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High Cookie Review – Dive into the Deep, Dark World of Drugged Cookies which Fulfils All Desires

High Cookie Review – In today’s fast-paced digital world, where every scroll and click holds immense value, concerns about mental abilities are on the rise. High Cookie, the latest kdrama thriller, presents a tantalizing scenario: imagine being a student in a high-status school where success is everything. But as your grades slide, desperation sets in. Suddenly, there’s talk of a mysterious cookie that promises to unlock your potential and turn your dreams into reality. Would you risk it all for that edge? This show takes you on a gripping journey through a world of secrets, deception, and high-stakes decisions.

High Cookie Review

High Cookie! is a compelling kdrama thriller delving into the lives of two sisters, Choi Soo-Young and Choi Min-Young, haunted by a history of brutal abuse at the hands of their father. The story unfolds years later, where Min-Young attends an esteemed private school, Jeonghan High School, while Soo-Young sacrifices her education to support her sister by working in a factory.

One standout quality of the show is its refusal to pigeonhole characters into clear-cut categories. Instead, it thrives on ambiguity, crafting characters closer to real-life personas. The introduction of a drug-induced cookie that compels individuals to confront their deepest desires adds a fascinating layer to the narrative. Soo-Young, initially depicted as a selfless, hardworking sister, harbors secret yearnings for a normal life free from her sister’s burdens. Similarly, Ho-su starts as a passive, kind character only to surprise audiences by emerging as a pivotal figure, the chef, in a gripping plot twist.

This multifaceted portrayal of characters also unveils the darker shades of human desires and corruption, exemplified by Yoo Sung-Pil, the counselor at Jeonghan High School. In reality, Yoo Sung-Pil is revealed to be one of the individuals attempting to uncover the identity of the chef in order to obtain the recipe for the high cookie drug. To do so, he had usurped the position of the school counsellor by brutally murdering his acquaintance.

While the series boasts intense moments, its pacing falters in the initial episodes, occasionally deviating from the expected tempo of thrillers. Several episodes preceding the chef’s revelation feel more like filler content, with the real action kicking in only after Ho-su’s true identity is unveiled. Despite Choi Hyun-wook’s remarkable portrayal, skillfully transitioning between the benevolent Ho-su and the enigmatic chef, the show’s writing appears unnecessarily prolonged.

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The excessive inclusion of predictable plot twists tends to weaken the impact of the storyline, resulting in a somewhat foreseeable overall script. For instance, in the latest episode, Soo-young’s attempt to deceive Ho-su takes an unexpected turn when she unexpectedly aligns with Ho-su, only for him to be abducted by the criminal masterminds responsible for creating the drug. Furthermore, a significant mystery arises surrounding Min-Young’s inexplicable coma. Logically speaking, it seems improbable for her to fall into a coma, let alone miraculously awaken from it, especially considering the fatal dose of the cookie that previously claimed the lives of two students.

Furthermore, a notable drawback of High Cookie is the lack of officially released subtitles, considerably hindering viewers’ engagement and resulting in a below-average viewing experience. Nevertheless, despite this setback, High Cookie still holds enormous potential as it approaches the release of its final four crucial episodes on November 23, 2023, marking the culmination of the series. The hope lingers that these concluding episodes will adeptly tie up the loose ends and necessary explanations, offering viewers a satisfactory and coherent thriller. Catch High Cookie! at

JAL Rating

Despite having its charms and twists, High Cookie feels repetitive at times with its plot progression. Thus, we give it a 7 out of 10.

JAL Score


  • ambiguous characters
  • great acting
  • surprising initial twists


  • repetition of plot twists
  • stretched plot at times
  • a lot of filler content that could have been avoided
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Despite having its charms and twists, High Cookie feels repetitive at times with its plot progression. Thus, we give it a 7 out of 10.High Cookie Review - Dive into the Deep, Dark World of Drugged Cookies which Fulfils All Desires

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