Celebrity Season 1 Review: Fame, but at what cost?

Celebrity Season 1 Review - This is a 2023 thriller K-drama chronicling the fictional tale of Seo A Ri and her rise and eventual fall from stardom in the online community.

Acharya Panchakarma Hair Oil Review For Healthy Hair

In today's article, we bring you Acharya Panchakarma Hair Oil review which claim to reduce hair fall by reducing dandruff and other scalp issues.

Glamorous Season 1 Review: It’s Just the Romcom You Need to Watch

Glamorous Season 1 Review: As the years go by, the awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community has slowly and steadily risen in the...
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Elemental Review: A Return of Classic Pixar Storytelling

Elemental Review: Pixar movies have always been a source of calm and comfort for viewers of all ages. The age-friendly stories, the delightful animations,...

Anxious People Book Review: Why It’s A Must Read?

Anxious People Book Review: Everybody has a story. Or rather everybody is story. People are an amalgamation of countless lives, a universe in themselves....

Jagged Mind Review: What happens when love turns to an obsession?

Jagged Mind Review: Love is a beautiful thing. It can make you take a big risk, step out of your comfort zone and provide...
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Demon Slayer Season 3 Review: Does Nezuko die in Season 3?

Demon Slayer Season 3 Review: On a fateful day in a quite village, reports of mysterious disappearances prevail. Nobody knows where the missing people...

Extraction 2 Review: An Action Laden-tale Where Family Comes First

Extraction 2 Review: Chris Hemsworth had been missing from the scene for some time now. But he made a dashing comeback with Extraction 2....

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Review: A Wholesome Ending

The ultimate season of Netflix's beloved teen drama, Never Have I Ever has finally arrived and we are back again to witness this drama for one last time. Click the link to read the full review in detail.
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Flamin’ Hot Review: A Tale of Passion and Hard Work

Flamin' Hot Review - Flamin' Hot is a 2023 biopic on Richard Montanez, an ex-Frito Lay employee who claims to have created the 'Flamin' Hot' Cheetos.

Barracuda Queens Review: A Teenage Tale and a Robbery Gone Wrong

Barracuda Queens Review - 'Barracuda Queens' is a story of five girls in 90s Sweden who rob their rich neighbors. The story is inspired by true events. Click the link to read more.

Modern Love Chennai Review – 6 Episode Anthology Based on Love and Chennai

Modern Love Chennai, an Amazon original, is a 6 episode anthology about Love based on Chennai produced by Tyler Durden and Kino fist. The series released on 18th May 2023 is streaming on Amazon prime. Click the link in bio to read more.
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American Born Chinese Review: An Ode to the Chinese Culture

American Born Chinese is a superhero comedy series on Disney+ Hotstar. It stars Ben Wang in the lead. Click the link to read more.

‘Why Didn’t I Tell You A Million Times Review’: A Tale of Love and Death Intertwined with Fate

'Why Didn't I Tell You A Million Times Review' - A Japanese fantasy romance drama starring Mao Inoue, Takeru Satoh, and Kenichi Matsuyama.

XO Kitty Review: Where K-drama meets Western teenage romance

XO, Kitty Review - Romantic comedies have always been a delightful getaway from the mundane hustle for most of us. The latest romcom story...
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