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Moving Kdrama Review: Superheroes enter the K-universe!

Moving Kdrama Review – If you were able to have one superpower, what would it be? As for me, I always wanted to be able to read minds. You know, there’s so much power in data and knowledge. It would be fun to come across people’s bank account information, isn’t it? That’s a joke…almost.

Let’s move on, shall we? In today’s edition of our reviews, we have for you – Moving Kdrama Review!

Moving Kdrama Review – Trailer

Moving Kdrama Review

Moving Kdrama Review – Plot

Moving is a tale about superhumans in modern-day South Korea and that of their inheritance. Their lives take a difficult turn when mysterious murders begin in the city. Why are the parents so paranoid? Why are they trying to hide their children? What’s the role of the state in all this? Who are the people trying to kill them and why? How will their stories end and what is their history? Find out more in Moving on Disney+!

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Moving Kdrama Review

Moving Kdrama (2023) is based on the webtoon by Kang Full, set in a world where superhumans or well, superheroes do exist! The Moving Kdrama release date was 9th August 2023 and has 20 episodes in total. It has become the most-watched Korean TV series on the Disney+ platform globally and on Hulu in the United States. So, there’s no doubt that there’s something they are doing right!

For the past few years, Korean dramas have extensively diversified their genres and viewership, moving beyond the tag of romantic comedies to producing some of the best thrillers, zombie or otherwise! Moreover, they have ventured into genres like dystopia, science-fiction, and now, superheroes! Needless to mention as an avid kdrama fan, I am definitely excited!

Moving as a show is completely unique in the kdrama universe. Even though such genres have been used exhaustively in the West and in other countries, due to cultural and conceptual differences, every genre in a different culture is a new genre altogether and so, Moving is one such instance of the superhero genre in the Korean drama landscape!

For starters, the show is extremely engaging with the pacing, storyline, action sequences, themes, and the performance of the cast and character relations. The pacing of the show is great. The tempo is neither too slow nor too fast, especially for a superhuman-themed action TV show, which more often than not, tends to lean towards mindless action more than character depth and storyline. Moving is a great concoction of fantasy, mystery, thriller, action, and of course, a romcom, the characteristic feature of Kdramas. No matter how serious the genre in Kdramas, chances are it will probably include some rom-com as well because, hey! a potential psychopath can have a love life! (cue: Flowers of Evil).

One of the charms of the show is the insanely good action sequences if you are among the crazy viewers like me who can store at least 3 days worth of energy on the dopamine released from sounds of punches, cracking bones, and sadistic attempts to kill a superhuman with regenerative powers. Moreover, it features the themes of bullying but now from the perspective of the silent observer and ethical questions that accompany the cost of a lost childhood when children are sold into becoming weapons of the state or in a simpler sense, sold into labor.

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Lastly, the cast includes some highly acclaimed actors both young and veterans ranging from Han Hyo-Joo, and Ryu Seung-ryong to popular budding faces like Lee Jeong-ha, Go Youn-jung, Kim Do-hoon, and many more. And needless to mention, the quality of realistic character portrayal in the show is noteworthy. Take for example Han Hyo-Joo who transforms from her sassy, bold, no-nonsense Yoon Sae-bom in Happiness to a mother of a senior in high school and it’s almost difficult to ascertain that these two characters are played by the same person!

In a nutshell, Moving is, hands down, one of the most engaging and unique Kdramas released in 2023 and it would be a shame not to give it a chance with its interesting story, pacing, interesting characters, and the numerous mysteries unveiling themselves like the skins of an onion.

Our Verdict – JAL Rating

JAL score

We give Moving a bang on 4.5 out of 5.

JAL Score


  • story
  • mystery
  • uniqueness
  • action scenes
  • pacing
  • acting


  • CGI is not that great in certain scenes


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