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Celebrity Season 1 Review: Fame, but at what cost?

Celebrity Season 1 Review: How many times has it happened that you are looking through your social media feed and are entranced in the glamorous world of luxury and comfort? Those posts and stories on social media serve as an escape from our daily lives. More often than not, these social media posts which the influencers claim to be their reality as simply shrouded in an orchestra of favours, power politics and make-believe. Netflix’s latest K-drama ‘Celebrity’ takes the viewers behind the scenes of the social media curtains. The drama was released on June 30, 2023 and consists of 12 tightly packed episodes.

Celebrity Season 1 Trailer

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Celebrity Season 1 Summary

‘Celebrity on Netflix shows the lives of social media influencers who are stars and celebrities in their own right. These social media influencers are largely a group of women who share their daily life, endorsements, and also flaunt their lifestyle. They have accrued thousands if not millions of people who follow them religiously. Any new style they do is picked up instantly, any product shown on their feed is sold out within minutes, any comment they make becomes a hot topic of discussion in the online communities. 

In times like these when anything said or done spreads like a wildfire on the internet, we see the rise of a new social media celebrity, Seo A Ri. Seo A Ri was once from a rich family, but now lives hand-to-mouth after her father passed away, and his business went bankrupt. She did not indulge in the world of social media before, but a few insights from her best friend tempted her.

She soon gave in to her desires and rose to a newfound stardom. Along the way, she made some friends, enemies and stirred up a whole lot of scandal. ‘Celebrity’ chalks the rise and fall of Seo A Ri in a world where opinions change at the tip of the hat and the lines between reality and fiction are blurred. 

Celebrity Season 1 Review
Credits: Netflix/IMDB

Celebrity Season 1 Review – Celebrity Season 1 Ending

Park Gyu Young, whom we have seen in dramas like ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’, ‘The Devil Judge’, makes a dashing comeback with ‘Celebrity’. As the main lead Seo A Ri, Park Gyu Young makes a compelling appearance on screen. Seo A Ri is fueled by desire and power to become the most popular internet celebrity. But at the same time, she had a shred of conscience within her where she could see the right from the wrong time to time. She also used her power and contacts to establish business. 

In a world governed by materialistic values like a follower count and the illusion of a perfect life, there are bound to be immoral values breeding within the community. While Seo A Ri rises to stardom owing to people’s curiosity and her own wit, the ones who have been in the game for long grow uncomfortable and jealous of her popularity. These influencers who portrayed being friends on screen turned their back against each other the moment the cameras were turned off. They ran in the same circles, but their importance was deemed based on the brand of luxury clothing and accessories they possess, the number of followers they have and the sway of public opinion. 

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The followers of these influencers are real people in a real world, but they are blinded by the glitz, glamor and the fake niceties. They don’t bat an eye before picking up a fight online, the anonymity only providing them extra armour to spew hate and negativity towards people they don’t know in real life. The “follower count” is also something that can be manipulated and bought. We see this when Min Hye pulls some strings to get her follower count back to what it was. The rising numbers were just an effect of emergence of ‘bots’ or fake profiles, which simply are present to push the numbers ahead.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the limitless possibilities it offers, manipulation and manufacturing of an utopian world comes easily to those who can wield its reigns. ‘Celebrity’ goes to show how greed, unsatiated desire and inferiority complex can pave the way to a person’s downfall. In a world where the lines between the real and the fiction are highly blurred, one must act with caution and not take everything at face value. Sometimes what you see is not the reality.

The K-drama also makes a comment on how there is no end to human greed. Each of the influencers shown in the drama had certain drawbacks and like Icarus who flew too close to the sun, these social media stars grew perilously close to unhealthy measures to gain a popularity and eventually faced public humiliation and saw their ‘careers’ die.

JAL Rating – Celebrity Season 1 Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

JAL gives ‘Celebrity’ a stunning 4.5 stars for a gripping tale and lessons it left in its wake. Have you watched the Celebrity Season 1. If yes, do let us know your feedbacks in the comments section below.

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JAL gives 'Celebrity' a stunning 4.5 stars for a gripping tale and lessons it left in its wake. 'Celebrity' goes to show how greed, unsatiated desire and inferiority complex can pave the way to a person's downfall. Read the full review from the link below in detail. Celebrity Season 1 Review: Fame, but at what cost?

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