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The Dark Side Of Qatar World Cup 2022 – Slavery And Controversies

It’s time for the football fans to gather as the 22nd edition of the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 is about to begin in November. Without a doubt FIFA is one of the anticipated sports events in the world with its popularity increasing over the years.

This FIFA 2022 is something special, as the event is planned on a huge scale to attract a mass audience but it also has attracted global media. Why is that? Let’s dive and see what’s about to happen in FIFA 2022 and how it’s planned.

Qatar World cup Host – Controversy

If you have been following football for a long time you’ll know that Qatar was awarded the right to host the WC 12 years ago, but the problem began at that point of time. But right from the time of gaining the rights for hosting WC, Qatar has been in the light for various controversies.

A number of media and social groups have expressed their concern of Qatar hosting the World Cup of ill treatment of migrant workers, rights of for LGBTQ fans as homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.

Hassan Abdulla al Thawadi, the chief executive of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid, stated that alcohol consumption would be permitted during the event, despite the fact that drinking in public is prohibited due to the country’s Sharia-based legal system.

The Middle East is known for its strict rules, regulations and culture, hence hosting a global tournament requires some protocol to be followed. Given that Qatar has worked with various decision makers to sort out issues.

Qatar World Cup 2022

Bidding Corruption

Qatar has come under growing criticism for hosting the World Cup due to allegations about the role of former top football official Mohammed bin Hammam in securing the bid. A former member of the Qatar bid team claimed that Qatar paid $1.5 million to several African officials. She later retracted her claims, claiming that she was forced to do so by Qatari bid officials. 

It was revealed in March 2014 that former CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football ) president Jack Warner and his family were paid nearly $2 million from a firm associated with Qatar’s successful campaign. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into Warner and his alleged involvement in the Qatar bid.

Migrant Worker Issues

One of the touched issues on this World Cup is about the treatment of migrant workers who were hired to build the stadiums, and other infrastructures. The shocking news among these controversies is that about  6500 migrant workers from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have reportedly died since Qatar won the right to host WC.

In Sep 2013 it was reported that the migrant workers from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal have been exposed to “appalling” living conditions, are threatened by “unscrupulous recruitment agents” in their home countries, and never collected the promised salaries and withholding their ID permits, and passports.

According to a data published from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri lanka revealed that nearly 5927 deaths of migrants from 2011-2020, another data from Pakistan revealed a total of 824 deaths of Pakistani workers between 2010-2020

In October 2017, the ITUC announced that Qatar had signed an agreement to improve the situation of the country’s more than two million migrant workers. According to the ITUC, the agreement provided for significant labor system reforms, including the elimination of the Kafala system, and would benefit workers in general, particularly those working on 2022 FIFA World Cup infrastructure projects.

Workers will no longer need permission from their employers to leave the country or change jobs. The human rights group also claims that some people have been forced to work into unpaid labor.

Diplomatic Crisis

In June 2017, Countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE and Yemen severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of undermining the region and supporting terrorist organisations and sent a letter to FIFA to replace Qatar as WC host as the country is a base of terrorism.

Tournament has now been moved to the winter months, which has somewhat negated that. Qatar has planned a lot for venue design and it is interesting that Qatar has decided to dismantle / donate some of the venues post world cup.


Onto the important aspect of FIFA 2022 that makes it more interesting. It is the budget of this tournament. Compared to previous editions, this edition will be an expensive FIFA edition to be played.

Qatar has invested nearly USD 200 billion (including money spent on building stadiums and other infrastructures). It is approximately 20 times the cost of the previous football World Cup held in Russia.

Gleaming new stadiums costing more than $6.5 billion are ready, and a $36 billion driverless metro system serves five of the eight venues and 100 new hotels and an entirely new city is built around the new stadiums  making the Arab country shine like a football festival.


One of the wealthiest countries in the world has come forward to host a global sport event and has already turned the eyes towards them for this tournament. With less than a to go for this spectacular event to begin, millions of fans have started to experience the FIFA vibes.

FIFA’s top officials have urged participating teams in Qatar to “focus on football” and not to get involved “in every ideological or political battle that exists”. The letter has further stressed the importance of mutual respect and non-discrimination, which are regarded as the core values of the sport.

Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said: ”We commend footballers using their platforms to raise awareness for important matters.

“We have committed every effort to ensuring that this World Cup has had a transformative impact on improving lives, especially for those involved in constructing the competition and non-competition venues we’re responsible for. “Protecting the health, safety, security, and dignity of every worker contributing to this World Cup is our priority.”

Whatever happened with this FIFA sign-off to Qatar and the rest of what happened for the migrant workers is unacceptable in my opinion and must be investigated by FIFA. But we’ve already surpassed that point, and the game is about to begin. As a result, it is time to concentrate on the game and the safety of the players, as this will be a different occausion for them, especially given the weather circumstances.

Hence, let us all concentrate on the game for the time being. But the allegations against this world cup 2022 must not go answered. 

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