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Strong Girl Nam Soon Review: A Superhuman Family Straight out of A Comic Book for You!


Strong Girl Nam Soon Review – Once upon a time, not in a faraway kingdom, but rather in the enchanting year of 2017, there dwelled a spirited soul named Do Bong Soon. Her effervescent and endearing personality, combined with her extraordinary strength, quickly won the hearts of all who crossed her path. Fast forward six years, a new contender for the affections of the Do Bong Soon’s audiences has emerged: Do Bong Soon’s fearless and kind-hearted cousin, Gang Nam Soon! Let’s take a look at her story in our Strong Girl Nam Soon Review, now, shall we?

Strong Girl Nam Soon Review- Trailer

Strong Girl Nam Soon Review Cast

Lee Yoo-mi plays the lead as Gang Nam Soon who is Hwang Geum-joo’s daughter (played by Kim Jung-eun) and granddaughter of Gil Joong-gan (played by Kim Hae-sook). As for the male leads, Ong Seong-wu appears as Gang Hee-sik, who is a lieutenant in the Gangnam Han River District Police Department specializing in investigating drug cases and Byeon Woo-seok plays Ryu Shi-oh, the CEO of the distribution and sales company ‘Doogo’.

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Strong Girl Nam Soon Review

Strong Girl Nam Soon, as expected, revolves around our cheerful, free-spirited protagonist, Nam Soon. Nam Soon is a wealthy heir of her family business owing to the resourcefulness and business skills of her mother Hwang Geum Joo, CEO of Gangnam Pawn shop ‘Gold Blue’. In a turn of evil events, Nam Soon is separated from her family in Mongolia and has been living with her foster family ever since, ignorant of her culture, identity and supernatural heritage. Over the other side of the continent, Nam Soon’s family is frantically searching for the heir of their bloodline and for their beloved daughter.

Lee Yoo-mi is almost unrecognizable from her previous projects like her portrayal of a self-centered yet pitiful high schooler Lee Na-yeon and an abused Ji-yeong (Player No. 240) who sacrifices herself for her partner since she doesn’t have anything to look forward in life. Every character of Lee Yoo mi’s have been starkly different from the her past character portrayals which is commendable.

On the other hand we have former Wanna One star Ong Seong Woo who has been appearing in not mere romantic comedies but soulful, thoughtful and eccentric shows like Life is Beautiful, Would You Like a Cup of Coffee, More Than Friends, At 18 and more. He is doing a great job in Strong Woman Bong Soon as well.

The overall energy of the show is that of a mix between a fairytale and a classic superhero comic book where Lee Yoo-mi is our bubbly, full of life, Nam Soon. Strong Girl Nam Soon is, as expected similar to the energy and nature of its predecessor, Strong Girl Bong Soon, but still quite different and distinct in it’s own right. While its predecessor was more of a feel-good romantic comedy, Strong Girl Nam Soon is more of a light crime and superhero kdrama than a romantic comedy.

Strong Girl Nam Soon takes centre stage with Nam Soon and her mother being central to the ongoing conflict of the show – that is, the war against a fatal drug. By doing so, the show emphasises on the “strong women” of the show. Moreover, unlike in Strong Girl Bong Soon, the women are fearless and display their strength openly as opposed to Bong Soon. So, there is a shift where Nam Soon and the women of her family exert greater agency than their cousin.

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Strong Girl Nam Soon, as a kdrama, is supposed to be a light-hearted, fun kdrama without any major complexities, where the narrative focuses on Nam Soon and her family’s superhuman abilities. Likewise, the characters in the kdrama are quite similar to caricatures. The heroes and villains of the show are one directional and flat. Nam Soon and her family is always the epitome of goodness while the prime antagonist of the show, Ryu Shi-Oh, CEO of Doogo, is a classic one dimensional villain whose only goal is to wreak havoc. Owing to these characteristics, the show follows a one dimensional live-action portrayal of a generic comic book plot without a creativity and uniqueness to offer, leading to predictability and monotony.

So, if you are looking for a brain-teaser plot and characters, Strong Girl Nam Soon might be a disappointment to you. However, it does have its own charm since it feels like a ride to an amusement park with no strings attached! If you are interested, join Nam Soon in her roller-coaster life in Strong Girl Nam Soon at Netflix!

Our Score

JAL gives Strong Girl Nam Soon a 3 out of 5.

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Strong Girl Nam Soon Review – FAQs

Is Strong Girl Nam Soon a sequel to Strong Girl Do Bong Soon?

Yes, Strong Girl Nam Soon kdrama is Strong Girl Do Bong Soon sequel, where Nam Soon is the sixth cousin of Bong Soon who also has superhuman powers.

Who plays the character Strong Girl Nam Soon?

Lee Yoo-mi plays the lead in Strong Girl Nam Soon, as Gang Nam Soon

When was Strong Girl Nam Soon released?

Strong Girl Nam Soon was released in Korea on October 7, 2023.

Is Strong Girl Nam Soon available on Netflix?

Strong Girl Nam Soon, originally premiering in JTBC, is also available to watch on Netflix in certain regions.

Can I watch Strong Girl Nam Soon on Netflix?

Yes, Strong Girl Nam Soon is available to watch on Netflix in certain regions

Can I watch Strong Girl Nam Soon on Amazon Prime?

No, Strong Girl Nam Soon kdrama is not available on Amazon Prime. But it is streaming on Netflix in selected regions.

Yes, Strong Girl Nam Soon is the sixth cousin of Strong Girl Do Bong Soon.


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