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4 Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 To Heal Your Soul

4 Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 To Heal Your Soul – Kim Ji-Won’s character Mi-Jeong from My Liberation Notes, observes the panning city landscape coming into view through the subway window as she commutes to work. A building hosts the words, “Something good will happen to you today”, and while she watches it keenly, her day goes by just as it does any other day, same and sluggish. This scene is slow compared to others, contrasting the small seconds of silver linings we leave behind for a hustle to get to work or to move on in the rat race to get ahead. The depicted monotony isn’t lost as one contemplates the meaning of life while watching the scene play.

Some K-dramas are written about their audience, catering to the souls who have lost their way, whether to work, relationships, or life. They allow us to heal, and mend ourselves as we learn to navigate through life. Here are the 4 best Korean dramas to watch in 2023 that help you heal with their realistic plots and relatable characters.

My Liberation Notes – The Best KDrama To Watch in 2023

Official Netflix My Liberation Notes Trailer

My Liberation Notes, one of the best Kdramas 2023 in Netflix, portrays the mundane lives of three siblings and a stranger, living on the outskirts with their parents, commuting long hours into the city for work. The drama is about an everyday South Korean family living through their daily lives. They sit through silence and let it speak louder than their words, making every dialogue more profound.

The siblings had expectations for what they considered a better life, but it got reduced to wishful thinking as life progressed. All have their insecurities, which they struggle with but can’t seem to overcome. My liberation notes kdrama teaches a lot about acceptance and happiness, the need to be respected and worshipped.

Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 - My Liberation Notes
My Liberation Notes – The Best Korean Drama 2023

The characters’ vulnerabilities make them relatable and it’s what brings us to watch them. Our protagonists, all past their twenties, still search for their purpose in life. They find freedom and contentment by liberating themselves from the vulnerabilities they face. Where the eldest, Ki-Jeong finds love at forty without being deterred by societal expectations, the middle child, Chang-Hee, learns to be happy with his humble life. The stranger, Mr. Gu and Mi-Jeong find acceptance and purpose in themselves. The drama depicts these moments in a way so subtle and poignant that we cannot help but wonder if it’s our lives on the screen.

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Summer Strike – Giving Life A Second Chance

Summer Strike Kdrama Trailer

Yeo-Reum, played by Seol-Hyun, has finally realized that her life means much more than accepting abuses hurled by her boss every day when she works relentlessly for the company without any complaints. Quitting her job, the very next day, she packs her bag and leaves for a small seaside village, Angok. That’s how we learn what Summer Strike Kdrama, is about – Giving a second chance to life and giving ourselves, some more space to breathe.

Best Kdrama To Watch In 2023 To Heal Your Soul - Summer Strike
Best Kdrama To Watch 2023 To Heal Your Soul – Summer Strike

The drama focuses on personal growth, self-discovery, and healing through friendships, love, and acceptance. As we make our way around the village and learn more about the village folk with Yeo-Reum, we come across Dae-Beom, a shy librarian who helps her adjust to the new surroundings, but has his demons to fight.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows in Angok for Yeo-Reum either. Although friendly, the villagers are not all welcoming, and a mysterious secret looms around. However, friendship, love, and trust go a long way for everyone to start anew without any burden from their pasts.

Our Blues – Learning To Accept Life

Official Netflix Our Blues Trailer

Set on the gorgeous seaside backdrop of Jeju Island, Our Blues is a treat to the eyes as it is to the soul. It is an anthological series starring Shin Min-ah that delves into stories of people from various walks of life. From teen pregnancy to estranged relations, it deals with a kaleidoscope of complicated and sensitive emotions with care and depth. Our Blues Kdrama tells how life can be ridden with heavy and hard moments yet always find a silver lining.

What brings it closer to its audience is the relatability of the characters’ situations and their pains and happiness. In a tight-knit community, the characters know each other since they remember their first memories. All these individuals have faced wounds in their past which are hard to escape.

Best KDramas 2023 to Heal Your Soul - Our Blues
Best KDramas 2023 to Heal Your Soul – Our Blues

Rather than following a set storyline, the drama ties up these individuals in their pain as they face their wounds (some ready and some reluctant), which they had kept away for years, letting them fester. They learn to recognize, heal, and live with their scars, accepting this version of themselves more confidently.

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Lost – A Psychological Melancholia

Best KDramas 2023 to Heal Your Soul - Lost
Jeon Do Yeon Catches Ryu Jun Yeol’s Eye On The Bus in Lost

Boo-Jung, Jang Do-Yeon’s character in Lost, tells her father, who is in his decline, “Dad, I didn’t become anything.” She is forty, pushing herself to the limit of mental and physical exhaustion while being unemployed. Similarly, Gang-Jae, played by Ryu Jun-Yeol, is twenty-seven and seems to be thriving in the service industry, however, he feels passionless, amounting himself to a person who would never be able to achieve anything.

Lost Kdrama sums up the story within the four letters of its name. These two unlikely strangers find solace in each other, bonding over their parallel situations where they have given up any expectations they’ve had from life and a sadistic habit of enjoying watching people in complicated situations. The characters are flawed, and that’s what makes them real.

The drama is heavy, dealing with melancholia. The depiction of the psychological issues draws the audience to the story because we might be affected without even realizing it. There are moments so thought-provoking that they present a new dimension into understanding the human psyche for us to accept our past, present, and future. Click here to watch the trailer of Lost Kdrama!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who plays Yeo-Reum in the Summer Strike drama?


2. Where was Our Blues Kdrama shot?

Set on the gorgeous seaside backdrop of Jeju Island, Our Blues is a treat to the eyes as it is to the soul

3. Who plays Gang-Jae in Lost Kdrama?


4. Is My Liberation Notes Kdrama worth watching?

My Liberation Notes, one of the best Kdramas 2023 on Netflix, is about an everyday South Korean family living through their daily lives.

5. Who is the lead cast in Lost Kdrama?

Jang Do-Yeon

6. Is the Summer Strike kdrama worth the hype?

The Korean drama Summer Strike will help you through personal growth, self-discovery, and healing through friendships, love, and acceptance, and totally worth watching.

And there you have it. The 4 best K-Dramas to heal your soul. Let me know if any of these have helped you survive your day at school or work, or maybe even your family.

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