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A Tourist’s Guide To Love Movie Review: Fall in love in Vietnam

A Tourist’s Guide To Love Movie Review – Romance movies which take place in international destinations have a special place on the ‘moments to relive’ in a romance story lover’s list. The promise of an adventure, new experiences, the unknown and the charm of an exotic location bind together to provide the viewers with a delightful experience. This experience makes the viewers want to fall in love, and often. If you’re looking for all these things, then look no further. Netflix’ latest romcom movie ‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love’ is here to check off all the boxes. The movie was released on April 21, 2023.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love Trailer

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A Tourist’s Guide To Love Summary

‘A Tourist’s Guide To Love’ is a story of Amanda Riley (played by Rachel Leigh Cook), a travel consultant from America. She is dedicated to crafting unique experiences for her clients for their travel journeys. She is also dating her boyfriend John (played by Ben Feldman) since five years now. One phone call from John and Amanda’s boss Mona (played by Missi Pyle) thinks that he might be proposing after all.

But John had other plans. When Amanda goes home, she finds John at a loss of words. He then simply comes out with the news that he has been asked to join a new firm in Ohio. He also tells Amanda that they should go on a break. Amanda, who is completely shocked is shattered, asks John to leave immediately.

Mona, who had been looking to send someone to scout a Vietnamese company, asks Amanda to go to Vietnam. Amanda takes up on the offer and jets off to Vietnam where she meets Sinh, her tour guide at the Saigon Silver Star aka the company that she is scouting to acquire. Sinh is a charming fellow who makes sure his tourists have the authentic feel of Vietnam.

Amanda and Sinh have contrasting personalities and that is what attracts them to each other. Amanda is very heavily organized whereas Sinh is the spontaneous adventurer type. While on their Vietnam excursion, the two grow close and Sinh’s attention grows more attuned to Amanda. After the festival of Tet, the two kiss and their attraction finally takes shape of something solid.

But as fate would have it, John arrives in Vietnam soon after. Sinh is shocked to find that Amanda lied about her relationship status. Anh, Sinh’s cousin whose father is the owner of the Saigon Silver Star finds out that her father is going to sell the company as well. They are unaware about the person, but John goes ahead and reveals the news that the person scouting Saigon Silver Star is Amanda.

This causes further discord between Amanda and Sinh, and Sinh prepares to leave to visit his father. Anh takes care of the rest of the tour. Amanda, who has her heart set on Sinh, goes after him. The two reunite on the side of a busy Vietnam street and kiss again.

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A Tourist's Guide To Love Movie Review
Scott Ly and Quinn Trúc Trần in a still from ‘A Tourist’s Guide To Love’ on Netflix. Credits: Netflix

A Tourist’s Guide To Love Movie Review

‘A Tourist’s Guide To Love’ has all the typical elements of a romcom movie. The movie has leads who are contrasts to each other, an ex-boyfriend of our female lead, the charm of an exotic vacation romance, heart-warming experiences in a foreign locale and a vibrant supporting cast who play small roles to bring our leads together.

What makes ‘A Tourist’s Guide To Love’ a delightful watch is the banter between the leads and how the story progresses at a steady pace. Sure, there is a percentage of predictability but that only adds in to the charm of the viewing experience. Our leads are complete contrasts to each other, but the way they help each other grow is remarkable to see.

The supporting cast has stories of their simmering on the side without overshadowing our leads. The mix of supporting characters is interesting for they each are a representation of a modern value, something which was often missing from the earlier romcoms.

Vietnam has been one of the most rapidly rising popular international travel destinations. The visual appeal of the ancient and modern Vietnam with an occasional short history lesson add a delightful flavour to the story. We get to see the traditional festival, traditional houses, and also see the ever-so-busy and crowded of the cityside in Vietnam.

The movie does not put an international location in a stereotype, despite Amanda showing reluctance to cross a road or ride on a two-wheeler. Her reluctance stems from having stayed in streets that ply with strict signals, crossings and the immediate availability of a taxi service. Sinh’s encouragement to try something new brings her out of her shell and makes her see life and a different life style in a new light.

All in all, ‘A Tourist’s Guide To Love’ is a must-watch romcom from the list of movies that Netflix has to offer. The movie boasts of a stunning landscaping of Vietnam which is bound to make you want to visit the beautiful country. The soundtrack artfully supports the ongoing storyline and aligns with the mood which makes watching the movie a great immersive experience.

JAL gives ‘A Tourist’s Guide To Love’ a solid 4.5 out of 5 for its blissful story and wonderful execution.

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