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India – China face-off at LAC : 20 Indian Soldiers Martyred

Tensions at the India – China border is on a all-time high, due to the face-off at the LAC

We are all shook, angry, confused, and deeply heartbroken on hearing  20 of OUR MEN have been martyred by the Chinese at the LAC, on 15th June. But what actually transpired? Why did this happen? When did this start?

Well, answering the third question is easy. Please read our article on the origins of the Border Clashes between India and China in 2020.

Now let’s talk about why this happened.

We know, India and China have both been facing rising tension from the other side, since May. There were endless incidents of escalations and also de-escalations post diplomatic dialogue-exchange.

It was reported that the Chinese troops have crossed the border and entered the Indian side of it, as early as 24th May. But, both countries maintained close communication through diplomatic and military channels. On June 6th, the border troops of both countries held a commander – level military meeting and reached a consensus on easing the situation.


Now, on 15th June, there was communication between the diplomats of the 2 countries and the Chinese counterpart promised that their troops will disengage and depart from the Indian side of the border. But, what did they do instead? Built ILLEGAL Structures including an Observation post at Patrolling point 14  on OUR END of the LAC Border. When the Commanding Officer: Col.Santosh Babu and 50 of his men visited the standoff point, to check if they had retrieved their troops, they were shocked to still see them on our territory and decided to demolish their Illegally built structures and set them on fire (Rightfully So). 

On Monday, 15th June, China brought in a huge number, all prepared for combat. Col. Santosh Babu and his brave battalion tried blocking Chinese Intrusion and ended up sacrificing their lives in this intense face-off. Initial reports claimed the loss of 2 soldiers – Sepoy Ojha, Havildar Palani and Col. Santosh.

India - China face-off at LAC : 20 Indian Soldiers Martyred - Just A Library
Indian soldiers died at LAC ( Source – Internet )

But, later on, 16th June evening, reports claimed that we have lost  AT LEAST 20 men and that the numbers may increase. It stated that 17 men from the Indian troops that were severely injured in the line of duty at the standoff location and exposed to sub-zero temperatures in the high altitude terrain have succumbed to their injuries, raising the total number that was killed to 20. Sources have claimed that the numbers will rise further, as some soldiers are MISSING. Some speculate they were taken captive by the Chinese. And, there are more that are critically injured due to this standoff. 

This is the first time our soldiers have been killed at the India – China border, since the 1962 war. Even on 15th June, both India and China have confirmed there was no firing of bullets. 

Both sides threw rocks and stones at each other. Indian soldiers were pushed into the Galwan river, from where their bodies were pulled out. ANI claims that 43 Chinese Soldiers have been killed in this standoff. 

The Blame Game

China is yet to confirm this and has not claimed any casualties. China’s idea of an explanation is simply shifting the blame on India! Chinese Spokesperson Zhao Lijian, unabashedly insisted that India Provoked them first! And continued to Claim that Indian soldiers not once, but twice illegally crossed borders and entered their territory. He mentioned, Indian troops had executed provocative attacks on Chinese personnel, seriously violating the consensus. 

Indian Army released an official statement saying that both parties have disengaged at the Galwan Area. Knowing China’s history of unwarranted aggressive behaviour with almost the whole world, it isn’t hard to predict that this isn’t the end of the PLA action plan. 

India may not be interested in a war, but it sure is prepared for one! India isn’t what it was in 1962.

What do you think about the India – China face-off severed at the LAC? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Neatly written. Good job. I wonder what’s the point of all this near the border especially during a pandemic. Is it just provocation?

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