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Gunther’s Millions Review – Millionaire, but at what Cost?

Gunther’s Millions Review – Having access to money brings with it a slew of luxury and elevated lifestyle shenanigans. As much as money is good for one’s living, it can also be harmful in excess. Rich people with no heirs or anyone to pass on to their wealth to often resort to trusts or pass it on to unlikely recipients – their pets. You must be familiar with the Bollywood movie Entertainment where a wealthy merchant leaves his wealth to his pet dog after his death. Well, something similar happened in the real life as well. Gunther’s Millions is a documentary on Netflix that reflects these actions.

Gunther’s Millions Trailer

Gunther’s Millions Review

Gunther’s Millions premiered on Netflix on February 1st, 2023. The 4-part documentary covers the story of the world’s richest German Shephard Gunther and his caretaker Maurizio Mian. The dog shot to fame in the 90s and early 2000s when his story came to light. The dog inherited a wealth of millions from a German countess after her death, but the money was transferred to a trust fund since a dog is unable to take any decision.

His caretaker Maurizio Mian lived a life of luxury, wealth and access to every possible thing on this planet. He has a degree in pharmacology and he was also a professor until the age of 37. But there is more to Gunther and Maurizio’s story than just an uncanny situation they are in. It is told to the public that a German countess named her pet dog after her son after he killed himself at the age of 26. The son was suffering from depression and his premature loss was a shock to the countess.

As the documentary moves ahead, it is revealed that there was no German countess in the first place. A woman like that did exist but she was no countess. Maurizio hailed from a family of wealth. His family earned its fortune from their pharmaceutical company which boomed in its heydays. Maurizio’s family transferred their wealth to this woman who was a family friend.

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The story of the German countess and her son were just make believe. The dog itself belonged to one of Maurizio’s romantic partners. The dog only served as a device for Maurizio to lead a voyeuristic lifestyle. The countess’ son was a reflection of Maurizio’s experiences and aspirations. Maurizio struggled with establishing an amicable relationship with his mother and through the story of the countess’ love for her son he aimed to perhaps get the motherly love he always wanted.

Gunther's Million Review
Gunther’s Million Review – A still from Gunther’s Millions on Netflix.

Under the Gunther Trust, Mian ventured into various aspects of show business. He hired five people and made them live together. They were given every possible luxury and freedom. But what makes the story unsettling is that Maurizio employed a group of scientists to watch and observe these five individuals. He has been of the opinion that money and wealth can bring one immense happiness. These five people were his subjects to study happiness. Happiness is something that he himself has searched for all his life through materialistic pursuits.

The people involved in the studies were also interviewed for this documentary. They were also of the opinion that as enticing as the whole proposition seemed initially, something strange was indeed happening behind the scenes. After the first five members left, another set of individuals were hired. A baby was also born to one of the women, and it was believed that the baby would be happy since she was born to parents who were happy. This practice thrust on the individuals raises several moral and ethical questions. A study on humans and their lifestyle under such controlled simulations is not regarded in the best of interests.

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Gunther’s Millions started as a documentary about a wealthy dog, but it soon opened doors to a heap of lies. If one is to surmise from the events shown, it can be said that Maurizio Mian and his family came up with a story to cover up their wealth, escape paying taxes, and also find a loophole in the system to spend their money relentlessly. In the later part of the documentary it was also revealed that the first dog might be actually cloned. This again raises questions against the ethical conduct of keeping the original line of Gunther alive.

Then there was also a case where several German Shepherd dogs were released from captivity. People involved in these incidents gave diplomatic answers which might not have answered truthfully but they did hint at something ominous happening behind the scenes. Despite the documentary unearthing so many of the hidden secrets surrounding Gunther Trust, there is still a lot to discover. Perhaps the audience will never find the true happenings of the Gunther Trust, but at least it brought out the whole hoax to the public. Mian and his team continue to lead a life of wealth, luxury and extravaganza.

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Gunther’s Millions – JAL Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Just A Library gives Gunther’s Millions a sold 4.5 out of 5 for its stunning revelation of a scam. Have you come across such stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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