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Why 90’s kids childhood was awesome?


Why 90’s kids childhood was awesome?

Although childhood is the best time of everyone’s lives, being a 90’s kid was extra special. Rightfully, we were the last generation that experienced the transition of the world from a place without technologies to an optimum amount of technology to an electronic world as we see it today.

Starting from the games we played, the food we ate, the festivals we celebrated, the way we spent time with family and friends, our schooling, the way we were parented, every aspect of our childhood was an exotic experience which can never be recreated.

Even though such experiences are long gone and we can’t travel back to that point in time, we hope this article will help you feel nostalgic.

Note: We recommend to you the “Dil wale puchde ne cha” BGM at the end of every conversation given.

#1 Fashion

1. Dress

Salesman : “Anna, paiyanuku SMALL size pothuma?”

Parent : ” Ila, ila, ila! LARGE size kudunga. Vazhara paiyan la!”

Remember this typical conversation between the salesman and your parent every time while shopping? Even though those shirts/banyans were knee-length and loose-fitting, we wore them with great pride and joy. Yes, we were those swag style icons!

Boys! We are damn sure you possessed the A/C fishnet banyans in your casual wear collection. As for the girls, petticoats were the norm – the typical after-school dress for many.

2. Hair

  • Haircare: Haircare in the ’90s was of utmost importance. Therefore, you were likely to see more oil on girls’ hair than in your curry. Although the teens and kids equally hated this practice, we must admit that this is the sole reason why we still have healthy hair during our adulthood.
  • Haircut: Back in those days, hair saloon and haircut were luxuries limited to the boys. Although boys flexed about this luxury and went to the barbershop with high expectations, the conversation between your parent and the barber would have been as below :

Barber : “Anna, entha mari style la haircut pananum?”

Parent : “No. 1 blade use panni otta vettirunga pa”

Finally, luxury turns into nightmare the next day when you go to school!

  • Hairstyle & Accessories: Girls back in those days, mostly owned a huge collection of butterfly clips, mini round hair clips, Kajol Hairbands, and hair scrunchies to style up their fountain hairstyle or the partitioned French braid. Nevertheless, boys were always happy with a single comb and their center partitioned oily hair.

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3. Makeup

The makeup style progressed from the big black Kajal makeup when you were one-month-old to powder topped with colourful bhindis.

#2 Confectionaries

Nothing beats the taste of a handful of orange candies or the animal/letter biscuits you got for ₹2 in those days. Nevertheless, Maha Lacto, Aasai Chocolates, Mango bites, and Choki-Choki were regarded as the showstoppers.

The ’90s also had several popular chocolates which you may not be able to buy again including Bytes, Rol.a.Cola, Center shock, Piknik. We also had a few weird choices of sweets like Calcium Sandos, Polo, Phantom Cigarette candy.


Tyre and stick were the first forms of self-made automotives during your childhood. Most probably, this invention of yours might have been the foundation for your engineering career according to your parents.

Other technologies only 90s kids used are as follows:

  • Landlines without caller ID were the smartphones we had, with the entire contact list stored in our brain. Unwinding the coiled wires was one of the major time pass activities while gossiping over the phone.
  • During the early 90s, every village had one TV which united the village people. However, during the later part of the 90s, Big Fat Box TV along with TV stand covering half the area of the living area became popular.
  • While 2K kids complain about the storage issue in 128Gb or 256Gb smartphones, We, the 90s kids were irritated by the “No space for message” error message in a basic Nokia phone.
  • The relation between pencil and audio cassette was a longlasting love story.
  • Manual window sliders in cars, Film camera for 36 photos of any event, hearing music in the walkman were other technologies we enjoyed as the 90s kids.


There was a time when Nintendo PlayStation was more exciting than Playstation 5. The popular PlayStation games were Super Bros. Mario, Hyper Olympics, Duck Hunt. The Snack game and Bounce in Nokia were the modern games we played. However, the brick game, water ring toss, 4 cups, and Baby Shark fishing game were among the classic games collection.

We also spent quality time outdoors playing cricket in playgrounds, Cooking with mud, Ice and Water, Goli Gundu, Nikal Kunthal, Stapoo. Snakes & Ladders, Hide-&-seek, King-Minister-Police-Thief game were games that were equally enjoyed by children and parents during family time.

The fact is that the 90s kids are no longer kids and would probably have their own kids by now. However, we all had such an amazing childhood that the 90s kids’ childhood memories are endless. And hence, our post doesn’t end here.

Stay tuned to Just A Library for more memories and interesting facts about the 90’s kids!

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