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Queens Who Became Bosses: Women’s Day Special


We have been celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 each year for over a century now. But this year’s women’s day is extra special since it’s the first IWD we are celebrating in the “new normal” world. A world that has undergone rapid changes socially, economically, culturally, politically, and of course, technologically. We now live in a world where 6 ft. away from each other is our comfort zone, face-masks and sanitizers are part of our cultures, and Mars is a flight away.

Although the pandemic tilted our world upside down forever, we are evolving to strike a balance by rethinking and remodelling our lives. Because “from challenge comes change” and it is only wise to remodel our lives the right way at least now. Hence, there is no better theme than ‘Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World’ for International Women’s Day 2021; because women too can be perfect leaders to achieve a better future. We too, can inspire, motivate, care for, and lead one another’s paths to success.

Women’s Day Special

Having said that, we have decided to show our support and appreciation to few brave hearts that we know have inspired, motivated, and are leading their ways to success in various fields despite innumerable setbacks and challenges they face; because we too #ChooseToChallenge.


AMRITA SAMANT @mommyshotsbyamrita

The founder of Mommy Shots by Amrita, ambassador of NCPAI, and a multi-talented soul who inspire hundreds and thousands of people through her exceptional photography skills; is creating her own empire with an all-women’s team; who helps save NCIU babies by spreading awareness on Breast milk Donation; who mentors and motivates moms around the world to snap the perfect shots of their children and of new beginnings. Do check out @mommyshotsbyamrita for more inspiring stories about Amrita.

Website link – Mommy Shots by Amrita


ARTHI RAGURAM – @deyga_organics

The founder of Deyga Organics, an organic skincare brand that provides products that are cruelty-free, sustainable, pure, and based on traditional recipes, handcrafted with love, and safe for the skin. She is a true leader who cares for nature and humanity while empowering women; who promote awareness to break the unfair and unrealistic beauty standards through her products; a visionary who is redirecting the beauty world to the organic, natural, and eco-friendly zone.

Website link – Deyga Organics


The owner and founder of Vilvah Store, a sustainable skincare brand, makes skincare and hair care goodies with a safe and effective high-performance formulation. A bold and caring personality who started off making products for her own family but was generous to extend the goodness to others as well. Her success story is a reflection of the dedication, hard work, and innovative efforts. Do check out the website and grab some of the best, result-oriented skin and hair care products in the current market.

Website link – Vilvah Store

PRIYA DARSHINI @kayem_accessories

An IT techie and a part-time businesswoman who runs a fashion accessories business through social media. A great example of a perseverant and resilient woman who perfectly balances both her career and business. Do visit @kayem_accessories for more info on high quality fashion jewellery at nominal price.


KARTHIKA SRAVANTHI – @bakemanbegins

An excellent cake artist and Bakery Business Coach, who has set a great example for many to follow one’s passion and heart rather than the social norms by quitting her IT career and setting up Bakeman Begins. An entrepreneurial woman who motivates women to follow dreams, heart’s desires, and excel.

Website link – Bakeman Begins

TEJASRI VASANTH – @soulfill_bakers

A mom and home baker, who fills souls with happiness and satisfaction with her extraordinary cakes and culinary skills. A smart entrepreneurial spirit who runs her culinary business through the social media platform.

Find her works at Soulfill_Bakers for more soul-filling gastronomic experiences.


CHANDRIKA RAVI – @theconfectionhub

A creative Civil engineer, who left her comfort zone in pursuit of passion to create a business for her own through social media. The proprietor of The Confection Hub, who offers customized presents and confectionary solutions to people for their loved ones. Don’t forget to get your customised gifts from them.



A divergent writer, critic, and die-hard BTS fan who is also a Cyber Security IT engineer; loves to do whatever she loves just like her IG title suggests, who single-handedly manages both blogging and IT job persistently. Do visit and subscribe to her website for interesting reviews and journals.

Website link – Do what you love


HARI PRIYA – @quad6_creationz

An art blogger who creates stunning art-and-craft gifts and showpieces from materials deemed to be useless. Her works reflect her personality to a great extend and are an ideal example that women can turn anything/anyone into its best form. Do check out her Youtube channel to learn more DIY crafts.

Youtube channel link – Quad6_creationz

SWATHI – @hooked_on__hoops

A self-taught, self-reliant, and creative individual who knots untold stories with needles and threads onto people’s lives. A highly passionate and optimistic tradeswoman who trades embroidery artworks for passion through hooked_on__hoops.

This list is nowhere near completion as every woman is a natural leader. However, quite often, we only pay attention to the famous ladies in every industry. But it is always good to halt, look around and appreciate the amazing women around us more often; and let this International Women’s Day be the beginning of it.


The badass Buttercup of this PowerPuff Team. Loves sleep and dance equally; hence, the perfect example of a lazy enthusiast. A fitness freak who turned into an amateur foodie post joining this gang.

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