characters, and the numerous mysteries unveiling themselves like the skins of an onion.

Our Verdict – JAL Rating

JAL score

We give Moving a bang on 4.5 out of 5.

JAL Score


  • story
  • mystery
  • uniqueness
  • action scenes
  • pacing
  • acting


  • CGI is not that great in certain scenes


Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – Benefits, Uses and FAQs

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – Many people who have had textured hair while growing up are well acquainted with how difficult it is to manage and how closely it is associated with one’s self-image. More often than not, textured hair is considered frizzy, wild, untamable, and definitely not as pretty as straight hair. You can find classic examples where naturally curly-haired characters in comics, TV shows, films, and such, are represented as outgoing (not in a very agreeable way), androgynous (with implied negative connotations), “wild”, unsophisticated, etc.

Whether it is Mia’s glorious transformation from curly-haired nobody to straight hair, a “beautiful” princess in The Princess Diaries or Disney’s Merida whose “wild” curls need to be tamed for her to find a suitable match. So, in this article and our future articles, I will try and cater to your needs if you sport a textured crown as it needs a little more love, care, and products to shatter this universal negative misconception that is associated with textured hair! The first product that I bring you is the Ashba Botanics Curling Custard!

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – The Brand

Ashba Botanics is India’s first-ever curly hair care brand. It is a reputed brand for its quality products and was founded by Asha Barrack who began the first-ever curly hair care blog called Right Ringlets in 2014.

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – The Product: Flaxseed Curling Custard

Flaxseed Curling Custard is a vegan curl-styling product that contains Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Argan oil, Avacado oil, and Jojoba Esters for hold, shine, nourishment, moisture, and protection. The chia seeds provide the hold and hydration whereas argan oil increases shine and elasticity. The major highlight of this product is that it can be used by both men and women during all seasons.

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – My Experience

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review - Before and After - Just A Library
Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – Before and After – Just A Library

Let me begin by giving you a brief understanding of my hair type. I have a 2C-3A hair type with medium to low porosity. I usually opt for high moisture and no protein hair products preferably without humectants (substances that can cause your hair to be frizzy in humid weather). For a very long time, I had difficulty in finding a hard-hold gel that would not only provide moisture but also keep my hair styled for longer periods of time thereby increasing my wash day time. I cannot stress how much of an amazing ‘one and done’ product Ashba Botanics’ Curling Custard is!

About the custard, it has a jelly-like consistency and it is a light product (meaning it doesn’t weigh down my hair). The best part is that it is fragrance-free and you can comfortably use it if you have a sensitive olfactory system like me. It is a hard hold product which means that it forms a “cast” when I apply it. You need to opt for a medium to hard hold gel/custard for styling because ideally, you don’t want your curls to flatten out in a day. Moreover, after completely drying and scrunching out the cast, the product helps my hair be styled for 3-4 days straight until the next wash day.

Further, the product is moisturizing and doesn’t contain protein so if you are protein-sensitive, you can comfortably opt for this product. I have even used the custard as a one-and-done product without a leave-in conditioner and even then, it gives a pretty decent performance. But if your hair is on the drier side, like mine, I recommend using a leave-in before you apply the custard since it will make your hair look more hydrated, shiny, and bouncy.

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Keep in mind to not use a lot of product, just a dime-sized amount, because when I did it, accidentally, my hair felt a little oily and sticky to the touch but it did not look any less fabulous, just a little less bouncy.

About the price, Ashba Botanics Curling Custard is priced at Rs 1149 which might seem a lot but since you only need a small amount every 3-4 days, it lasts a very long time! Just for the sake of reference, I bought the custard when it was released in August 2022 and it is still just halfway through! So, it is definitely cost-effective. Overall, I personally swear by Ashba’s Curling Custard and recommend it! You can buy the product at the Ashba Botanics website.

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard Review – FAQs

Is the Ashba Botanics Curling Custard lightweight and non-fragrant?

Yes, the product is lightweight, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, Vegan, and also SLS, SLES, Phthalates, and Parabens free.

Can I use Ashba Botanics Curling Custard for wavy hair?

Yes! It works on all curl types.

How do I use Ashba Botanics Curling Custard?

You can use a dime-sized amount on wet hair after using a leave-in conditioner. Or you can skip the leave-in and directly use it on your hair if your hair gets weighed down easily.

What type of cast does Ashba Botanics Curling Custard create?

It creates a hard cast which helps to style hair for a longer time. The duration depends on your hair type, weather conditions, and wash day schedule.

Are Ashba Botanics products good for all hair types?

Yes, Ashba Botanics products are good and work well on all hair types, especially curly hair.

Is Ashba Botanics Curling Custard vegan?

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard is vegan, and cruelty-free product.

Can men use Ashba Botanics Curling Custard?

The major highlight of this product is that it can be used by both men and women during all seasons.

What are the benefits of Ashba Botanics products?

Ashba Botanics products is made of natural ingredients that promote hair health and shine while taming frizz. The other highlight is that Ashba Botanics curling custard can be used as a leave-in product.

How long does Ashba Botanics Curling Custard hold hair?

The product holds hair and can be styled for 3-4 days straight until the next wash day.

Ashba Botanics Curling Custard

The product is 8.5 on 10 for its quality, quantity, and effectiveness

JAL Score

Have you tried the product? Let us know in the comments!


King The Land Review: Ship it or Skip it?

King The Land Review – There has been a dearth of good, lighthearted Kdramas until Jun-ho and Yoon-a take the viewers worldwide by storm with their cute and charming on-screen chemistry. Kdramas, since the Korean wave, have had an image of lighthearted, fuzzy romantic comedies which King The Land satisfactorily represents. And so, in this article, we bring you King The Land Review. Put on your seatbelts because this will be a ride!

King The Land Review – Trailer

King The Land Review – Trailer

King The Land Review – Plot

King The Land revolves around our sincere and kind leading lady, Cheon Sa-rang who becomes a hotelier at her dream hotel. With her customer-friendly, warm personality, she soon climbs the ladder to become the best employee of King Hotel. At the same time, we meet Goo-won, the son of the chairman who despises anybody who smiles due to a past trauma. He is also quite disinterested in his family and has virtually zero plans of inheriting the family business, much to the suspicions of his rival and sister, Gu Hwa Ran. When bubbly Sa-rang and testy Goo-won meet, there is sure to be a cute romantic comedy! Watch King The Land on Netflix!

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King The Land Review

King the Land is a classic Korean romantic comedy and follows the boss-employee romance trope. The story is incredibly predictable – Gu-won and Sa-rang dislike each other since their initial meeting until…they don’t. They go through a crisis together, resulting in their happy union. The classic romantic comedy structure. What’s charming about King the Land is Go-won and Sa-rang’s chemistry where Jun-ho and Yoon-a become their characters, quite literally. No wonder both of them got entangled in a dating rumor during the run-time of the show with fans from around the world posting about their previous works and their speculations, of course, running wild and free!

Yoon-a’s soft features and elegant mannerisms make her the perfect Sa-rang whose name literally radiates ‘love’. On the other hand, Jun-ho’s portrayal of Gu-won, a cold, wealthy heir cannot be any better. Go-won has probably the most character development in the show. From being indifferent to the hotel staff and lacking empathy, after meeting Sa-rang, he becomes sympathetic towards his employees, often acknowledging their contribution to the success of the hotel which also brings him head to head with his arch-enemy in the show and also his sister, Hwa-Ran.

However, if you have been following Jun-ho’s dramas for a while – Wok of Love, Red Sleeve to name a few – there are almost no distinctions among his characters’ temperament except for probably their status and their profession. In most cases, his characters have been ridiculously similar. This is one of the reasons why King The Land might fall flat for viewers who have watched him in the same character trope for a few years now.

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Moreover, although King the Land portrays the refreshing backdrop of a Hotel, it remains just that – a change of environment. It is cute, charming, and lighthearted initially, but by the middle of the series, it becomes pretty repetitive, with little originality in the plot structure and sequences of events than any other rom-com kdrama. With many ingenious and original Kdramas coming out in 2023, King the Land, because of being quite common in its story and characters, cannot but fade away in the background.

Thus, King the Land is that kdrama whose enjoyability depends entirely on viewer perception and preferences. Suppose you are someone who thoroughly enjoys romantic comedies, especially the ones that are quite predictable since they give you a sense of comfort and an assurance of a happy ending. In that case, you should definitely give King the Land a try. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys original stories with the kick of “something different”, this show is probably not for you. The choice is entirely yours!

Let us know in the comments if you liked watching King the Land!

Our Verdict – JAL Rating

King The Land

We give King the Land a solid 3 out of 5.

JAL Score


  • light-hearted
  • cute couple
  • cute second-lead couple
  • good friendships
  • light humor and feel-good situations


  • predictable plot
  • highly re-used character tropes
  • just another rom-com
  • gets boring somewhere in the middle of the show and is a pain to get through

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Mask Girl Netflix Review: How Too Many Chefs Spoilt The Broth

Mask Girl Netflix Review: Imagine you finally got a day off from work and you decided to have your well-deserved “me-day”. You begin to prepare to watch that really popular show on Netflix that you have been waiting for a very long time. You grab a big, bloated bag of potato chips with one of your favorite drinks. What a beautiful day! You plop on your bed, and open the chips packet, all excited and giddy, only to discover a handful of chips! What a disappointment. Feels like a scam, right? Well, Netflix’s new Korean drama, Mask Girl, is that bag of potato chips. All air, barely any substance.

Mask Girl Netflix Review: Trailer

Mask Girl Netflix Review: Trailer

Mask Girl Netflix Review: Plot

Mask Girl is a black comedy thriller. Our leading lady Kim Mo-mi is an ordinary office worker who did not quite expect her life to be how it turned out. Relatable, right? Well, since she was a child, she wanted to be an idol, to dance and sing on a big stage, immerse herself in the hum of cheers. Life couldn’t be better. All glitter, no tears.

Turns out, Mo-mi had been bullied all her life for her appearance. In reality, she finds herself as just another employee in a drab 9-5 job, pining for the affection of her married boss, all the while getting called a “pig” on a regular basis. But at the same time, she’s a night-time internet celebrity, the “mask” girl, who gets entangled in a series of ill-fated events. To find out more, watch Mask Girl only on Netflix!

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Mask Girl Netflix Review

Netflix’s new Kdrama Mask Girl was reigning number one just after the day it was released. Naturally, I expected it to be absolutely fabulous just like the Netflix hit kdrama, Celebrity. I couldn’t have been more wrong. On the surface, it seems like a feminist revenge thriller similar to popular hits like the American sensation Gone Girl, and Kdramas like Anna, Little Women, and Celebrity but it fails to deliver the quality of storytelling, characterization, and thematic weight.

Mask Girl begins well and strong. The introduction sequence is very similar to that of Little Women with its symbolic illustration and dark instrumental music that immediately hints at the advent of a good thriller. Mo-mi takes center stage with her backstory, highlighting the sheer mental trauma she faces due to her unconventional appearance. Despite being bullied, she carves out a space for herself through her internet channel, putting on a “mask” to escape the prying, judging gaze of society while simultaneously soaking the necessary validation that she pines for – to have people cheer for her, appreciate her and love her.

However, Mask Girl’s shining glass menagerie, in reality, is soon realized as mere pieces of colorful glass awkwardly put together to pass off as a high-end piece of jewelry. By the end of episode two, the show speed races into a catastrophic mess. Sure, the show ridicules the plastic-surgery trope that has been popular in melodramatic daily soaps but the issue arises that while doing so, it loses its vision, and originality and becomes one of those predictable, melodramatic cliched shows that are plagued by surprise pregnancies amidst crisis, lucky near-death escapades, nasty old women plotting for years to take their revenge, unrealistic and illogical character motives and so on.

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Mask Girl seems like four different Kdramas in one, in which the dark, uncomfortable sequences that made it popular, are limited to the first two episodes post which take on the form of a ridiculous generational melodramatic daily soap. The creepiness of Mask Girl, of her assaulter and accomplice-in-arms, Ju Oh-Nam which was the original charm of the show is nowhere to be seen again.

Sure, the kdrama does portray the hardships, isolation, and mental trauma of the victims of bullying especially on the basis of beauty and the effects of the stigma that is carried on. However, all such themes have been portrayed in Kdrama hits like Sky Castle. Themes and little references aren’t enough for a successful TV show and through Mask Girl, we now have realized the importance of a good screenplay and how too many chefs spoil the broth!

Mask Girl Netflix Review: Our Rating

Is Netflix’s Mask Girl worth it?

JAL gives Mask Girl a 2.5 out of 5.

Our Score


  • Good beginning
  • Creepy and bold till episode two
  • Themes of bullying and social stigma


  • screenplay
  • storytelling
  • character depth
  • becomes a melodrama from a thriller after episode two

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4 Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 To Heal Your Soul

4 Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 To Heal Your Soul – Kim Ji-Won’s character Mi-Jeong from My Liberation Notes, observes the panning city landscape coming into view through the subway window as she commutes to work. A building hosts the words, “Something good will happen to you today”, and while she watches it keenly, her day goes by just as it does any other day, same and sluggish. This scene is slow compared to others, contrasting the small seconds of silver linings we leave behind for a hustle to get to work or to move on in the rat race to get ahead. The depicted monotony isn’t lost as one contemplates the meaning of life while watching the scene play.

Some K-dramas are written about their audience, catering to the souls who have lost their way, whether to work, relationships, or life. They allow us to heal, and mend ourselves as we learn to navigate through life. Here are the 4 best Korean dramas to watch in 2023 that help you heal with their realistic plots and relatable characters.

My Liberation Notes – The Best KDrama To Watch in 2023

Official Netflix My Liberation Notes Trailer

My Liberation Notes, one of the best Kdramas 2023 in Netflix, portrays the mundane lives of three siblings and a stranger, living on the outskirts with their parents, commuting long hours into the city for work. The drama is about an everyday South Korean family living through their daily lives. They sit through silence and let it speak louder than their words, making every dialogue more profound.

The siblings had expectations for what they considered a better life, but it got reduced to wishful thinking as life progressed. All have their insecurities, which they struggle with but can’t seem to overcome. My liberation notes kdrama teaches a lot about acceptance and happiness, the need to be respected and worshipped.

Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 - My Liberation Notes
My Liberation Notes – The Best Korean Drama 2023

The characters’ vulnerabilities make them relatable and it’s what brings us to watch them. Our protagonists, all past their twenties, still search for their purpose in life. They find freedom and contentment by liberating themselves from the vulnerabilities they face. Where the eldest, Ki-Jeong finds love at forty without being deterred by societal expectations, the middle child, Chang-Hee, learns to be happy with his humble life. The stranger, Mr. Gu and Mi-Jeong find acceptance and purpose in themselves. The drama depicts these moments in a way so subtle and poignant that we cannot help but wonder if it’s our lives on the screen.

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Summer Strike – Giving Life A Second Chance

Summer Strike Kdrama Trailer

Yeo-Reum, played by Seol-Hyun, has finally realized that her life means much more than accepting abuses hurled by her boss every day when she works relentlessly for the company without any complaints. Quitting her job, the very next day, she packs her bag and leaves for a small seaside village, Angok. That’s how we learn what Summer Strike Kdrama, is about – Giving a second chance to life and giving ourselves, some more space to breathe.

Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 To Heal Your Soul - Summer Strike
Best Kdrama To Watch 2023 To Heal Your Soul – Summer Strike

The drama focuses on personal growth, self-discovery, and healing through friendships, love, and acceptance. As we make our way around the village and learn more about the village folk with Yeo-Reum, we come across Dae-Beom, a shy librarian who helps her adjust to the new surroundings, but has his demons to fight.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows in Angok for Yeo-Reum either. Although friendly, the villagers are not all welcoming, and a mysterious secret looms around. However, friendship, love, and trust go a long way for everyone to start anew without any burden from their pasts.

Our Blues – Learning To Accept Life

Official Netflix Our Blues Trailer

Set on the gorgeous seaside backdrop of Jeju Island, Our Blues is a treat to the eyes as it is to the soul. It is an anthological series starring Shin Min-ah that delves into stories of people from various walks of life. From teen pregnancy to estranged relations, it deals with a kaleidoscope of complicated and sensitive emotions with care and depth. Our Blues Kdrama tells how life can be ridden with heavy and hard moments yet always find a silver lining.

What brings it closer to its audience is the relatability of the characters’ situations and their pains and happiness. In a tight-knit community, the characters know each other since they remember their first memories. All these individuals have faced wounds in their past which are hard to escape.

Best KDramas 2023 to Heal Your Soul - Our Blues
Best KDramas 2023 to Heal Your Soul – Our Blues

Rather than following a set storyline, the drama ties up these individuals in their pain as they face their wounds (some ready and some reluctant), which they had kept away for years, letting them fester. They learn to recognize, heal, and live with their scars, accepting this version of themselves more confidently.

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Lost – A Psychological Melancholia

Best KDramas 2023 to Heal Your Soul - Lost
Jeon Do Yeon Catches Ryu Jun Yeol’s Eye On The Bus in Lost

Boo-Jung, Jang Do-Yeon’s character in Lost, tells her father, who is in his decline, “Dad, I didn’t become anything.” She is forty, pushing herself to the limit of mental and physical exhaustion while being unemployed. Similarly, Gang-Jae, played by Ryu Jun-Yeol, is twenty-seven and seems to be thriving in the service industry, however, he feels passionless, amounting himself to a person who would never be able to achieve anything.

Lost Kdrama sums up the story within the four letters of its name. These two unlikely strangers find solace in each other, bonding over their parallel situations where they have given up any expectations they’ve had from life and a sadistic habit of enjoying watching people in complicated situations. The characters are flawed, and that’s what makes them real.

The drama is heavy, dealing with melancholia. The depiction of the psychological issues draws the audience to the story because we might be affected without even realizing it. There are moments so thought-provoking that they present a new dimension into understanding the human psyche for us to accept our past, present, and future. Click here to watch the trailer of Lost Kdrama!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who plays Yeo-Reum in the Summer Strike drama?


2. Where was Our Blues Kdrama shot?

Set on the gorgeous seaside backdrop of Jeju Island, Our Blues is a treat to the eyes as it is to the soul

3. Who plays Gang-Jae in Lost Kdrama?


4. Is My Liberation Notes Kdrama worth watching?

My Liberation Notes, one of the best Kdramas 2023 on Netflix, is about an everyday South Korean family living through their daily lives.

5. Who is the lead cast in Lost Kdrama?

Jang Do-Yeon

6. Is the Summer Strike kdrama worth the hype?

The Korean drama Summer Strike will help you through personal growth, self-discovery, and healing through friendships, love, and acceptance, and totally worth watching.

And there you have it. The 4 best K-Dramas to heal your soul. Let me know if any of these have helped you survive your day at school or work, or maybe even your family.

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La Shield Sunscreen Review – Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen Gel: Benefits, Price & FAQs

La Shield Sunscreen Review: Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen Gel – I have tried many sunscreens in the market over the last year which are affordable and effective at the same time however each and every product had some or the other issue. When it was effective and anti-tanning, it would be greasy and uncomfortable on the skin, or when it would be moisturizing and light, it would not protect from tanning even when the brand would claim that it does.

Or worse yet, the effective sunscreens which would have all these qualities would either be extremely expensive – over INR 1000 or if not, they would leave a white cast which would make me look like a Kabuki theatre artist in an extremely humidity prone region. Until I found this perfect sunscreen which I am going to tell you about in this La Shield Lite Sunscreen Review – SPF 50 sunscreen gel!

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About La Shield

La Shield is owned by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a well-known pharmaceutical company with a strong footmark in the global market. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is known for its commitment to quality and innovation which is very well reflects in the La Shield products which are not only provide effective sun protection but also address the diverse needs of consumers.

La Shield Lite is one such awesome variant from them which is known to be the best sunscreen in India. La Shield sunscreens are also known to be highly effective and on a little higher price range than others. Nonetheless, I liked their packaging and product and I can vouch for this particular sunscreen. Here are some general FAQs about La Shield to give you some idea about the brand.

Is La Shield a good brand?

Absolutely, La Shield is widely regarded as a reputable and reliable brand in the skincare industry. With dermatologist recommendations, broad-spectrum protection, and positive user reviews, it’s a trusted choice for effective sun care solutions. I am one of the users of this brand’s products and they are really good and worth for the price.

Are La Shield products suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! La Shield offers a diverse range of products that cater to different skin types, including sensitive skin. They have formulations that are non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of skin profiles.

Are La Shield products waterproof?

Many La Shield products are water-resistant, which means they offer protection even when you’re swimming or engaging in outdoor activities. However, it’s recommended to reapply after prolonged water exposure for continuous coverage.

Do La Shield products protect against both UVA and UVB rays?

Yes, La Shield products provide broad-spectrum protection, guarding your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. This comprehensive defense shields you from sunburn, premature aging, and other sun-induced skin issues.

Can La Shield products be used under makeup?

Absolutely! La Shield products are designed to be compatible with makeup application. They serve as an excellent base for your makeup routine, ensuring that your skin remains protected while you flaunt your favourite look.

Do La Shield sunscreens leave a white cast on the skin?

No, one of the remarkable features of La Shield sunscreens is their advanced formula that prevents the dreaded white cast. As an use I can say that there won’t be any residue at all. These sunscreens blend seamlessly into the skin, providing effective protection without compromising your appearance.

Are La Shield Products good for Acne-prone skin? Can La Shield products be used on sensitive skin?

Absolutely. La Shield formulates products that are non-comedogenic and designed to prevent clogging pores, making them suitable for individuals with acne-prone skin. Yes, La Shield offers options for sensitive skin as well. Their hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested formulations cater to those with sensitive skin, ensuring minimal risk of irritation.

Are La Shield products cruelty-free? Are La Shield products vegan?

Yes, La Shield is committed to ethical practices and does not test its products on animals. All their sunscreens are claim to be cruelty-free and vegan!

La Shield Lite Sunscreen Review: SPF 50 – The Product

La Shield Sunscreen Review - Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen Gel: Benefits, Price & FAQs - Just A Library

La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen

La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen is an anti-tanning, matte, sweatproof sunscreen with SPF 50 and PA+++. As I always mention, SPF 50 and PA+++ are the bare minimum aspects of a sunscreen that you need to look out for before buying a sunscreen for maximum UV protection. Along with these qualities, it is absolutely essential that the sunscreen be broad-spectrum which means it can provide protection from both UVA and UVB. This particular sunscreen does qualify all the basic qualities of a good sunscreen. Moreover, it is a mineral sunscreen which means that instead of absorbing UV radiations, it deflects it making it safer to use. Below are the list of La shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen ingredients.

La Shield Lite Sunscreen Ingredients

  • Octinoxate (Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate): A UVB filter that helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of UVB rays, which are primarily responsible for causing sunburn.
  • Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane): A UVA filter that provides protection against UVA rays, which can lead to premature aging and long-term skin damage.
  • Octocrylene: Another UVB filter that also helps stabilize the formula and enhance overall sun protection.
  • Titanium Dioxide: A physical sunscreen ingredient that reflects and scatters UV rays away from the skin’s surface, offering additional broad-spectrum protection.
  • Zinc Oxide: Another physical sunscreen ingredient that works alongside titanium dioxide to provide effective sun protection by creating a barrier on the skin.
  • Dimethicone: A silicone-based ingredient that imparts a smooth texture to the product and helps create a barrier on the skin’s surface.
  • Glycerin: A moisturizing ingredient that helps hydrate the skin and counteract any potential drying effects of sun exposure.
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol): An antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radical damage caused by sun exposure and other environmental stressors.

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La Shield Sunscreen Review – Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen Gel: My Experience

La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen is by far one of the best sunscreen in this price range. Usually mineral sunscreen are bound to be more expensive than chemical ones often reaching INR 1000 price point. In this aspect, I got this sunscreen for around INR 700 during sale on Amazon! Considering the price and the fact that it is SPF 50, PA+++, Broad-spectrum and Mineral, I found it a very good deal.

About the texture and consistency, the sunscreen is denser than most sunscreens I have tried so you do not need a lot of product to apply evenly. It has a silky smooth texture which easily and evenly spreads on the skin and is also absorbed easily. I use it for my face since this sunscreen is matte which means it doesn’t make the skin look or feel oily. Usually matte products are notorious for being dry but this particular sunscreen, even though it is matte, is neither drying or it is very oily. This is also sweat resistant so it works in humid areas as well.

La Shield Sunscreen Review - Just A Library
La Shield Sunscreen Review – Just A Library


La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen Gel

La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen is by far one of the best sunscreen in this price range. The best part is that it has absolutely zero white cast! There is no residue whatsoever. I bought it particularly for it’s skin-brightening claim since I had developed a stubborn tan on my forehead after a coastal city trip but after using this product, I could see visible difference on my tan and since then, I have been using it as my only go-to face sunscreen!

JAL Score


  • Affordable (Best in this price range)
  • Zero White cast
  • Very effective in skin brightening.


  • None!

La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen Review – FAQs

Is La Shield Sunscreen good? Is La Shield Sunscreen safe?

Yes! It is absolutely worth it! La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen is by far one of the best sunscreen in this price range. The best part is that it has absolutely zero white cast! There is no residue whatsoever. Ever since I start using it, I could see visible difference on my tan and since then, this is go to sunscreen for my face. Is it also safe to use as it dermatologically tested.

Is La Shield Lite sunscreen matte?

Yes, it is what it claims and it has a silky matte finish.

Is La Shield Lite sunscreen drying or oily?

No, even though it is matte, it is neither drying nor oily.

Are La Shield sunscreens waterproof? Is La Shield Lite Sunscreen sweat-proof?

All La Shield sunscreens are water-resistant, making them ideal for all outdoor activities like swimming, outdoor sports, etc. However, reapplication after water exposure is recommended to maintain continuous protection.

Is La Shield Sunscreen mineral or chemical?

La Shield sunscreen are mineral based and it safe to use as it is dermatologically tested.

Are La Shield sunscreens suitable for all skin types? Is La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, La Shield offers a variety of sunscreens tailored to different skin types, including oily, combination, and sensitive skin as it is very light-weight, non-greasy. I am using the La shield Lite SPF 50 and it is absolutely amazing!

Does La Shield sunscreen help to reduce tan?

Yes! Not only did it reduce my stubborn tan, it has proved to be really effective in preventing further tanning after application. I bought it particularly for it’s skin-brightening claim since I had developed a stubborn tan on my forehead after a coastal city trip but after using this product, I could see visible difference on my tan and since then, I have been using it as my only go-to face sunscreen!

Do La Shield sunscreens leave a white cast on the skin?

No, La Shield sunscreens are formulated to be easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a white cast. There is no residue whatsoever. Their advanced formulas ensure that you can enjoy effective sun protection without any undesirable residue.

Can La Shield sunscreens be used under makeup?

Absolutely, La Shield sunscreens are designed to be compatible with makeup application. Thanks to its non-greasy texture which makes its an excellent base for your makeup routine, ensuring sun protection without compromising your look!

Are La Shield sunscreens cruelty-free?

Yes, La Shield is committed to ethical practices and does not test its products on animals. All their sunscreens are claim to be cruelty-free!

Do La Shield sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays?

Yes, All La Shield sunscreens offer broad-spectrum protection, guarding your skin against both UVA and UVB rays.

8. Can I use La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen daily?

Absolutely, La Shield Lite SPF 50 Sunscreen can and should be used in your daily routine, especially when you’re exposed to the sun. I bought it particularly for it’s skin-brightening claim since I had developed a stubborn tan on my forehead after a coastal city trip but after using this product, I could see visible difference on my tan and since then, I have been using it as my only go-to face sunscreen!

Have you used any of the sunscreen products from La Shield? If yes, what are your thoughts? Do let me know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to check out the latest articles from a wide range of author across all niches from the links below. Stay tuned to Just A Library for more interesting news, updates, and reviews and much more.

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Heartbeat Kdrama Review: Is Heartbeat Kdrama Worth Watching?

Heartbeat Kdrama Review: Vampires and supernatural beings are not strangers to any media. Some of the most favorite characters across media have been vampires (Hello, Edward). When thinking of vampires, we are reminded of the Cullens, Pitt, and Cruise doing that one interview in the 90s, the Salvatore brothers, among others.

Our dear K-dramaland has no shortage of vampires either! Be it a prosecutor, a high-school-going teenager, or even a doctor, K-dramas have seen a slew of interesting K-dramas with vampires as the lead characters. This time, the fan-favorite antagonist from Vincenzo has opted to bare the pointy fangs. Heartbeat just finished airing on August 15, 2023. The drama is available for streaming on Prime Video.

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Heartbeat Kdrama Trailer

Heartbeat Kdrama Summary

Heartbeat marks the return of vampires to the small screen. Ok Taecyeon stars as Seon Woo Hyeol, a centuries-old vampire who aims to become human. He intends to become a human so that he too can experience a love that makes one’s heartbeat. He lost his lover once when she was trying to save him from the soldiers. He wanted to unite with her after he becomes human again so that he too can feel the same emotions she did because of love.

Upon the advice of a demicat Mr Ko, Woo Hyeol goes into a 100-year in a hawthorn coffin. Upon the completion of the century, he would turn human. But as fate would have it, Joo In Hae opens the coffin a day early. She is unaware of her ancestor’s promise or the existence of Woo Hyeol. Joo In Hae is the descendant of Butler Joo who was Woo Hyeol’s faithful butler and promised that his coming generations would take care of the mansion and Woo Hyeol’s matters in Woo Hyeol’s absence. Joo In Hae has fallen on hard times.

Her father has been missing and declared legally dead, adding to In Hae’s worries. She also inherits the mansion Woo Hyeol is in. After In Hae opens Woo Hyeol’s coffin, the two are forced to share the mansion. The two bicker and banter but eventually become friends and also fall in love. Adding to their camaraderie are Woo Hyeol’s aides Sang Hae and Dong Seop. No story is complete without a second lead (or two) and of course an antagonist! Heartbeat has it all!

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Heartbeat Kdrama Review. Credits: instagram.com/kbsdrama
Won Ji An and Ok Taecyeon in ‘Heartbeat’. Credits: instagram.com/kbsdrama

Heartbeat Kdrama Review

Ok Taecyeon shot to newfound fame as the antagonist in Vincenzo. His portrayal of Jang Jun Woo is undoubtedly marked as one of the most bone-chilling yet fan-favorite antagonists. With Heartbeat, he seeks to add a new dimension to his acting portfolio and succeeds brilliantly even. Taecyeon’s Woo Hyeol is a lovable vampire. He is smart, funny, and has an odd yet polished sense of style. His comic timing with In Hae or his aides, is quite delightful to see.

Won Ji An has had notable dramas like D.P. to her credit, but Heartbeat was probably the first time that she got to be a lead in a mainstream drama. Her portrayal of Joo In Hae is wonderful indeed. Hae has fallen on hard times but does she submit to a fate neither does she be a damsel in distress seeking a prince to come and help her. Whatever curveball life throws at her, she tackles to the best of her abilities with the resources and intellect at her disposal.

The drama’s secondary and supporting cast add great value to the story. Park Kang Hyun as Shin Do Shik is righteous to a fault. Like any guy who cares deeply for a woman, he wishes to solve all of In Hae’s problems for her. But it is good to see that even after his confession was not reciprocated by In Hae, he maintained an amicable relationship with her.

Heartbeat Kdrama Review. Credits: instagram.com/kbsdrama
Go Gyu Pil and Yoon Hyung Hee in ‘Heartbeat’. Credits: instagram.com/kbsdramaHeartbeat Kdrama Review. Credits: instagram.com/kbsdrama

He did not force his feelings onto her. A classic second lead characteristic even. Though, even after the drama has concluded, one might raise a question about what exactly was Do Shik’s ailment or what even was the curse on his family? But well, one can suppose that all is well that ends well.

Go Gyu Pil and Yoon Byung Hee as Dong Seop and Sang Hae are just the funny side characters you’d want to see in a drama. Their flaws aren’t flaws but rather a point to poke fun at. They are silly, adorable, loyal, and extremely supportive of Woo Hyeol. Antagonist Lee Man Hwi is a classic 2D character who only has two goals in his immortal life – do anything for money, do anything to anyone for one’s survival. While his acting might seem forced in places, Lee Man Hwi’s character served a decent purpose in adding content to the story.

Yoon So Hee’s Na Hae Won sees the classic trope of ‘good person turned bad when miffed’. While her emotions towards Woo Hyeol seem surface-level or plastic only, it does motivate her to take drastic measures for her gains. Her and Woo Hyeol’s romance was doomed to fail from the start and it did. One might not even call it a romance, but rather just a companionship of convenience. Yoon So Hee is a brilliant actress, but this role somehow felt like going on a flatter line with each episode.

Verdict – Heartbeat Kdrama Ending | Heartbeat Review

Is Heartbeat Kdrama Worth Watching?

Overall, Heartbeat is a K-drama to watch if you are missing vampires, Ok Taecyeon, a catchy opening theme, or all of the above! The pacing of the drama might seem slow in places, and some scenes perhaps a few seconds short, but it does not take away from the overall entertainment factor of the show. The show opens with a promising and something new happening almost every quarter of the hour. As it progresses, it takes a slower pace as the reality of Woo Hyeol’s situation settles in. JAL gives Heartbeat a drizzling 4 out of 5 blood drops for its entertaining story and indulgent humor.

JAL Score

Have you watched the Heartbeat Kdrama? What are your thoughts on the drama? Let me know in the comments below.

Heart of Stone Movie Review: It has its Heart in the right place

Heart of Stone Movie Review: The chatter about Artificial Intelligence has been going on for quite some time now. While many of us vary about the consequences of giving such a power to our technological devices, most of us are intrigued by the infinite possibilities AI can bring us. The rise in courses catering to the basics AI, its application in various fields have popped up all over the globe. AI despite all its multifunctionality and possibilities is just a machine. It lacks the human emotions and the approach humans have towards problem-solving. AI would analyze a problem and present a statistical number, without thinking about the human factor (at least yet). 

We have had several movies outlining the pros and cons of relying heavily on AI. These movies also underline the need of human intervention when the machines overpower high-risk decisions. One such movie which presents the wonders of AI in national and global security, and also presents the need of human intervention when making such decisions is Netflix’s latest action flick Heart of Stone. The movie stars Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt ad Jamie Dornan in prominent roles. It was released on Netflix on August 11, 2023. 

Heart of Stone Trailer

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Heart of Stone Cast – Heart of Stone Summary

Heart of Stone is a superspy action flick starring Gal Gadot in the lead as Rachael Stone. She is an undercover agent of the Charter who works in the MI6. She along with Yang (played by Jing Lusi), Parker (played by Jamie Dornan) and Bailey (Paul Ready) carry out undercover missions for the MI6. While everyone thinks that the Charter is just a myth, it is very much a reality. Alia Bhatt in her international debut, is Keya Dhawan. She has an antagonist role in the film.

The Charter has agents all over the world, with codenames borrowed from the deck of cards. Gal Gadot’s Stone is called Nine of Hearts. Her team at the Charter consists of Jack (played by Matthias Schweighofer) and Nomad (played by Sophie Okonedo). The Charter uses The Heart, the best thing in artificial intelligence in the world. The Heart analyses all the data, statistics and other variables from all over the globe to give a near-accurate prediction. Its analysis power is so strong that it could even predict the future events.

Keya Dhawan is a 22-year old cyber hacker who is proficient in her job. She has her own vendetta for which she wants to possess the Heart. She aims to leak highly confidential information to bring down corrupt businessmen and officials. Stone is tasked to keep the Heart safe at all costs. Thus begins a cat and mouse chase between the two. But despite the Heart’s god-like powers, there was something even it did not see coming.

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Heart of Stone Movie Review. Credits: Netflix
Gal Gadot in a still from ‘Heart of Stone’. Heart of Stone Movie Review. Credits: Netflix

Heart of Stone Movie Review

Heart of Stone is a highly engaging movie from the start to finish. The action sequences are concise and impactful. Gal Gadot breaks out of her Wonder Woman image and transforms into a highly intelligent spy for this action flick. Jamie Dornan’s Parker is a welcome surprise to the story. The plot twist where we find that Parker has joined hands with Keya is quite a surprise.

Alia Bhatt is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. With this venture, she proved that she do an action flick with equal ease as she does romcoms in Bollywood. Her character had a good screen time, and dialogues full of dry humour. While some might say that the dialogue delivery felt flat at places, one can credit it to the long length of dialogues which attempted to fit in humour and also explain her story. (See what I did there?)

While there were instances where the story felt predictable, it did not lessen the entertainment factor. If anything, the introduction of the Heart and artificial intelligence underlined once again that there needs to have a human factor when making any decision. A machine would give us options or a top probability, but it comes to us humans to take a call of the better of all humanity and living things around us.

Heart of Stone has its heart in the right place and it also has a potential to present to us a female superspy in the modern times. Seeing women holding decision-making power positions and calling the shots is a welcome change from seeing the male characters being in higher chairs of power. Gadot’s Stone aka Nine of Hearts, Okonedo’s Nomad and Bhatt’s Dewan bring with them a balance which was not seen before.

Despite being an action flick, Heart of Stone does not pose unnecessary violent actions, foul language or an ego boost for the characters. It goes to show that even action movie with national-level threat stories can be carried out with a semblance of a good storytelling and balanced character emotions. Constantly hitting others, being excessively violent and speaking foul language never helped solve a crisis after all, it only led to wars.

Will there be a Heart of Stone sequel?

In the concluding montages of the movie, we see that Keya is put behind the bars. But she is given a chance to redeem herself by joining the Charter. Her character is effectively called Joker for her wild card entry to the team. She joins Jack and Stone in a new mission.

Up until now we saw Jack giving remote assistance to Stone, but now he was seen in the field. It would be a delight to see more of Jack if there is a sequel or a spinoff movie. Matthias Schweighofer has shown great potential as Jack. In his past Hollywood roles even, he was seen for a limited time on screen, but his presence added immense value to the story.

If this ending segment is anything to go by, one can assume that the Heart of Stone would continue to beat for a little longer. But even if it does not have a sequel, Heart of Stone makes a good watch for a standalone movie.


Heart of Stone

JAL gives Heart of Stone action-packed 3.5 diamonds for its engaging story, fresh characters and a good watchability.

Our Score

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