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9 Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him

9 Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is a time of celebration. Gifts are something that will make your love and language even more beautiful. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty. Nowadays aesthetics is very popular in social media. A lot of people are invested in creating aesthetic looks and backgrounds in their picture, home, mobile phones, laptop and what not!

In this age of aesthetics, let us look at some of the aesthetic gifts you can give your partner this Valentine’s Day. This post will be extensive as we have included some of the best small business Instagram pages below. Please read all the way to the end and support local businesses.

Note: We’ve not partnered with any of the small business mentioned here in this article.

9 Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him

1. Books and Bookmarks

If your partner is a bookworm or someone who loves reading a lot of romantic books, who imagine themselves in those scenarios and is a hopeless romantic, then this is the perfect choice of gift. A lot of amazing books in different genres like romance, fiction, non-fiction, manga, anime are available across the internet. Here are some Instagram pages that could help you find perfect gift for your partner.

2. Handwritten Letters

This is old school style yet a very personal and beautiful gift for your partner. In this social media influenced world, where you could send 100 messages within 10 minutes to anywhere in the world, there are cravings for something that is more beautiful, heart-touching, personal and heartwarming. That’s where handwritten letters stand out. Pour out your heart to your partner and I bet they will keep this safe in their heart, forever.

9 Aesthetic Valentine's Day Gifts for Her and Him - Just A Library
Source: Pinterest 

3. Aesthetic Mobile Cases

This is absolutely the latest trend. A lot of customisable options are available with sellers which will help you choose the perfect gift for your partner. Customise the case with the aesthetics that describes you and your partner. Code messages in them would be great fun too! Here are some recommendations! 

4. Planners and Journals

One of the most important things in our life is to take care of our mental health. Gratitude reflections and journaling will help us to reflect on our habits and life. A planner or journal as a gift to your partner will help them take care of their mental health and will help in keeping your relationship a happy and stable one. Here are some recommendations!

They create amazing, beautiful and minimalistic planners that will definitely suit your aesthetics.

5. Stationary

If your partner loves stationery and literally spends half of their money buying cute and quirky stationery, then this is the perfect gift for them. Let them bring their inner child to this world. Here are our recommendations!

They have very pretty, cute, small and large stationary that will definitely make the inner child in your partner feel very happy and loved.

6. Jewellery

Who doesn’t love beautiful, aesthetic jewellery? Gift your partner their favorite jewellery. A variety of options and colors are available that will help you choose the perfect design. Oh and the best part is you can customise some of the designs too! Here are our recommendations!

For best silver jewelleries, check out Giva Jewellery. They have some pretty good collections.

7. Merchandises

If your partner has a favorite movie, series, actor or a character and is totally obsessed with it, gifting them a merchandise will make them even more happy. I mean, who doesn’t love to have their favorite character with them forever? Here are our recommendations!

This is perfect for bookworms! They have merchandise based on popular books with a variety of options. 

They have very creative and beautifully designed t-shirts, hoodies. They customise and print clothing. You can even twin with your partner!

For all the fellow Swifties like me, this is mostly Taylor Swift merchandise. They custom make their clothing using her song lyrics, theme and album. The best part is it is affordable, available in different sizes and colors and they give beautiful freebies as well! 

Tamil people, you don’t really need special mention of fully filmy. They create a lot of memes and movie based clothing, postures etc. Go grab your favorite for your partner from their collection. Check out their website for more details.

8. Personalised Gifts 

If your partner is a private person or someone who loves personal and reminding gifts, yes you heard it right, this will be the perfect gift. Here are our recommendations!

This is one of my most favorite pages of all time. They give you customisable Polaroids in different sizes, wall collages, wallet cards and so much more at a very affordable rate. Just place your orders and you’ll love it

This is again one of my most favorite pages. They are perfect for long distance couples. Their memory maps are a perfect reminder that distance doesn’t matter if your souls are intertwined. They also have a variety of frames and more. 

Some Special Aesthetic Gifts For Her

Guys, listen up. Here’s a whole new section just to give you extra deets to keep your girl the happiest. Here are our recommendations:

They make handcrafted sarees that are literally straight out from a romantic film. They give a princess in saree vibe and are very beautiful. If your girl loves wearing a saree, then just simply go for this. They’re literally perfect.

They have a very cute and wide range of tote bags to choose from based on your favorite artists and also with quotes. They also have T-shirts and crop tops. They’re affordable and of great quality. Check them out!

If your girl loves makeup, just head over here. They have lip glosses, lip and cheek tint, lip scrub and eyeliners. Their glosses and tint are highly pigmented, long lasting and can be used everyday. The shades they have are so beautiful and neutral, perfect for everyday use.

9. Surprise With A Playlist

Last but not the least, if your partner loves listening to songs and if they’re into music, then this is a perfect choice. Create a playlist with your favorite songs, their favorite songs and songs that both of you have fond memories of. Let it be from your favorite singer, music director, lyricist or actors. Show them your world through music. This may not seem like a gift, but there are certain people who would appreciate it.

And there you have it!! Our list on 9 Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him. Have a look at them and choose a perfect gift for your partner!

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Just a simple girl who loves coffee, lives between books and running towards her goals!

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