8 Alternative Jobs Every IT Employee should consider


Most of us had that one rich IT employee relative who inspired us during our childhood. He/she made us believe that the IT job was damn cool and “the best career”. Following this passion, we set sails to our dream IT job through the 12th Std Science group and then the Engineering degree.

We all joined B.Tech with high expectations and aspirations but ended up buying projects from project centers to complete our degree. Nevertheless, going with the flow, we mostly get recruited to the IT MNCs irrespective of our study fields.

Our dream of “the best career” gets further boosted by the royal treatment at the induction programs and welcome parties organized by these companies. However, this colourful dream turns into a nightmare when we start working. The nightmare begins with peer pressure, undefined responsibilities, and deadlines.

We become overwhelmed by the endless meetings, escalations, and duty calls. Disappointment hits the peak when you get your salary slip and you see your Instagram friends living their life happily.

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However, during this challenging period, we come across innumerable ideas and opportunities for a new profession. Inspired from such ideas, we have listed below a few professions that we felt are undervalued yet profitable and enjoyable in our day-to-day life.


There is always a tea shop in front of the Tech Park which is the most popular choice over the tasteless vending machine coffee/tea. While sipping the hot tea and having the crispy pakoras, we all have thought why not set up a teashop in front of the Tech Park like this?

Tea Shop Owner
Tea Shop Owner ( Source – Internet )

Although we rule out this as a funny idea, it is indeed profitable. Setting up a hygienic and budget-friendly teashop always attracts more customers daily.


Remember all those innumerable xerox copies of assignments, projects, and exam study materials we took during our degree? Remember that xerox shop owner who renovated his shop several times within those four years because of our assignments and projects? Why not you become that guy?

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From a business perspective, owning a Xerox shop in front of a college/ university is highly remunerative. Simply calculate the number of photostats required to complete the degree and the number of new students joining every year. You will be amazed!!



Canteens are the first set of fond memories every person recollects about his/her college. The food might have been tasteless and costly but still, we love our canteen. Strangely, every student bonds well with their canteen staff rather than the professors. If you still miss those good old days, starting a college canteen in the same college you graduated from will be both a beneficial and hearty experience.

College Canteen
College Canteen Owner ( Source – Internet )


If you are that funny guy who can make even your grumpy boss laugh-out-loud, then stand-up comedy is the best profession for you. Not to mention the fame, peace of mind, and income you will receive, stand-up comedy is one of the best freelancing jobs. Hence, laughing and making others laugh is not only healthy but also desirable for us. The best part while transitioning from an IT employee to a comedian is that you will never run out of content. Alexander Babu is one such great example!!


A social media profile, photoshop app, knowledge about trending news, and good humour sense are more than enough to be a successful meme creator. Nevertheless, you might be wondering how meme creation will be a source of income. For those who are doubtful, click here to know the meme creator’s salary.

Meme Creator
Meme Creator ( Source – JAL )


Is there a foodie, techie, biker, adventurer, singer, dancer, artist, designer, or fashionista inside you? Then it’s high time you stop watching those youtube videos and start your own blog/vlog. Although being a blogger, vlogger, or Instagram influencer seems quite challenging, constant efforts will be worth it.

If you are interested in this profession, stay tuned to Just a Library for tips to become a successful blogger.


Thanks to technology, even with a ₹20,000 mobile phone, we are able to capture professional-level shots. Be it wedding, wildlife, fashion, landscape, aerial, architectural, the list of highly profitable photography markets goes on.

What are you waiting for? Click pictures and show the world your perspectives!



We all know how irritating it is when we are stuck in the traffic or when we face some crazy guys on the road. However, managing it is much easier than managing your daily tasks at the IT company. If you own an automobile, you can easily subscribe to a prominent cab or food delivery company and start right away. This way you can earn more, have better work time flexibility and work-life balance which many of the IT companies fail to provide.

Entrepreneur, artist, professor, research, designer, event management, organic farming are few other alternatives in addition to the above-mentioned professions. At the end of the day, every profession has its own difficulties. However, it is always better to choose passion as your profession because you will have happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind even if you earn less!!

What do you think about these alternate options? Do let us know your thoughts and ideas about other suitable professions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned to JAL for more interesting contents!!

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