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FRIENDS Reunion – The One Where They Get Back Together


It’s official!! It’s been a while since this exciting news of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion finally happening (that we’ve all been waiting for since forever!) came out. And, the fans are going gaga and can’t stop wondering what life would have been for these 6 friends after the show ended. Who’s dating who (Sorry, “whom”)? Who got divorced? Who made it big in Hollywood? Whose kids went to college and what not?

FRIENDS Reunion - The One Where They Get Back Together - Just A Library
The Announcement made on Social Media by the cast of ‘Friends’
FRIENDS Reunion - The One Where They Get Back Together - Just A Library
The cast of friends, in 2019!

The expectations of the reunion and fan theories are growing wilder with each day, and we are no exception! Here are 5 things we think might have happened in these 15 years. Now, before you think we’re a buzz-feed Rip-off, you think we didn’t hound their site for content to copy?🤷‍♀️ Sadly, we couldn’t find any.

The one where Joey moves from NY to LA

Friends how you doin joey GIF - Find on GIFER

How can we not start with him? We’ve seen Joey’s career go up and down in the first 10 seasons (quite a few times) and the last job he took up was probably the movie during Chandler-Monica’s wedding. Even towards the end of the season, Joey remained the only single person in the group who was offered the basement of Chandler and Monica’s newly bought house where he could grow old (AWWW MAX).

Buuuut, we’re sure he snapped out of this phase, made it big in Hollywood, and eventually moved to LA where he gets himself a fancy expensive condo to bring the super-models he picks up and of course, forgets to call back. Some habits hardly change we say!

FRIENDS Reunion - The One Where They Get Back Together - Just A Library
Joey Bagging an Award at the Golden Globe✨

The One where Nobody still knows Chandler’s job

Transponster GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
That’s not even a word,Rachel!!

Chandler Bing, the sarcasm connoisseur, and a man whose job has no name (except Transponster, of course). We know he went on to becoming the oldest intern in history (barring Ben Whittaker) of advertising. With a decade and a half passing by, we’re sure he’s a huge success and finally doing something he’s happy and good at! And, surprise surprise! People still don’t know what he does!

We’re sure he’s amazing at his other full-time job as well: Being a dad to his children – Jack and Erica. Monica, on the other hand, would now have her own restaurant and blissfully continue to boss around people. They’re now a happy power couple with 2 adorable children, living in the suburbs and constantly reminiscing about the times they lived in the city with their Best Friends! And of course, this couple is still the glue to the group, as Monica still insists people visit and hang out at their place more often!

FRIENDS Reunion - The One Where They Get Back Together - Just A Library
Chandler and Monica giving us Major Couple Goals❤

The one with Frank Jr. Jr. Jr.

Season 3 The One With Frank Jr GIF by friends - Find & Share on GIPHY
Nope! We’re not talking about him! Keep Reading

We saw Phoebe and Mike planning on starting a family of their own in the finale – and they most definitely did that. They would have had a bunch of them by now! We all know Phoebe to be this loving and giving person. Do we need to remind u about the time she carried her brother’s babies? So, there’s no doubt she adopted a bunch of underprivileged kids and given them the weirdest and creative names possible. Yea, Crap bag and Princess Consuela Bananahammock we know what she’s capable of!

Here’s Proof how great Phoebe is with kids!

The one where they were ON A BREAK! AGAIN!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is latest
We’ve lost count now, Ross!

We know Ross and Rachel have more history than the Dinosaurs in the museum! Haven’t we all lost count of how many times they’ve been on and off their relationship? But the finale, made all this worth it when Rachel left her flight to Paris for Ross (Adorbs Maxx). They promised each other that they’re done being stupid. They get married and are really happy.

Emma, who just turned 18 this year (What a great year to turn 18!) must now have watched the Birthday video her aunts and uncles made her when she was one! And now, when we say Rachel “left her flight”, it also means she left her dream job and her dream city! Obviously, she’s going to be discontent and would constantly blame it on Ross. Not being able to take this bitterness, they probably get divorced (For the 2nd time). He isn’t named ‘Ross the Divorce Force’ for no reason! He truly is living up to the reputation of his title with 4 divorces!

Ross and Rachel are the worst part of Friends and you know it
Still blaming each other? Grow up, guys!

The one with Central Perk

FRIENDS Reunion - The One Where They Get Back Together - Just A Library
matthew perry GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs
Sorry Gunther, we still don’t know 🙈

Central Perk is now a very happening and a trippy Bar, again! Yep! For those who don’t remember, it was originally a bar, and got converted to a coffee house in a ‘flashback episode’. Old Gunther, with even lesser and greyer hair, is now a mixologist! Surprisingly, he’s really popular and a ‘chick magnet’ among the millennials (For some reason hard to understand, they find his hair really hot?) At the last scene of the reunion episode, the 6 friends drop-in, after a long time and just realise they’re the only old people in the club, at 6 PM.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is central-perk-bar.jpg
A Scene from the ‘Flashback’ Episode shot in Central Perk the bar!

When they’re figuring how to sit comfortably in the bar stool, they hear “OH MY GAWWD”.  Did you think there can be a reunion without her running into the group and hitting on Chandler? And, we’d like you to imagine her iconic laughter right now for better “feels”.

Oh Janice shared by Opium on We Heart It
Run back to Yemen, Chandler!!

The reunion special was supposed to debut in May on HBO Max but has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest news is that they are hoping to be able to shoot in August if all is well and if there is no early second wave and if the studio is open. There are talks of naming this special – ‘The One Where They Get Back Together‘, and we can’t wait to watch the 6 of them back on screen!😍

What did you think of our theories? What are your theories? Let us know in the comments section.

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