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World Environment Day – 3 Sites you can get your Garden Supplies and Gifts

World Environment Day is just around the corner and Just A Library’s vision is to help promote our readers engage in saving and protecting our environment. Our Environment is saving us from so many harmful stuffs and it’s high time we realize that and do our bit to save our environment.

World Environment DayWhat can we do to protect our Environment?

  • Reduce the usage of plastics
  • Follow the 5 R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle
  • Plant trees in your surroundings.
  • Stop wasting electricity.
  • Try Home Gardening and encourage others to do as well.

Just A Library brings you three websites from which you can buy indoor plants, and garden supplies, and use them to gift your loved ones. They also have corporate gifting. If you wanted to start gardening and don’t know where to start, or what plants to buy, these sites are here to rescue you. Let us know what these sites offer in detail.

  1. Ugaoo
  2. Ferns and petals
  3. Nursery live


Ugaoo consists of a team of more than 200 people ranging from horticultural experts, to design executives and many more. When Ugaoo’s CEO returned to India after finishing his degree from CalTech, he noticed a disconnect between people and nature. To re-establish this connection, he started Ugaoo, and today, a lot of people are part of this happy plant community.

They grow their own plants in poly houses and greenhouses spread over 18 acres of land. They take care of growing these plants, taking care of them and bringing them safely to your doorstep, and filling your home with beauty and joy. They adhere to the sustainable benefits of the environment.

world environment day - Ugaoo
Image source: Ugaoo

What does Ugaoo Do?

Ugaoo offers a wide range of plants from Indoor plants, flowering plants, pet-friendly plants, Air Purifying plants, Low Light Plants, Cacti and Succulents, Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Hanging plants, Gardening tools, Soil, Potting mix, Vermicompost, Perlite, Manure, Plant Tablets, Plastic Pots, Metal pots, Ceramic pots, Seeds, Water Cans and Sprayers and much more.

They also undertake personal and corporate gifting. They have a blog through which they update their plant community with so many interesting features, news, and knowledge in Gardening. With over 301k followers on Instagram and an active youtube channel, they keep their community updated. They also have Garden Kit for selective plants through which can grow fresh plants all by yourself. They also have an amazing feature – Video Consultation with their plant experts for a very nominal fee, who will help us identify the problems with our plants and help us sort them out.

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My personal experience with Ugaoo

I ordered a Money Plant and Fittonia Green plant with Ugaoo, and I was very much impressed by the packaging. The plant was not damaged, it was not dried. It looked healthy as ever, with an attractive pot that also had a feature of removing excess water from the plants. Thanks to Ugaoo, my plants are so happy having their best time on my Balcony, soaking it all in the sun and dancing happily to the moods of nature. I would 10/10 recommend Ugaoo to anyone who is new to gardening or to plant lovers who want more plant babies!

Here’s Ugaoo’s Official Website, go and get your plant babies today!!!

Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is India’s top gifting brand that helps you give gifts to your loved ones during any special occasion, you name it! and they have it. They deliver the gifts to all major cities of the country within 2 hours. They also deliver personalized gifts like pens, mugs, photo frames, LED Bluetooth speakers, and many many more. They have served over 8 million happy customers, delivered to over 19000 and more pin codes, 70+ countries having over 400 retail stores across India.

You could gift a wide variety of fresh flowers, cakes, potted plants, gifts, Personalized gifts, chocolates, and more. Get some amazing plant babies for your loved ones or even gift them to yourself. Let’s practice some self-love this environment day.

Here’s Ferns N Petal’s Official Website, Go visit them and gift your loved ones something flowery and greeny on your special occasion.

Nursery Live

Nurserylive was founded in 2014 with the goal of making gardening accessible to everyone, be it a beginner or an expert. They have an Instagram account with 121k followers, a youtube channel, and a blog where they update their customers regarding gardening. They have over 6000 products to choose from. Their products range from indoor plants, outdoor plants, bonsai plants, lucky bamboo plants, fruit plants, and whatever you want, you name it, they have it.

They also have a variety of seeds, pots, bulbs, garden soil, fertilizers, soil additives, garden pebbles, tools, miniature garden toys, and much more. They also undertake personalized and corporate gifting.

Here’s Nurserylive’s official website, do check them out and enjoy getting your plant babies!

Here are Just A Library’s top three picks to get your hands on gardening. This Environment Day, let’s join our hands together and help create a green and sustainable earth and environment not only for us but also for our loved ones and our future to come.

What are you waiting for, Plant Parents? Get your plant babies today and witness them bloom and dance happily with you! 😍

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