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    Have festivals lost the charm they once had before?

    It's 4:30 AM in the morning. Your mother is awake arranging all the things needed to cook. You're asleep and your family is still asleep, all of you having dreams of your own. Your mother wakes you one by one. She gives you a...

    Dot and Key Vitamin C Sunscreen Review SPF 50 – The Viral Holy Grail Product You’ll Definitely Love

    Every single detail you need to know about Dot & Key Sunscreen to help you pick the right sunscreen!

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    15 Powerful Foods for a Stronger Immune System

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    World Environment Day – 3 Sites you can get your Garden Supplies and Gifts

    World Environment Day is just around the corner and Just A Library's vision is to help promote our readers engage in saving and protecting our environment. Click the link below to read in detail.

    Modern Love Chennai Review – 6 Episode Anthology Based on Love and Chennai

    Modern Love Chennai, an Amazon original, is a 6 episode anthology about Love based on Chennai produced by Tyler Durden and Kino fist. The series released on 18th May 2023 is streaming on Amazon prime. Click the link in bio to read more.

    Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery – Here are 3 reasons to watch it

    Two priced Uncle Hong jackfruits goes missing in MLA Pateria's house. Will the police led by Mahima find them before they are ripen?

    Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway Review: Heart Warming Tale of a Mother’s Victory Against a Nation

    Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is a heart warming tale of a mother and her fight to get her children back against a big nation. With all its emotions, lessons and honesty, it clearly shows that truth alone triumphs.

    9 Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it is a time of celebration. If you still haven't decided what to get your partner, then our list of 9 Aesthetic Valentine's Day Gifts for Her and Him will help you for sure. 

    Are You An Odd One In?

    You have something that they don't have and you stand out while others rush to stand in. If that makes you odd, cherish it.

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