A Todas Partes Review (All The Places Review) – A Tale of Estranged but Strong Sibling Bond


All The Places Review – Having siblings is like having a best friend around all the time. The world is often divided over who have it the best – single child or siblings – and the jury’s still out on that. Sure, there are times when one’s bond with their sibling is estranged, but it does not mean it is completely severed. There always comes a point of reconnection which brings back old memories and allows the pair to bury their differences. Netflix’s Spanish comedy film ‘A Todas Partes’ aka ‘All The Places’ tells the tale of one such pair of siblings who reconnect after long gap of 15 years on the occasion of their father’s funeral.

A Todas Partes Trailer | All The Places Trailer

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A Todas Partes Summary | All The Places Summary

‘A Todas Partes’ begins with a sad scene of a funeral. This is where we are also introduced to our leads, Gabriela aka Gabo and Ferdinand aka Fer. It is their father’s funeral and Fer is late. When the two finish the rites and go back home, Gabo is hostile towards her brother. The reason is soon revealed that Fer never checked on her or their father. He only cared and still cares only about his business and his life in Singapore.

The two have a few drinks and Fer heads to the store room. There he finds things from their childhood and gets nostalgic. Despite losing their father a few hours ago, the siblings laugh and quarrel just like old times. It is true what they say that the house which has seen death also carries with strains of laughter to heal the pain of losing a loved one.

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Fer finds an old map of a road trip which he and Gabo had planned in their teens. There were rules, and places to visit – all written down in their squiggly handwriting – reminding them of a forgotten promise. They are clearly drunk but decide to do that road trip right then on a whim. Without any set of clothes or enough cash, the siblings set out on a road trip on their old motorcycles. They meet eccentric people on their way, have interesting conversations, and also catch up on the lost 15 years. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken but the road trip reunited the brother-sister duo again.

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A Todas Partes Review | All The Places Review

‘A Todas Partes’ aka ‘All The Places’ is a good option if you are looking to watch a road trip movie. It has all the classic elements – comedy, run-ins with the locals and the police, whimsical bets, and of course moments of truth. Gabo and Fer grew up together thick as thieves with each other, but as they got older their interests changed which led them to take different paths.

These paths separated the two and drew a wedge between them. But a beauty of any relationship is that it is built on love for one another. As long as that love exists, no relationship can be broken. Sure, there are challenges that one has to face, but these challenges are what makes the relationship stronger. ‘A Todas Partes’ might be just a comedy road trip movie about an estranged pair of siblings, but it also gives a message to the audience. There is nothing which cannot be solved over a healthy communication. When there is love and trust amongst people, it gives them strength to face their strongest of fears and overcome any challenge life throws their way.

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All the places review
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The pacing of ‘A Todas Partes’ is just right if you’re looking to spend a some time indulged in a good story. The music featured is mostly retro songs matching the theme of nostalgia. The movie captures the beauty of the Mexican landscape, and makes a statement that Mexico is more than the marketed stereotypes. There is lush greenery and vast stretches of the ocean which appeal the viewers to view Mexico to view it in all its natural glory.

‘A Todas Partes’ stars Mauricio Ochmann and Ana Serradilla in lead roles. Mauricio Ochmann is known for his roles in ‘El Chema’, ‘Amarte Asi’ among others. Ana Serradilla is popular for her roles in telenovelas like ‘La Viuda Negra’, ‘Dona Flor y sus dos maridos’ to name a few.

A Todas Partes | All The Places – JAL Rating

JAL gives ‘A Todas Partes’ aka All the Places movie a solid 4 out of 5 for its quirky and heartfelt storytelling. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, this beautifully portrays tale of one such pair of siblings who reconnect after long gap of 15 years on the occasion of their father’s funeral. Definitely recommend this!

Which other road trip movies have you watched? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to check out other articles as well. I will see you in another article. Until then, stay tuned and safe!

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JAL gives 'A Todas Partes' aka All the Places movie a solid 4 out of 5 for its quirky and heartfelt storytelling. A Todas Partes Review (All The Places Review) - A Tale of Estranged but Strong Sibling Bond