Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery – Here are 3 reasons to watch it


Kathal Movie Review – This movie is about Kathal which translates to jackfruit, that went missing in a MLA’s house at a village. Before getting into the review, here are some of the details about Kathal movie.

Kathal Movie Review- A Jackfruit Movie Cast and Details

  • Starring : Sanya Malhotra, Anant V Joshi, Neha Saraf, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav and more.
  • Directed by : Yashowardhan Mishra
  • Release Date : 19 May 2023.
  • Running time : 115 minutes.
  • IMDb Rating : 7.0/10
  • Google Users Rating 4.6/5
  • Streaming Platform : Netflix

Kathal – A Jackfruit Mystery Trailer

Kathal Movie Plot

Kathal is a political and satirical Hindi comedy drama, that revolves around two stolen valuable uncle Hong jackfruits from MLA Pateira’s (Vijay Raaz) garden and the inspector Mahima ( Sanya Malhotra ) and her team looking after it. They suspect the gardener who was fired days before the jackfruit theft, while the gardener himself reaches the police station to file a missing person complaint on his daughter Amiya. The story revolves around two questions, whether the jackfruits were found and what happened to Amiya.

3 Reasons to Watch Kathal A Jackfruit Mystery Movie

1. A Satirical Comedy Drama

There is so much of satire in the entire movie, that jells good with the script. The characters have a perfect comical thread in them, that makes the movie feel like a perfect dress woven with good screenplay, writing and performance. The comic scenes don’t feel forced rather it feels perfect and connects with the plot.

Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery - Here are 3 reasons to watch it - Just A Library
Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery - Here are 3 reasons to watch it

2. Breaking Stereotypical Thoughts on Jobs of a Couple

The film shows inspector Mahima and her constable boyfriend Saurabh face a conflict just because the woman in this relationship is in a higher rank at work than the man. This particular reason throws a wall in-between their relationship but later they find a way to break the wall.

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3. Breaking Stereotypical Thoughts on Caste System

Many of us are progressing forward in the society, throwing the long lasting bias on caste system that has been dividing people into upper and lower caste. This film perfectly shows that caste system does exist in our society and how the lower caste sometimes become victim for the things that they don’t commit. But, the film also shows how a person from lower caste like Mahima is now an inspector, who aspires to break these stereotypes, treat people as people and not on the basis of which caste they belong to.

Kathal Movie Review
Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery - Here are 3 reasons to watch it

This film also shows that a lot of girls who went missing in the village was not found rather they only exist in the photographs in the missing person records. Mahima uses this as an opportunity to find the gardener’s missing daughter Amiya and also hopes to find these missing girls someday.

Sanya Malhotra as Mahima, is convincing in her role as not only a determined and strict police officer but also as someone who is compassionate and someone who could solve puzzles of this mystery easily. Anant V Joshi as Saurabh, a struggling constable did a good performance. A brewing romance between the inspector and constable looks decent and not very exaggerated.

MLA Pateira is an old school superstitious person who is greedy to expand his political position with a very clumsy family and a spoiled child. Vijay Naaz as Pateira really fits like a perfect button on a shirt. Rajpaal Yadav with his comical appearance and dialogues, brings out quite the comical elements. Music was good with lyrics connected to the story and situation, interwoven with the film.

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Kathal Movie Review
Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery - Here are 3 reasons to watch it

Though the film, breaks certain preconceived notions in the society, it does go with what the society wants people to do at some parts of the film. Some scenes were a bit too lengthy and the film does not answer all the questions it started with. Did they find Uncle Hong Kathals? Watch the film to find out.

Kathal Movie Review – JAL Rating

Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery - Here are 3 reasons to watch it - Just A Library
Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery - Here are 3 reasons to watch it

JAL gives a solid 4/5 for the missing Kathals. It is definitely a good entertaining watch this weekend. You’ll definitely miss having jackfruits while watching the movie, so make sure you have some nearby with you 😉.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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