Luther Movie Review: The Fallen Sun – Idris Elba Rises Again as John Luther


Luther Movie Review – The human psyche is a wonderful thing. It has been decades since studies and research began on the human mind, and yet it does not stop from dropping surprises – good or bad ones. There are endless possibilities to the shape one’s mind can take. We may begin jotting down the paths it shoots off too, and we might run out of paper and ink. History is witness to the extent to which a human mind can get corrupt.

We have cases after cases where a sick and twisted mind harmed others for the sake of its own pleasure. For one, it makes us scared for the person sitting next to us, and for the other it makes one more grounded in one’s reality. As technology has progressed, so has the means to go incognito and indulge in one’s fantasies.

We all wear masks in public, but those come off when there is confidentiality and water-tight privacy provided by the dark alleys of the world wide web. DCI John Luther has encountered one too many such twisted minds who would not leave any opportunity to make others suffer. There are people who have sadistic tendencies and when there are no reigns to them, one’s mind is free to gallop on the open lands of imagination. In his latest case, DCI Luther encountered a sick individual who is no less a parasite than a leech. Wondering who DCI Luther and this individual is? Let’s delve further into that story. 

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Luther: The Fallen Sun Trailer

Luther Movie Review: The Fallen Sun

‘Luther’ is a television series starring Idris Elba as the titular character. DCI Luther is what you would call an anti-hero. He has been in service for over two decades and has had a fair share of facing life-threatening risks and highly volatile criminals. The series spanned five seasons, but was far from concluding. There is a new story on the block in the Luther-verse and it is just as gritty and violent.

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ continues his story as he faces a new criminal. Imagine an episode of Black Mirror but water it down a little, and that is what you get when you watch this movie. DCI Luther is after a serial killer but he is charged with a lot of crimes and is put behind bars. The said serial killer continues his work and taunts Luther every chance he gets. 

There have been a series of disappearances but there is no common thread tying the individuals. Usually in a series of kidnappings, there is something common among those who get kidnapped other than the person who kidnapped them. There were no calls for a ransom per se, but the kin of the kidnapped individuals received distressed phone calls asking for help and asking them to come over to a certain location.

When the kin arrived at the location, the perpetrator would watch from afar as the bodies burned in front of the family. The reactions and the whole scene was captured on camera and marketed on the dark web. Luther wants to nab this criminal no matter the cost, and thus begins a double-edged chase as Luther tries to get himself out of prison and at the same time solve the case at hand. 

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Luther Movie Review
Luther: The Fallen Sun. Andy Serkis as David Robey in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2023

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The perpetrator behind the kidnappings and killings is a sick and twisted individual named David Robey (played by the versatile Andy Serkis). David Robey lives off by exploiting other people’s secrets. He digs deep and deep into a person’s life, each and every activity and exploits the one which is most liable to bring shame, fear and disgrace to the targeted individual. That is how he got Luther in jail as well to get Luther out of his way.

But Luther being Luther was not the kind to sit idle and let criminals run amok, even if it means bending or breaking a few rules. Robey was allegedly involved in the fire that left his wife scarred for life, but there was no evidence to incriminate him. Robey always got his way out of his crimes in the past but it was about to change now with Luther hot on his heels. 

If you see the previous ‘Luther’ episodes and this movie, then you won’t find much of a difference in how the story plays out. The 20-odd episodes spanning over five seasons familiarized the audience with DCI Luther, his personal life and also the jarring number of crimes.

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ picks common strains of screenplay and execution from its predecessors and works as a filler to what could be a next chapter in Luther’s life. After Robey brought Luther’s shady works out in the open, the public opinion for him changed drastically and he was removed from his job as well. He is brought down to being a hardened cop turned vigilante as he tries to bring Robey to justice. 

Have you watched the previous seasons of Luther in Netflix? What do you think of the show? Tell us in the comments below!

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Luther Movie Review - The human psyche is a wonderful thing. It has been decades since studies and research began on the human mind, and yet it does not stop from dropping surprises - good or bad ones. There are endless possibilities to the...Luther Movie Review: The Fallen Sun - Idris Elba Rises Again as John Luther