The Out-Laws Movie Review: A Predictable and Crass Comedy


The Out-Laws Movie Review: An action comedy movie is always a welcome respite from the broody and emotion heavy thrillers for an action comedy movie gives you the best of both worlds without leaving you in a spiral of heavy thoughts. Movies like Rush Hour have made the action comedy quite a fan favourite genre. And any movie in that genre, especially with a promising cast, is a good choice to drive away the weekend blues or have a fun hangout with friends.

When a couple decides to get married, it is only natural for them to meet each other’s parents, immediate families and friends. What happens when you have never met the parents of your spouse? You barely know them, much less talk even if it is over a phone call. Some (read: most) might think of this as highly unusual, but not our bank manager Owen T. Browning. When his fiance Parker’s parents inform that they will be coming to the wedding, Owen is equal parts surprised and excited. But Owen’s in-laws are anything but usual. They just might be the out-laws whom the police are after, hence the movie title. Let’s dive into the story of The Out-Laws.

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The Out-Laws 2023 Trailer

The Out-Laws Movie Summary

The movie tells the story of Owen and Parker, a couple who is soon to be married. Owen has never met Parker’s parents. Parker announces that her parents can finally make it to the wedding. Her parents haven’t been around much since they have been living with a tribe in the Amazon and helps them. But when they do arrive, they do not look or behave anything like Parker had explained.

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In order to impress Parker’s parents, Owen goes along with their plans and in a drunken state, he reveals the layout of his bank’s locker as well. As fate would have it, Parker’s parents are not what they have told they are. Owen’s bank is robbed and Parker’s parents are under suspicion. What follows next is the crux of the story, as predictable as it may seem.

The Out-Laws Movie Review - Netflix Just A Library
Poorna Jagannathan and Nina Dobrev in ‘The Out-Laws’. Credits: Netflix.

The Out-Laws Movie Review

When the trailer pretty much gives away the whole story, there barely remains anything to look forward to in the movie. This happened with ‘The Out-Laws. When any movie promises a cast with Pierce Brosnan, Nina Dobrev and Adam DeVine, one can expect a slightly enjoyable and promising story but this latest Netflix comedy is all sorts of disappointments wrapped into one. First of all, there is barely anything left for the viewers to guess or imagine as the movie hold one predictable turn after another.

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‘The Out-Laws’ boasts of a promising cast but even they could not lift the story up owing to the hastily written story. Adam DeVine’s child-like innocent character is a good execution but it makes way to a gross and even pitiful one in some instances. Nina Dobrev has barely any screen time and whenever she does appear on the screen, she mostly repeats the obvious. Poorna Jagannathan was memorable in Never Have I Ever, but here she is a crass talking mafia head with an accent that feels forced and fake.

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One would expect that having Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin would make for a delightful watch, but they are too, reduced to minimal dialogues and callbacks which aren’t very applaud-worthy. Lauren Lapkus has made a name for herself in the stand-up and improv scene, but her caricature character in this movie only makes one want cringe.

Overall, ‘The Out-Laws’ could have been an interesting mix of comedy with action given the light-hearted nature of the story. But there are limits to how much a good casting can carry the story on its shoulders when the predictability and cliche drips right from the start.

JAL Rating – The Out-Laws Movie Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

JAL gives ‘The Out-Laws’ a 2.5 rating just for the cast and their performance. Have you watched the out-laws 2023 movie? What are your thoughts? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, Don’t forget to share the content with your friends and family!


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Overall, 'The Out-Laws' could have been an interesting mix of comedy with action given the light-hearted nature of the story. But there are limits to how much a good casting can carry the story on its shoulders when the predictability and cliche drips right from the start.The Out-Laws Movie Review: A Predictable and Crass Comedy