Sandhyaa Ravi

    The energetic and hyperactive Dee Dee of our squad, who is also the most used meme material by our Johnny Bravo. An aspiring model who can set the Guinness World Record for changing infinite poses within seconds.

    Parasite Movie Review – Is Parasite Movie Good?

    'Parasite' the South Korean movie won more than 150 awards and created a stir among its fans too. But is it really worth all the hype?

    FRIENDS Reunion – The One Where They Get Back Together

    It’s been a while since this exciting news of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion finally happening came out and the Fans are going crazy. Here's our take on what life would have been for these 6 friends after the show ended.

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    PRIDE MONTH – Celebrating People as they are🏳️‍🌈- LGBTQ+

    Today, being the last day of the Pride-month, what can common people do to add on to the movement? Read through the article to know more.

    Corona in India: Explained

    Dr. Ramkumar, a frontline worker at Govt owned hospital, Chennai has answered about the Corona situation in India. Read the article to know.

    India – China face-off at LAC : 20 Indian Soldiers Martyred

    India and China’s military face-off at the LAC Border, has led to panic among both the countries. Read through, to know this in detail

    Voice for the Voiceless – Recent Animal Cruelty Incidents

    Triggered by the rise of animal cruelty incidents in recent times, we've vented out our opinion and talked about other heartbreaking events of violence against the voiceless.

    Will Trump reverse his severed ties with the WHO?

    Trump has ended the the Relationship between WHO and the US by freezing funds. Will he succumb to global pressure and reverse his decision?

    Raging Border Dispute between India and China

    India and China's military face-off at the LAC Border, has led to panic among both the countries. Read through, to know this in detail

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