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King The Land Review: Ship it or Skip it?

King The Land Review – There has been a dearth of good, lighthearted Kdramas until Jun-ho and Yoon-a take the viewers worldwide by storm with their cute and charming on-screen chemistry. Kdramas, since the Korean wave, have had an image of lighthearted, fuzzy romantic comedies which King The Land satisfactorily represents. And so, in this article, we bring you King The Land Review. Put on your seatbelts because this will be a ride!

King The Land Review – Trailer

King The Land Review – Trailer

King The Land Review – Plot

King The Land revolves around our sincere and kind leading lady, Cheon Sa-rang who becomes a hotelier at her dream hotel. With her customer-friendly, warm personality, she soon climbs the ladder to become the best employee of King Hotel. At the same time, we meet Goo-won, the son of the chairman who despises anybody who smiles due to a past trauma. He is also quite disinterested in his family and has virtually zero plans of inheriting the family business, much to the suspicions of his rival and sister, Gu Hwa Ran. When bubbly Sa-rang and testy Goo-won meet, there is sure to be a cute romantic comedy! Watch King The Land on Netflix!

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King The Land Review

King the Land is a classic Korean romantic comedy and follows the boss-employee romance trope. The story is incredibly predictable – Gu-won and Sa-rang dislike each other since their initial meeting until…they don’t. They go through a crisis together, resulting in their happy union. The classic romantic comedy structure. What’s charming about King the Land is Go-won and Sa-rang’s chemistry where Jun-ho and Yoon-a become their characters, quite literally. No wonder both of them got entangled in a dating rumor during the run-time of the show with fans from around the world posting about their previous works and their speculations, of course, running wild and free!

Yoon-a’s soft features and elegant mannerisms make her the perfect Sa-rang whose name literally radiates ‘love’. On the other hand, Jun-ho’s portrayal of Gu-won, a cold, wealthy heir cannot be any better. Go-won has probably the most character development in the show. From being indifferent to the hotel staff and lacking empathy, after meeting Sa-rang, he becomes sympathetic towards his employees, often acknowledging their contribution to the success of the hotel which also brings him head to head with his arch-enemy in the show and also his sister, Hwa-Ran.

However, if you have been following Jun-ho’s dramas for a while – Wok of Love, Red Sleeve to name a few – there are almost no distinctions among his characters’ temperament except for probably their status and their profession. In most cases, his characters have been ridiculously similar. This is one of the reasons why King The Land might fall flat for viewers who have watched him in the same character trope for a few years now.

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Moreover, although King the Land portrays the refreshing backdrop of a Hotel, it remains just that – a change of environment. It is cute, charming, and lighthearted initially, but by the middle of the series, it becomes pretty repetitive, with little originality in the plot structure and sequences of events than any other rom-com kdrama. With many ingenious and original Kdramas coming out in 2023, King the Land, because of being quite common in its story and characters, cannot but fade away in the background.

Thus, King the Land is that kdrama whose enjoyability depends entirely on viewer perception and preferences. Suppose you are someone who thoroughly enjoys romantic comedies, especially the ones that are quite predictable since they give you a sense of comfort and an assurance of a happy ending. In that case, you should definitely give King the Land a try. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys original stories with the kick of “something different”, this show is probably not for you. The choice is entirely yours!

Let us know in the comments if you liked watching King the Land!

Our Verdict – JAL Rating

King The Land

We give King the Land a solid 3 out of 5.

JAL Score


  • light-hearted
  • cute couple
  • cute second-lead couple
  • good friendships
  • light humor and feel-good situations


  • predictable plot
  • highly re-used character tropes
  • just another rom-com
  • gets boring somewhere in the middle of the show and is a pain to get through

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