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Honest SMOL Products Review – Are SMOL Products worth the price?

Smol Products ReviewSmol is a British-based DTC firm that manufactures and sells cleaning products. It was created in 2018 by ex-Unilever employees with the goal of saving the earth and helping customers in buying products at a lower cost. Smol is well-known for its environmentally friendly and low-chemical goods. Their subscription service allows for hassle-free shopping, and their main selling point is their green production, with all packaging being plastic-free and either compostable or recyclable and what cannot be recycled is transformed into new products and packaging.

To offer you a clear grasp, Just A Library purchased and tried all of Smol’s products. Join me for a thorough analysis of every Smol product to determine whether switching from the standard cleaning brands is indeed worthwhile.

SMOL products review
source – SMOL

How smol works?

To reduce waste and stress, Smol offers a subscription delivery service for household cleaners. It delivers eco-friendly laundry capsules and dishwasher pills to people’s homes via letterboxes on a subscription basis, lowering the price of leading brands. Customers submit a survey that tracks their washing patterns and begin their subscription. Following that, they create and distribute products based on their requirements. 

I’ve ordered the free trial packs in order to test it out and review it on Just A Library. I received the Smol multi surface cleaner pill and its branded spray bottle on the scheduled delivery date. But the Smol’s washing capsules didn’t arrive till the end of the week. Later on, I realised that I had forgotten about their laundry capsule letterbox delivery concept. Yes!! Taking the laundry capsules pack out of the letterbox was both hilarious and strange, as we were all used to the large rectangular laundry pod box with child lock, which I always find difficult to open. lol! Let’s go over each Smol product in depth.

SMOL PRODUCTS Review – Products

smol review - products
source – SMOL

SMOL Laundry Capsules Review

These laundry pods, which are available in both biological and non-biological variations, as well as fragrance and non-fragrance types, offer a concentration of laundry detergent similar to any other on the market. These small yet potent pods are ready to take on the harshest grass stains at any time. You may always test both pods for free before committing to a subscription. I tried the non-bio laundry pod, which is quite good and has a pleasant aroma. I would strongly recommend that you give it a shot. Get your free trail pack by clicking the image below.

Honest SMOL Products Review - Are SMOL Products worth the price? - Just A LibraryHonest SMOL Products Review - Are SMOL Products worth the price? - Just A Library


Again, these are smaller than standard dishwashing pods but just as efficient. I would absolutely recommend it again as it is just as good as the leading brand’s pods. Go to the link for a free trial. Following that, the free-trail 30 dish wash tablets cost only £5.80, which I believe is a reasonable price considering you are polluting the environment again by using the typical pods from the big brands with plastic packaging and so on.

SMOL Fabric conditioner Review

The most powerful and concentrated fabric conditioner contains no animal fat and provides all of the deep cleansing and softening components we want. Oh..yes!! Fabric conditioners commonly comprise fats from pigs, cows, sheep, or horses. Each subscription begins with two bottles, offering around six months of product with a single payment. Again, it is as nice as other brands’ standard models and well worth the price.

SMOL Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray Review

You can purchase this again under the free-trial pack concept and give it a shot before moving to the subscription model. This free trail includes 3 color-coded spray bottles and one multi-surface cleaning tablet. Following that, each tablet will be £1 in the future. Sprays are classified into three types: multipurpose, cleaning, and disinfection. For my free trial pack, I tried the multi-surface capsules.

All you have to do is fill the bottle halfway with water, place the capsule inside, and leave it for a while. Voula!! Your multi-surface cleaner is now ready to use. I tried it personally, and my honest opinion is that it is not very good. I’m not sure if I overfilled the bottle with water, but the product isn’t as effective as normal. But, once again, I’d like you to get the free pack and try it for yourself, then let me know what I did wrong here!

SMOL Sustainability Milestones

  • This brand has saved over 300 tonnes of plastic and over 1000 tonnes of chemicals since its inception in 2018.
  • Smol has also gone above and above by including recyclable bottles that are refilled and mailed back upon request, ensuring that each bottle used is made entirely of recycled plastic.
  • Smol has taken it a step further by include reusable bottles that can be refilled and returned on demand, ensuring that each bottle is fully composed of recycled plastic.
  • Switching from an unethical mainstream brand to Smol’s dishwasher pills saves 46% carbon, while switching to their laundry capsules saves 35%.
Honest SMOL Products Review - Are SMOL Products worth the price? - Just A LibraryHonest SMOL Products Review - Are SMOL Products worth the price? - Just A Library

Smol Review – FAQs

Does SMOL offer free-trail packs?

Customers after  subscribing with SMOL  will receive a free trial pack. This package contains a choice of laundry or dishwashing tablets. Customers have two weeks to test the subscription service before charges are imposed.

In Which locations does SMOL deliver products?

Presently, the brand has limited shipping locations. Their products are shipped in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Are SMOL products vegan?

Yes! Smol is Cruelty-Free International (leaping bunny) and Vegan Society certified, proving that their ingredients and final products do not exploit animals.

For whom SMOL is for?

It is a good choice for people who want a light fragrance smell at an affordable price with less chemicals in the products.

Are Smol products chemicals free?

They do add little chemicals to their products. This is one of the more transparent green cleaning companies when it comes to ingredients. They list the entire ingredients on their website and products that helps in building transparency.

Are Smol products really eco-friendly?

The packaging of the Smol products are made from recycled plastic, saving over 150 tonnes from landfill each year. So, yes! Smol products are eco-friendly and Smol things make a big difference here.


our verdict

Well, what can I say? Customers adore and value their mission of environmental and ethical manufacturing. The focus on green living is enhanced by their incredibly low prices on their when you compare it with the product prices from the leading brands. It can be difficult to obtain eco-friendly products at cheap pricing, but they are doing it somehow. The brand currently has 4.8/5 stars from over 4,375 online ratings. Last but not least, I tested it and can tell that this product is really good, especially given that these things are eco-friendly with no plastic and so on. I would strongly advise you to get this free-trail and proceed further if you are happy with it. 

SMOL may not be a leading brand right now, but their purpose is clearly scaring the larger companies and will catapult SMOL to the top of the market in no time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you currently use any Smol products? Do  let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to read other articles from fantastic authors on a variety of topics from Just A Library.

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I’ll catch up with you in another post. Meanwhile, take care and have a wonderful life!

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Smol Products Review - Smol is a British-based DTC firm that manufactures and sells cleaning products. It was created in 2018 by ex-Unilever employees with the goal of saving the earth and helping customers in buying products at a lower cost. Smol is well-known for...Honest SMOL Products Review - Are SMOL Products worth the price?

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