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5 Ways How SpaceX Starship Is Making Sci-Fi Into Reality

SpaceX has been in the air for quite some time now and th e commercial space company’s rocket development efforts make headlines every day. Since its start, the company has achieved numerous key milestones and drawn attention to them, including the most recent breakthroughs in the SpaceX Starship.

SpaceX’s Starship is a fully reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle that is being developed specifically for massive space missions. It is the space industry’s tallest and most powerful launch vehicle. The first stage of the Starship launch vehicle is the Super Heavy booster, and the second stage is the Starship. The spacecraft is planned to have four different variants: cargo, personnel, propellant tanker, and lunar lander. 

We all know how awesome is to watch the SpaceX launch vehicles’ perfect landings. Both Starship rocket stages are designed for effective reuse following a vertical landing. The rocket is powered by Raptor engines and uses liquid oxygen and liquid methane as propellants. Isn’t that incredible? Keep reading. More SpaceX Starship news is available below, including the five ways SpaceX’s Starship is turning science fiction into reality.

Starship Development

In 2007, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, had a vision for Mars colonisation and settlement. Before 2014, SpaceX began building the Raptor Engine, which drives Starship. From 2011 to 2014, Musk made a number of statements emphasising his desire for SpaceX to take humans to Mars in the 2020s and 2030s. Musk formally confirmed in 2012 that SpaceX’s launch vehicle is capable of performing a perfect vertical landing after launching satellites into space, and we have been living proof of vertical landings since then.

In terms of Starship development, the earliest of such prototypes was known as the Starhopper. In 2019, it performed numerous static fires and low-altitude flights, as well as lengthy space duration flying tests. In a series of high-altitude test launches in late 2020 and early 2021, SpaceX lost four Starship prototypes when the return landing attempts ended in failures. Aah. I recollect those thrilling days and nights when I waited for the countdowns and hoped for the launch’s success. Nominal Starship landing!” Musk declared success approximately seven minutes after SN15’s touchdown.

Wait!! Did you happen to miss that? No way!!! Don’t be worried. I’ve managed to embed the video link below.

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As previously stated, it will be used for long-distance voyages lasting up to nine months. Musk aims to build approximately 40 cabins in the payload area towards the front of the upper stage. The Starship will be crucial to Nasa’s Artemis project, which aims to establish a long-term human presence on the Moon. The United States Space Administration awarded SpaceX a $2.89 billion contract in April 2021 to develop Starship into a lander capable of carrying tourists to the lunar surface this decade. Here are some images with more SpaceX Starship news for you.

Starship Duo

As previously stated, Starship is the world’s tallest rocket ever built. The combined height of the Starship and Super Heavy is 395 feet (120 m). That’s more than 30 feet (9 metres) taller than NASA’s massive Saturn V moon rocket. The Starship is a 165-foot-tall stainless-steel rocket meant to transport astronauts to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. As mentioned in the previous section, SpaceX powers the super gigantic Starship using Raptor engines, which burn methane and liquid oxygen to provide extra thrust to the rocket. SpaceX picked methane and liquid fuel because it is less expensive and produces less carbon waste.

Super Heavy

The first stage is super heavy, forming the lower half of the engine, which is 230ft (70m) long and 30ft (9m) broad, and can house 33 sea-level tuned raptor engines. Three engines are located in the inner ring, ten in the middle ring, and twenty in the outer ring of the engine cluster. The engines in the inner and middle rings can steer and regulate thrust vectors, but not the engines in the outer ring. The Raptor Boost engines on the outer ring are from a separate raptor type. They produce 72 MN (16,000,000 lbf) at full power, making them twice as powerful as the Saturn V.



    The upper body of the rocket is formed by the rocket’s second stage or long-duration spaceship. Its payload volume exceeds the pressurised volume of the International Space Station. Starship will be able to transport larger payloads and more astronauts to various Earth orbits, the Moon, and Mars by refuelling the spaceship in orbit with tanker spacecraft.

    Six Raptor engines are positioned in the Starship spacecraft’s aft end, three of which are designed for use in the lower atmosphere and the other three Raptor Vacuum engines are designed for performance in the vacuum of space. The attitude of the spacecraft in space is controlled by a system of reaction control thrusters mounted on the spacecraft’s exterior.

    Where are we Now?

    According to a tweet from SpaceX early on Wednesday, a Starship upper-stage prototype known as Ship 24 was stacked atop the Booster 7 Super Heavy first stage at the orbital launch pad at Starbase for the first time on Tuesday (Oct. 12, 2022).

    I know we’re all eagerly anticipating the launch. Here’s what Elon had to say when a SpaceX fan tweeted about the launch.

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    5 WAYS SpaceX’s starship is making Sci-Fi into Reality

    #1 New Gen Spacecraft

    It is intended to be a fully reusable rocket. The principal functions of the Starship include launching several satellites into orbit, long-duration lunar travel, transporting humans to Mars, and exploring planets beyond our galaxy.

    #2 Mars Mission

    Elon Musk and his firm are planning to transform a fantasy into a reality by delivering humans to Mars, which is around 54.6 million kilometres away. People from all across the world are eager to witness this incredible mission. It isn’t far.

    #3 Passenger Spacecraft Capacity

    Another revolutionary aspect of this spacecraft is that SpaceX plans to transport up to 100 passengers on its voyages. Assuming we’ve achieved progress in space colonisation technology, the world will be able to ferry people back and forth to Mars for the first time, bringing the human footprint to two worlds for the first time.

    #4 Rate of Progress

    It took nearly a generation between the first satellite launch and repeated lunar missions, but space and rocket development had slowed drastically during the post-cold war era until SpaceX emerged on the scene. If the corporation sticks to its current plans, it will be responsible for quadrupling the progress of rocket development. Elon Musk claims that commercial rocket missions will begin as soon as 2023.

    SpaceX Starship
    Source – SpaceX

    #5 High-Speed Travel

    Finally, there is High-Speed One of the most intriguing aspects of SpaceX’s trip to Mars is that it will be completed in a remarkably short amount of time, which will enable interplanetary travel. Musk estimates that the mission will take roughly 80 days, which is extremely short in contrast to prior missions. The identical objective was completed in 228 days by NASA‘s Mariner 4, and 300 days by ISRO‘s Mangalyaan. It will be a fantastic testament to Musk’s belief that as technology develops, it will eventually drop down to 30 days.

    MORE SPACEX STARSHIP NEWS – What makes SpaceX and ISRO stand out from other Space Agencies?


    Elon Musk’s SpaceX firm and its brainchild Starship have lofty goals. With the rate at which the company is advancing, we can expect to see ourselves on Mars at any time. Love the article? Do you want to hear more from us? Why not show your support by subscribing?

    What are your thoughts on SpaceX’s Starship? Do you think SpaceX has completely transformed the space industry? Let me know in the comments section. I’ll see you in another post. Until then, take care!

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